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You guys and girls probably thought I quit GS because of me not doing a blog in god knows how long. But I'll never leave, so rest assured, I've just been busy with all my subjects in 6th form (which is VERY boring, only reason I can think of is there isn't a wide arrange of subjects) and what I said would get round to doing ages ago, which is....

Walkthroughs! Part 1 of Crash Bandicoot 100% W/Commentary

Now me and Max/AweWiiGamer1 went half and half on a dazzle, and it works fine! This is the first part out of 19, which have all been uploaded, and my channel link is below. Hope you enjoy it! Leave comments about it on YT or GS ;) Subscribe or add me as a friend if you want to ;)

Modern Warfare 2

Ok most of you, scratch that, ALL of you knew everyone would be giving this game 10's from the start, and I'm just going to clarify now I will NOT be getting it, not until it drops down to £25 or so, I personally think £49.99 is too hefty price. It does look pretty good, but I disliked the multiplayer in MW, mainly because therewere too many buildings and you would have to be god damn lucky with a sniper to even get a kill. I will however be getting WaW though, in the X-Mas sales of course :P

Oh and I am now level 29, a Radiant Silvergun (I wish there was The Golden Gun rank), probably mainly from forum posting :o

Well I'm off now, so I'll catch you guys and girls soon!


Car Boots are Legendary!

Hey guys and girls, a quick update, as I'm soo happy of what I bought. Today I woke up at 8am to get ready to go to a car boot near where I live (it's on every Sunday) and seeing as theres ALWAYS some games there,I thought I'd try and get some classic games. I bought the ORIGINAL WipeOut for £2 and Metal Gear Solid 2 for £1.50, talk about a bargain hunt! Other games didn't really interest me, as I can get them in Game/Gamestation for cheaper (like some guy was selling Max Payne for £6.99, when in Gamestation it's in the 4 for £10 sale), and I've started to play them today. The only other WipeOut game I've got is Pulse for the PSP, but I've played nearly all of them. MGS2 well I've played the demo in Zone of The Enders and loved it, so I'll complete that beforeI go back to school. It cost me 40p to get in, so only £3.90 spent for 2 games that will last me a good while, THATS your money's worth.

On a side note, I've got 5 reviews coming up his week, which I'll be writing tommorow, and I might also do Video Reviews on YouTube of them. I've also JUST completed Sacred 2 Fallen Angel on PS3, expect that review to be LONG, like a good 15-20 minute read. I spent a good 45 hours doing the main quest, and a little bit of everything else. I'm determined to get a high percent of trophies, 80%+, as for now I'm starting a new story as an Evil Inquisitor.

So a little moral for you guys and girls, wherever you live, go to a carboot if you want legendary games instead of resorting to Ebay. I hope you guys and girls have a good week! The next blog will be up this Wednesday, with ALL the review updates.


2 Year Anniversary on GS! Some Life Updates

Hey guys and girls, how have you all been? I'm sorry I haven't been able to comment on your blogs, don't expect you to comment on mine so don't feel pressured. 6th form too much work, I barely have any free time now :o I know it'll be worth it though, only thing that keeps me there. It just feels like Year 11, a lot more coursework with no uniform. Nothing special about it. In my spare time I've only glanced at the forums for like 10 minutes or the GS news, but I decided to just rest today, do no coursework, but just rest and have some freetime.

2 Year Anniversary on GS!

Just realised I've been on here for 2 years :o, quite a long time, but it's been a very good 2 years, met all you good people, share similar interests, showing that GS is a really good community (unlike FaceBook where there have been reported pedo's on there)

Some Life Updates

Well besides the intro, I've had no luck in getting a part time job, they either don't need people, can't arrange times properly or simply have hours that I can't work (6-10pm at once place, on weekdays, meaning I can't do ANY work) so I've been stuck in all days just doing coursework, listening to music and odd occasion going on YouTube. Karma (yes I believe in it :))isn't repaying me well :o Well I've had time to think about multiple things in the past weeks more critically, so now I've got a better idea of how to do certain tasks.

As for games, well I completed Dead Space for like the 4th time, getting tired of it quite easily. I will get Platinum in it but not now, I can't be bothered to do Impossible mode. My overall score for it (FINAL FINAL) is a 8/10, and next week you'll find out exactly why. I've been playing Spider-Man Web of Shadows and it's very fun, great game but the combat is quite shallow, I've even looked at the full combo's and even they aren't much more. Still pretty good though. I also got the ORIGINAL TimeSplitters, and have got through about 5 levels.

All that over about 6 weeks of being back at school, about 4 hours a week on games, not much really :o The only game I'll get now is Raging Blast and thats it. Theres supposed to be a MK fair coming later this month, which I'm not wasting my money or time on. It's always been full of crap.

Thats really it for the moment I'll post WAY more next week, so hope to see you guys and girls then. Have a good week!


Dead Shadows!

Hey guys and girls, how has your weekend been? Mines been excellent for games and coursework, so this is a small update.

Ok, right I went into HMV on Friday, and there was a sale on the PS3 games "2 for £30". I thought "wow, now where are some of the games I want on my wishlist..." and I found Spider-Man Web of Shadows AND Dead Space there, so I bought them :D I also got Crash Twinsanity for £5 so I'm a happy bunny.

My thoughts on Dead Space? Well it is AMAZING! I've nearly completed it, onto Chapter 9, just after the shooting gallery mini game. I've got 38% trophies already, and some people were telling me it's hard to do, so far it hasn't been for me. I'd give it a 9/10 so far.

As for Spider-Man Web of Shadows, well I've only put an hour into it, and it's pretty good, I'm glad I didn't pay £40 that GAME and GameStation are charging for it. So far I'd have to give it a 8/10 as I haven't gotten too far into the story.

Now for Coursework, I've done the MAJORITY of Coursework, only have 3 more bits to do outta the 7 bits I had. So tommorow I'm going to get 2 of the bits done, then do Art til Friday and hopefully finish it before then. I've put about 8 hours of gaming in on the weekend, and I think next week I'll have 2 reviews up, Crash of the Titans (very little time I've had coz of work) and Dead Space.

Besides that, theres nothing else, besides some clothes that cost me £100 :o They are stylish though so I'm not complaining :P Hope you all have a good week at college/school/home, and hope to see you all soon!


Episode 107: Completion of The Titans!

Hey guys and girls, back again. I completed Crash of The Titans (PS2) last night, with 80%! I done about an hour more today, and these are my statistics from it.

Overall Stats now:


Spin Time-Infinity

Slide Time-15 Seconds


Total Mojo-1,496,850

Time Jacked-04:17:46


Game Complete-85%

Hours Played-09:08

If you've played the game or see it on Youtube, you'll notice the levels are called missions, hence my title :P My thoughts? Well this is up there with Twinsanity for Sierra's Crash games. There is a lot of replay value in this, as the episodes are great, the difficulty is just right for each setting, and there is quite a bit to unlock (which I've already nearly done on Hard mode, tried Normal and Easy but no challenge for me there :o little advice I've played Mind Over Mutant before this, and you don't get all the moves from the beginning, so play THIS one first, THEN do Mind Over Mutant). It does have the same camera problems as Mind Over Mutant in Co-Op, which can be a plus as you'll have to act more co-operatively with your partner. The jokes were actually great, some people overlook this but Tiny IS supposed to be impersonating someone, kudos on if you can guess it :)

Overall Score-9/10 (check back here for the review on the weekend, I want to get 100% first)

Next Game to Get-Call of Duty:World At War (PS3)/Zone Of The Enders 2:The 2nd Runner (PS2)

6th Form Thoughts+Part Time Job (If from UK and need help, read here)

Been to 6th form for literally 2 days, and I've been to all subjects I've chosen once. It is VERY fun, I'm going to enjoy these 2 years a lot more than Year 11 (most likely). Now I'm looking for a part time job, Toys R Us are giving out application forms (however, you must have at least got your GCSE results, I tried before hand and told me to try after, so I am) and I think some Argos's are doing a X-Mas part time job (they only seem to give out applications for X-Mas, could get 2 jobs IF you wanna work a lot :P)

Thats it, oh yeah the Fandub. Well I know which is the first fandub I'll do, DBZ-Instant Transmission Kamehameha, from the Cell Saga, so expect that in a week or two. Apart from that, hope you all have a great week!


6th Form Tommorow!

Hey guys and girls, quick little update. I might not be on AS often on weekdays, as I'm starting 6th form tommorow! Can't wait, but blimey has the 3 months gone by quickly. I'll make like a half hour slot for GameSpot, but I'm going to be studying a fair bit here and there. So for those of you who are going college/university/back to school, best of luck and have fun!

My next blog will be my thoughts on Crash of The Titans, along with the review of it and MAYBE a preview of a DBZ fandub, apart from that, I'll be seeing you guys and girls later!


PS2+Old PS3 Game Wishlist! New Review + Game

Hey everyone, now seeing as maybea few of you would want to know what old games I want to get, I thought I should make a little wishlist of it on here, I've already started on this. So here it is

PS2 Old Wishlist

Okami - Street Fighter HD Collection - Tony Hawk UnderGround - Zone of The Enders 2 - Thrillville Off The Rails - Mashed Fully Loaded - Killzone - Black - Midway Arcade Treasures Collection (1-3) - Shinobi - Juiced - Ace Combat 6 - Metal Gear Solid 3 - DragonBall Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 - Dragonball Z Infinite World - 007 Everything Or Nothing - Final Fantasy 10 - Tomb Raider Legends


Green means I've looked at them or have played them before, and are the first ones I'll buy. Yellow means I've played the games before it, and can't seem to find these in store. Blue means I've had these games on a different platform for a short time (GameCube or PSP) and Red means to try something new that probably many of you have recommended.

PS3 Old Wishlist

The Club - WWE Legends of Wrestlemania - Tomb Raider Underworld - Warhawk - Eternal Sonata - Call of Duty World At War - X Blades - Ferrari Challenge

Thats pretty much it really, however, I WON'T get the games until I've completed my newest game, Crash of The Titans:Monster Edition for the PS2. It comes with a making of DVD, some stickers and a Crash metal head clip, which I didn't get because it was pre-owned (then again I would have thrown that away), and a nice zip case to go along with it. Cost me £19.99, so far it's very good, better than Mind Over Mutant. I decided to play this on Hard from the get go, and I'm telling you it is CHALLENGING. If you get hit by a titan (with no health upgrades) when they use a light attack, you lose half health, if they use their heavy attack, like this elephant one has, you are dead, and you can't block heavy attacks. It just seems to be the boss parts and some of the titan parts that are hard, but I'm having a blast as this is yet another Crash game (like Mind Over Mutant) that has giving me a great challenge.

As for the new review, it is Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit for the PS3, so again, tell me what you think of my review, whether you like it or dislike it :);continue;1

Thats me done, oh one thing, I got The Batman on Blu-Ray, the one with Jack Nicholson in it. Besides that, I'm gonna head off, so I'll catch you guys and girls soon! Have a great week!


GCSE's Results!

Hello everyone once again, this is going to, hopefully, be shorter then the last one. So this is more of a quickie update.

So for GCSE results I got 6 GCSE's :) Meaning now I'm doing Media Studies, English Lit, Art and ICT. Now I've kinda given it a thought of what I'd like to do when I'm older (not a day older, I mean 18-19 or something like that) and I was thinking of a Game Director or maybe Box Designer, rough idea's skecthed out really. My dad said if I did want to write a story and send it to a company, then do it in a year or two, so I think I might give it a go. As for everyone else who got their results, hope you guys and girls got what you wanted and needed!

Thats me for today, I'm going to be VERY busy over the course of the next few days, as I need to do the coursework for ALL of these subjects, first to tackle is ICT, then Media Studies (study 2 films either by same director or genre, for me I'm choosing The Dark Knight and Tim Burton's The Batman) then go with the flow. I'll blog in about 6 days or so, laters! Have a great weekend!


New Look! New Game+Updates!!

Heya guys and girls, I did manage to comment on the majority of your blogs, sorry ifI missed you. I'll be uploading the video of the B.o.B's on Youtube in the next few days, but for a brief description they are like these machines that allow you to go underwater, pumping air through the helmet to prevent you from drowning (pleasent thoughts I know :P).

I FINALLY got round to doing a new look for Gamespot, I prefer this to the old one, and I want your opinions on it: Better or worse?

Ok time for the NEW game I got, which is DragonBall Z Burst Limit for PS3. Now I'm saying this right now, looking at the game you might think the controls are simple...they aren't. When you go through the tutorials it is, but there is no way you could play any of the Budokai games and then jump straight to this. It is slightly inaccurate, but with the HD graphics, drama pieces making the fights seem more epic, with some astounding music, makes for a pretty neat bundle. I haven't completed it FULLY, I'm doing it on Very Hard at the moment, then saving Z mode for a walkthrough. My 5 main characters I use in it are (in order):

Teen Gohan

Android 18 (Accel Drive owns, I'm equal level with her AND Gohan)




I'll be doing a review of this soon, which reminds me. Hopefully I'll be doing 1-3 reviews a week, and I'm now deleting all my old reviews that well, aren't informative. I might re-do them, or do others I don't know yet, but heres my latest review, for Crash Bandicoot 4: You Give! Demon Power (Crash Bandicoot Wrath of Cortex in UK and England)

Tell me what you think of it in the comments below. And what is your opinion of this game.

Game Wishlist!

Ok I KNOW a lot of people have done these, so I thought I'd put up my PS3 wishlist (yea, pretty much my MAIN to get list really, PS2 and PSP can wait), so here it is:

Mini Ninja's

Katamari Forever

King of Fighters 12

DragonBall Raging Blast

Tekken 6

Green means I'll be getting on launch, Red means wait until they are cheaper or X-Mas.Thats it for NEW PS3 games, I'll makea seperate blog for OLD PS3, PS2 and PSP games, it'll be too long.

Well thats pretty much it for now, got GCSE results tommorow, got to be there for 10AM in the morning (no lie in *GASP*) so I hope to see you all soon!


I'm Back From Holiday!

Hey everyone! sorry I didn't posta comment on your blogs, me and my family went to Cyprus for 2 weeks. It was amazing! Done paragliding, and went underwater in these machines called B.O.B's, very nice place. I could bare the weather pretty easy :O Thought I would be baking, but I was the only one who didn't get burnt (fully, only on chest area for me). Got a golden tan on arms, face, legs n chest, but the accomadation was probably the only not so good part about the holiday. The beds killed my back, and it hurts to even sit down or stand up. I arrived back in UK at about 1:30AM today. Mind you I watched 3 films out of 5 on holiday, Monsters Vs Aliens which was pretty good, Heartbreak Ridge which was amazing and Race To Witch Mountain which was suprisingly great. The other 2 films were 17 Again (yawn) and New In Town (double yawn). Besides that Cyprus was AMAZING!

So has everyone else been ok then? Anything I miss?