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Sorry to hear that, I suffered the same problem in June/ July this year. I sent my console away for repairs by a third party company and when it come back repaired the first thing I did was sync my trophies and back up all my game saves as the repair can be done without going near the hard drive, It cost around 90 pound British sterling. However the console got a second yellow light, sent it away for a weeks repairs then two weeks later: another yellow light. Sent it away for a third time and it failed 2 weeks after it returned again. The re-repairs were free (and the guys assured me I was the only customer to have one refail, let alone two) but I ended up buying a new PS3 and for the cost of around 16 hours work (if you're on minimum wage) i retained hundreds of hours worth of game saves.
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Private service ie Console Wizard Bolton. Sony apparantlly don't fix your console and send you a re-conditioned PS3.

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If you opt to get your PlayStation repaired (as I did) you will retain all saved date (photo's, videos, music, themes, PSN games, demos and most importantly game saves). But if you are buying a new PS3 just use your current PSN account. When you purchase new games it does tell you before you purchase that they can be downloaded upto 5 times.

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Its not bad news, nobody can tell the difference between sdtv and hdtv.


Sig worthy comment, congratulations :) made me 'lol' for real

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Wasn't this game ment to have a lower retail price and not a full one? This is Microsoft capitolising on people getting excited for a game just because it has the word 'Halo' in the title.