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Alone in a sea of Sonic maniacs?

I'll admit it - I was there day one with Sonic the Hedgehog and the Sega Genesis. I have just as many memories of playing Sonic games with my brother as I do the Super Mario Bros. games. I've kept up with the series into the new generation. But even though I still consider myself a fan, I have never gone off into the maniacal territory occupied by the Sonic maniacs.

To elaborate, what I mean by Sonic maniacsis not just people really into the series, but those who invest so much emotion into things most normal people with lives could not bring themselves to give two damns about. This became more apparent during this generation. Let's face it - Sonic has had trouble starring in as many quality games as his former rival. I've adopted a pretty normal and winning strategy...wait for the games to come out and then try them. It's a rollercoaster, so some are much better than others but they all have their notable flaws. Because of this I've never really been "betrayed" by Sega and I'm not calling for the death of Sonic every 5 minutes. They're not the Genesis era games, but I still enjoyed some of Sonic's more recent outings.

This is a different story for the maniacs. Around the release of Sonic Heroes the Sonic community in general degenrated into a cesspool. The most notable example being the Genesis era fans, constantly calling for an age long past and seeking comfort in games deliberately not designed like them. This creates a faction of psychos that overanalyze each new game while simultaneously writing essays about the death of Sonic. They claim to hate the franchise but camp out on the forums of each successive game, exhaustively researching every aspect.

This has made me mull over a simple a I the only one? Am I the only fan from the early days of Sonic that can't bring himself to rage about the color of the springs? Am I the only one whose quality of life is not affected by thephysics of Sonic 4?

Blaster Master: Overdrive - Initial impressions

Classes were canceled due to inclimate weather, so I literally did download this Hour One. Here are my impressions from spending an hour with the game:

Of all the Blaster Master games that have come out since the original, this is the one that sticks closest to the formula that made the original work. That doesn't mean it's a carbon copy; not in the least. Everything you remember from the original is still here - Sophia's physics, getting out of the tank and exploring the inner caverns, and even remixed music from the original. The game is modernized, though, so there are save points and a map system. The gates (caves) are different. It's a little less about exploring potentially maze-like caverns for a gun upgrade and more about blasting everything inside to get to those upgrades.

Sophia's energy is shared by all weapons and power ups but it automatically recharges, and there are permanent HP and Energy upgrades scattered around so there is more reason to explore every gate and crevice. Inside the gates you now have switchable weapons: Rapid fire lasers, homing phasers and the grenade. The ycan all be upgraded and they still downgrade if you get hit.

I've died twice so far, once against the first boss. The game is harder than I was expecting it to be.

My experience with a New Gen Gamer...

My cousin came over today and we had a long Wii-athon with Castlevania Judgement, SSB Brawl and NSMB Wii.

She couldn't get used to CVJ so I ended up winning every match. We started doing gag matches eventually and picking just about anyone. I have no idea how they expect Golem to win against an experience player. He's so slow that it's cumbersome to fight with him.

We played Brawl for a long time. Did a lot of free for all matches and even did 100 man brawl. But then we went to NSMBWii and my opinion changed...

See, I had always heard stories of newer gamers that had never played any of the 2D Mario games but I never believed it. You're not a real gamer if you've never played any of SMB1-3 or World. Not all of them, just any one of them. Today that horror was realized in my house.

As we started up the game, she asked me how to play. I figured its been awhile since she played the older games, so I told her it was like them. She didn't get it. I was suspicious so I asked her, "did you play any of the old Mario games?"

Her exact response? "I played Sunshine." MARIO SUNSHINE IS HER DEFINITION OF AN OLD MARIO GAME! AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!! I named SMB1-3 and World and got a blank look in response. Then she said something about Mario Kart. We played SMBWii for about a half hour. She absolutely sucked. She just did not know 2D Mario mechanics. The simplest things went over her head.

When we played Brawl again it became just how apparent her unfamiliarity with anything before last gen was. She said such gems as:

"Link from Soul Calibur."

"You're choosing Metroid?"
"Her name is Samus."
A few minutes later...
"Stop hitting me with Metroid!"

"Who's the green Mario?" (She knew who Mario, Peach and Yoshi were but didn't know Luigi or Bowser...)

"Get King Kong away from me!" (in reference to Donkey Kong)

My take on Final Fantasy XIII for the 360

So at the very end of their E3 2008 conference, Microsoft and Square Enix dropped a bomb on the Sony fanbase - an unforseen MEGATON! That bomb was Final Fantasy XIII for the 360. But you wouldn't be reading this if you didn't know that.

I'm torn. I'm a little upset not because I'm a Sony fanboy (god no) but because this means Square Enix can't keep their word. It's not about the exclusivity so much as they said repeatedly that DS/Wii/PS3 were their main platforms, and game after game is being announced for the 360. They're not really trustworthy after all when it comes to their direction for the future.

On the other hand I'm delighted that the game is coming to the 360 - it means I don't have to buy a PS3. I was going to get a 360 for Star Ocean 4, Tales of Vesperia, Infinite Undiscovery and more but FFXIII is just icing on the cake. From a financial standpoint it didn't make much sense to keep it PS3 exclusive.

But I do feel a little bad for Sony and the Sony fanboys. It's like the Nintendo burn with FFVII all over again.

Still Alive - and heavily anticipating E3

Just making a brief update to let everyone know that I'm not dead. Classes are out for the summer and I'm spending my free time writing and catching up on beating old games. Right now I'm playing through the Mega Man Anniversary Collection because of the hype behind MEGA MAN 9!!111 (DAY ONE!)

I'm looking forward to E3 and will be posting on GameSpot's E3 forum. I'll probably update again with a summary of what I thought about the show and each presentation. Right now I'm looking forward to what Nintendo has to show the most because they've been completely quiet. There's also no doubt that they're collaborating with a few 3rd parties as well.

Ode to Star Ocean: Blue Sphere

Star Ocean: Blue Sphere is the little known and often ignored side game in the Star Ocean series for the Gameboy Color, released in 2001 only in Japan. I decided it deserved some attention, and here's a video of me playing through the intro.

SOBS takes place 2 years after Star Ocean: The Second Story and features the return of all 12 main characters. When Ernest and Opera crash land on the mysterious Planet Edifice, Precis rounds up the gang in her spaceship and heads there to save them.

Star Ocean on a handheld may sound strange, but tri-Ace made it work, producing the most impressive game on the GBC. The battle system has been turned 2D, making it more similar to the Tales series than ever before. The game is semi-realtime, and the combat relies on combos to damage enemies, who now have health bars for their body parts.

Other gameplay devices include revamped Item Creation, where you play minigames to determine the item you'll get, and Field Actions where you can interact on the field map.

Final Fantasy XIII: The Fanfic

Spending as much time on the boards as I do, the rampant stupidity on the FFXIII boards are hard to ignore. A botched attempt at a Final Fantasy XIII fanfic in this thread lead me to hijack it for my own parody FFXIII fic, because the original one in that thread completely sucked.

And now, I present to you...the first and last entry of the Fabula Nova Clauddis saga, and hopefully the first and last story I write for a game that isn't out yet...

Final Fantasy Claude XIII

Revisiting: -Final Fantasy VII-

With not a lot of money to spend on games for the past few months, I've been having to go back and play older games in the meantime. Most of my recent purchases, after FF Crystal Chronicles and Wild Arms 4, have been for the DS. Now that I've cleared both Star Fox Command and Megaman ZX out of the way, I needed something else to play...Final Fantasy VII.

It's ironic. I've had this game for years, gotten into arguments with countless of its fanboys, and even played it when it first came out...but I never beat it. Actually, my progress stopped near the end of the first disc, so I've taken it upon myself to finally finish FFVII. It's a good way to tide me over until I buy some new games (Valkyrie Profile 2 and Children of Mana), and until I get my hands on other games in the FFVII compilation.

If there was one thing I always liked about this game, it was the Materia system. The customization is fun (though the best materia is always sparse), and finding new Materia is always something to look forward to. I've been playing quite a bit from where I left off, and right now I've just escaped from Junon and gotten access to the Highwind. I'm picking up things I missed (like the Titan summon materia) and gaining some enemy skills for more ownage. I'll probably update if anything else signifcant occurs while I'm playing.

UPDATE: 10/14/06
I've just completed the Huge Materia quest. Right now I'm trying to collect all the party members Level 4 Limit manuals, with Cloud next. However, monsters in the Battle Square have picked a few key critical moments near the end of each challenge to pull off some cheap moves.

So, I've gone back and decided to power up some of the more useful Materia, and have gone to the Gelnika for Hades and Double Cut materia.With Cid's triple growth weapon, leveling Double Cut for 4x Cut may be a bit long and tedious but it should definitely pay off, and much faster than it would have too. I've also slapped some double growth equipment on Cloud and am currently using the Mideel area to level, where monsters are known to give up 320 AP a battle. One powerful spell or enemy skill can end the fight quickly, and MP can be replenished quick and freely from Mideel itself.

UPDATE: 12/2/06
I haven't updated progress on my FFVII plythrough in awhile, because I put the game down once again a few weeks ago, getting caught up in Dark Cloud 2, Dragon Quest VIII, Children of Mana, and in a short amount of time...Zelda and the Wii. I stopped right before the Midgar raid on Disc 2, and have no idea when I'll be able to pick the game back up again (which will be no time soon, with finals creeping up).

Two new RPGs for me!

I bought Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles (GCN) and Wild Arms 4 (PS2) for $31.

After playing FFCC for awhile, I can see why all the "ninnies" (as the Sony/Microsoft fanboys refer to Nintendo fanboys as) ***** and scream at this game. It's the exact opposite of the main line of playstation Final Fantasies: it lacks long, cinematic cutscenes or an overly ambitious plotline, and focuses mainly on gameplay, as you spend the majority trekking dungeons. That doesn't make it a bad game at all - quite the opposite. It's just a shame that the "ninnies" are so desperate for FF rehashes/ports that they can't recognize a good thing when they get one. With some more polish and less retrictions, FFCC could grow to be better than its main line brethrens in the gameplay department. I only hoep that the DS and Wii sequels are a little more user-friendly when ti comes to multiplayer, because at the moment, it's nearly impossible for some peopel to get a multiplayer game of FFCC going.

As for Wild Arms 4, I had planned on buying Alter Code F first (which I couldn't find in the store), but couldn't turn up a bargain on WA4. I didn't get to play it today as time flew by, and maybe I'll wait until I get and beat ACF to try WA4, but I doubt I can resist the temptation...

Listen up Mother 3 Pirates...

That's right, I'm calling you out. Not the ones actually importing the game and using translation guides, but the pirates that are pirating the game and using offensively pathetic excuses to condone stealing it. If you're going to steal, don't try to justify it. You make yourself look even more pathetic. I don't even really have a problem with the people quietly pirating - it's the jackasses that are loud and clear about it, and making every excuse in the book (which usually ends up being: Blame Nintendo) to condone it. The following are real (but possibly slightly exaggerated) quotes:

"We don't KNOW if it's going to be translated. Don't be teh dickz about it lol!11"

Omg lol- NO, *****! Not knowing if the game is going to be translated or not does NOT make it okay to steal the game, clown. I'm sorry, you're wrong, and you're stupid. Shut up.

"Because taking 3-5 years to learn Japanese is easy, amirite?"

Oh, what the hell was I thinking? Damn those Japanese, having the audacity to make and sell products in their native tongue. We should go and steal all of their games that we don't understand. That'll teach 'em, amirite?


"But Nintendo of America dont care about us and they wont bring it over anyway!!"

I like how you know NoA better than NoA does. You just so happen to *know* that they're not bringing the game over, and this couldn't possibly have anything to do with them ass pirating like it has before with other companies, now, could it? They're not losing money, you say? Well if you're already pledging to steal the game with the help of a translation patch, that pretty much discourages any sales they might had in the first place right? Oh, you didn't think of that? They don't care, you say? Then shut the hell up and buy the game like everyone else. You're not the only clowns waiting for this game. The difference is that everyone else isn't whining about it and trying to coerce a company into bringing the game over by threatening to steal it, assclown.

Whoo, I normally don't lay people out in this manner, but the rampant stupidity on the Mother 3 board is enough to drive even the nicest people crazy.

This has been another Angry Rant by ClaudeLv250. Thank you.
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