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PlayStation Move. History, Un-boxing, Game Impressions and The Future [Part 3/3]

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Future Releases

Sony Computer Entertainment has massive resources available and has almost every last branch working on Move in one way or another and is even implementing full motion support with all of it's future heavyweight titles such as Gran Turismo 5, Killzone 3 and Little Big Planet 2. Developers and publishers have a lot of faith in Move and are hard at work on an ocean of dedicated Move games or busy at work working on implementing them into games as an alternate means of play as well as patching existing games for the accessory.

Child of Eden
Q Entertainment/ Ubisoft (Q1 2010)

Click here to see the amazing Child of Eden trailer

Zipper Interactive/ Sony Computer Entertainment (TBA 2011)

The Workshop/ Sony Computer Entertainment (TBA 2010)

The Fight: Lights Out
Colwood Interactive/Sony Computer Entertainment (November 2010)

Sly Collection
Sucker Punch/ Re-mastered by San Zaru Games/ Sony Computer Entertainment (November 2010)

Heroes on the Move
Nihilistic Software/Sony Computer Entertainment (TBA 2011)

Dead Space Extraction
Visceral Games/ EA (Q1 2011)
At this point the game is only available through purchasing the Dead Space 2 Special Edition. Reports suggest that it may be made available to download via the PlayStation Store

Tron Evolution
Propaganda Games/ Disney Interactive (Q4 2010)

Time Crisis: Razing Storm
Namco Bandai Games (November 2010)

Singstar Dance London Studio/ Sony Computer Entertainment (November 2010)
Singstar Guitar London studio/ Sony Computer Entertainment (October 2010)
Create EA (November 2010)
Virtua Tennis 4 SEGA (TBA 2011)
Dance, Dance Revolution Konami (Q4 2010)
UFC Trainer THQ (January 2011)
Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest Headstrong Games/ Warner Brothers Interactive (October 2010)
Michael Jackson Experience Ubisoft Montreal/ Ubisoft (November 2010)
Deadliest Catch: Sea of Chaos Double Tap/ Crave Entertainment (November 2010)
John Daly Pro Stroke Golf World Tour Gusto Games/ O-Games(October 2010)
PDC: Word Championship Pro Darts Tour Rebellion/ OG International (Q4 2010)
Brunswick Pro Bowling Farsight Studios/ Crave (September 2010)

And the game that has been missing so far this console generation to the anguish of core & casual gamer alike…

Get fit with Mel B
Lightning Fish Games/ Tradewest (November 2010)

No this game isn't a pathetic attempt at humour on my part. Honestly

All releases listed above are a mix of actual release dates and expected release date all of which are obtained from and are accurate at the time of writing: 19th September 2010

The two release dates highlighted in blue are obtained from IGN due to GameSpot not listing the games in their database.

Closing Sentiments

The PlayStation Move is a colossal piece of technology that does everything it promises. The tracking appears to be one to one and its magical augmented reality abilities make this a very, very special piece of kit. The coloured sphere continues to add magic to the device and the result of the feature is that Move tracks just as accurately in dark rooms at night as well as studio lighting, I know, I've tried.

The only concern that I have is one of price. Game lists A PlayStation 3 bundled with the Move Starter Pack and a Move compatible title for £294.99 (Source). Sure you get a lot for your money, a High Definition games console armed with epic processing power and the ability to play Blu-Ray movies and then all the Move kit. But, if you only wanted a motion controlled console a Wii bundle with one game only costs £179.99 (Source). Sony looks to of priced themselves out of the competition which limits Move's appeal to those who already own a PlayStation 3.

Move is backed up by a diverse launch line up of games that appeals to a broad audience and is backed up by a library of future releases that look really exciting.

The Move does deliver motion based controlling in true High Definition and games like Tiger Woods, Heavy Rain and Resident Evil prove that it isn't just based at the casual, mini game audience.

I have been completely converted to motion gaming as a result. A promising piece of technology that looks to have a bright future ahead of it.

-Thank you for reading

Total number of times the word 'Move' has been said in this article: 45

PlayStation Move. History, Un-boxing, Game Impressions and The Future [Part 2/3]

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Game Impressions

Heavy Rain and Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition offer free downloadable updates that give the games Move support give a glance at how core games will play.

Heavy Rain (15 BBFC)
Quantic Dream/ Sony Computer Entertainment.
Amazon price: £26.99
Free downloadable patch enables Move support for those who already own the game

I love Heavy Rain and I will never be able to express just how much I do but I was sceptical to the implementation of motion controls to this title. They are accurate and on some sections feel fantastic but Heavy Rain is meant to be enjoyed like a movie. Dim the lights, sit back with a drink and a loved one and determine how the drama unfolds and not leaping around a room waving your arms around, the combat sections feel spectacular and make ARI sections feel like the Minority Report but using Move for everything thing else feels pointless. For those who don't have the game already a Move enabled demo is available to download from the PlayStation Store

Click here to watch the Heavy Rain Move trailer

Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition (18 BBFC)
Amazon price: £32.90
Free downloadable patch enables Move support for those who already own Gold Edition of the game

Click here to read my Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition review

The Wii conversion, quite rightly, received massive critical acclaim. Move adds more accuracy and gives your more of a sense of panic as the controls feel so much more immersive.

Click here to watch the Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition Move Controls preview

Other Move Supported Games Currently Available
I have NOT played any of these titles with Move

R.U.S.E. (PEGI 16)
Eugen Systems/ Ubisoft
Amazon price: £36.00

Click here to watch the R.U.S.E. trailer

Hustle Kings (PEGI 7)
VooFoo Studios/ Sony Computer Entertainment
PlayStation Network price £6.29 Download only title

Click here to watch the Hustle Kings trailer

Pain (PEGI 16)
Idol Minds/ Sony Computer Entertainment
PlayStation Network price £3.19 Download only title

Click here to watch the Pain trailer

High Velocity Bowling (PEGI 3)
San Diego Studio/ Sony Computer Entertainment
PlayStation Network price £6.29 Download only title

Click here to watch the High Velocity Bowling trailer

Flight Control HD (PEGI 3)
PlayStation Network price £3.99 Download only title

Click here to watch the Flight Control HD trailer

Demo Impressions
Please note that the following opinions are derived from demos of games without knowledge of how accurate and representative they are of the final product.

Sports Champions (PEGI 12)
Download Size: 1015mb
Zindagi Games/ Sony Computer Entertainment
Amazon price: £24.89

(Your image is not shown on screen on the actual product)

To be blunt this is Sony's answer to Wii sports. Features two game modes one of which is a flying disc game that is played to the rules of golf and the other is table tennis. You can see how amazingly accurate the tracking is when you see the paddle matching your actions on screen, seemingly perfect and surprisingly easy to play. Very fun and addictive that got a great response from everyone who played it and the others that watched.

Am I tempted to buy the full game? Absolutely. Where I didn't like the Frisbee/ Golf hybrid game I was hooked to the table tennis sport. Eager to play the archery and gladiator duel portions

Click here to watch the Sports Champions trailer

Start the Party! (PEGI 3)
Download Size: 2097mb
Supermassive Games/ Sony Computer Entertainment
Amazon price: £20.75

You see your self on screen and through the science and magic of augmenting reality the PlayStation puts an object on the end of the Move that looks amazing. Defiantly aimed at the younger gamer but The Painting and Bug squatter modes available are great fun to play and get a great response from everyone. Possibly a very good party game.

Am I tempted to buy the full game? If I had children living with me I certainly would be. As much as I loved the simple thrill and my curiosity to play the other modes I think the novelty would quickly wear off.

Click here to watch the Start the Party trailer

The Shoot (PEGI 12)
Download Size: 358mb
Cohort Studios/ Sony Computer Entertainment
Amazon price: £24.91

Essentially a light gun a game that allows the ability to play through two levels of a Wild West portion of the game.

Am I tempted to buy the full game? Yes. It feels great having a light gun game in my living room again. Activating the power ups by performing live actions look and feel great and the ability to lean away or duck behind cover to dodge projectiles or gun fire feels equally as satisfying.

Click here to watch the Shoot trailer

Beat Sketcher (PEGI 3)
Download Size: 202mb
Japan Studio/ Sony Computer Entertainment
PlayStation Network price: Download only title that hasn't been released yet

Basically Microsoft Paint on your television screen with a slightly smaller toolbox.

Am I tempted to buy the full game? Again if I had children or a school teacher of some sort, I most probably would. Amazingly accurate and novel but not for me.

Click here to watch the Beat a Sketch trailer

Echochrome II (PEGI 3)
Download Size: 161mb
Japan Studio/ Sony Computer Entertainment
PlayStation Network price: Download only title that hasn't been released yet

Manages to take the original Echochrome and make a completely new experience in which you must manipulate the shapes and light to guide a character from point A to B.

Am I tempted to buy the full game? Probably not. Love the strategy involved as I did with original game, but the novelty quickly wore off on that one and my heart is telling me this one will be the same. I can not help shake the feeling that this is just a glorified torch simulator.

Click here to watch the Echochrome II trailer

Eye Pet Move (PEGI 3)
Download Size: 648mb
London Studio/ Sony Computer Entertainment
Amazon price: £16.47

A virtual pet for your PlayStation 3 that you can interact with as if it was actually a real living thing. As cute as fluffy lesbians.

Am I tempted to buy the full game? Defiantly. I purchased Eye Pet for my girlfriends five year old daughter to play when she came over but we couldn't get the appropriate environment settings for the PlayStation Eye. The sphere removes all that and the augmented reality is amplified and takes the title through the roof.

Click here to watch the Eye Pet Move trailer

TV Superstars (PEGI 7)
Download Size: 3329mb
Cambridge Studio/Sony Computer Entertainment
Amazon price: £24.99

Put your face on an avatar or chose a pre selected character and appear on a range of mini games themed on television shows. A choice of either mayhem on a Saturday night game show or take to the catwalk in another.

Am I tempted to buy the full game? I'm sure this is an amazing party game, me and my friends have had a lot of fun on it - putting your face on an in game character and works and looks amazing. It almost earned my money but a few rare tracking niggles have discouraged me.

Click here to watch the TV Superstars trailer

Kung Fu Rider (PEGI 16)
Download Size: 493mb
Japan Studio/Sony Computer Entertainment
Amazon price: £24.99

Take a desk chair and race, dodge, jump, duck and kick your way through downhill streets.

Am I tempted to buy the full game? No. I would chose death by fire before I ever played any fragment of this game again. A game that is as shocking to play as its concept would suggest that isn't helped by terrible controls.

Click here to watch the Kung Fu Rider trailer

Tumble (PEGI 3)
Download Size: 765mb
Supermassive Games/Sony Computer Entertainment
PlayStation Network price: £7.99 Download only title

A virtual block building simulator that requires almost £300's worth of kit when you could do the real thing for a £10 tub of wooden blocks

Am I tempted to buy the full game? Defiantly. Looks fantastic and you can see just how accurate the player tracking on the hardware is. Amazingly fun to play and the destruction mode and the way you set off the explosions feels great

Click here to watch the Tumble trailer

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 (PEGI 3)
Download Size: 1722mb
EA Sports
Amazon Price: £29.75

This was the demo I was looking forward to playing most so I could see how full HD games worked with Move. Sadly, you need the Navigation Controller, that I don't have, to play this game

Click here to watch the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 trailer

Racquet Sports (PEGI 3)
Download Size: 1187mb
Asobo Studio/ Ubisoft
Amazon Price: £20.21

As the title suggest this game is all about racket sports. Tennis and Badminton. Both feel different to play and require different techniques to play.

Am I tempted to buy? As much as I liked the demo I wouldn't pay the retail price for it. Maybe a pre-owned purchase. Not quite as accurate and fluid as Sports Champions Table Tennis

Click here to watch the Racquet Sports trailer

All prices accurate at the time of writing: 19th September 2010

Click here to read the third and final part of my article

PlayStation Move. History, Un-boxing, Game Impressions and The Future [Part 1/3]

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The PlayStation Move is Sony's response to the biblically successful Nintendo Wii. Nintendo's gamble on motion based controllers has paid off and has took the world by force. The motion controller for the Wii isn't accurate that accurate and the Wii Motion Plus add on trying to unsuccessfully tried to cure that, come on be honest, how many times have you waved your arms at the television set and it doesn't do what you want and feels slow whilst doing it? Sony's proposal was simple. Perfect player tracking and HD motion games that catered for the demands of hardcore gamers.

Look at this publicity shot. A mixed group of well dressed, wide smiled, multi-gendered, multi-cultural mix of twenty-something people in a city studio apartment displaying the multiplayer fun and the Move's ability to entertain those sat watching and even get them on their feet pretending to play along.

Here's another shot of models in a city studio apartment showing the emotions the Move delivers…


At the packed Shrine Auditorium on the 2nd of June 2009 during Sony's E3 press conference, Jack Tretton, President & CEO of SCEA, introduced in house engineer Dr. Richard Marks, the creator and lead of the Eye Toy, to the stage.

In a nervy and stuttering display Marks unveiled Sony's new, then unnamed, motion controller. The concept seemed simple enough, a controller with buttons and internal motion sensors with a glowing sphere that is tracked by the PlayStation Eye. Marks stated that 'It far surpasses anything you can get on the market now' promising '1 to 1 player tracking' and that casual and hardcore gamers would be catered for equally before showing a range of technical demo's such as how a first person shooter could look and work, a top down strategy, and a bow & arrow and warrior game, that has gone on to become Sport's Champions Gladiator and Archery modes, as well as a glance at the augmented reality possibilities.

Click here to watch the Move unveiling and tech demo

PlayStation Eye Toy

The Eye Toy for the PlayStation 2 was the first real stab at introducing motion based controlling to consoles. It was great when it worked but it was ultimately flawed. You needed photo shoot lighting for it to detect movement properly, you had to try and play without moving your head or chest to prevent interference in game, you also needed a plain of background as possible and if there was visible people sitting in the back ground it detected their movement and assumed it was you. No buttons meant the possibilities of the accessory where limited and the result was a mass of mini game titles that all felt almost identical.


I'll be blunt. As much as I liked the original and flawed Eye Toy, motion based controlling just hasn't appealed to me. It sort of feels like a cross between masturbation and a wall painting simulator. I was so disinterested by Move that I did not know it had been released until I was in to my local Asda store and seen it sitting there on the shelf. Impulsive actions is one of my short comings I'm afraid.

What it says on the box:
"It's Your Move!

Get ready to discover a completely new way to play on PlayStation 3. Feel part of the action and become more immersed in fun, captivating virtual worlds than ever before.

With PlayStation Move, the game really is just the start…"

PlayStation Move Starter Pack
Asda price: £39.99

Box contents: x1 PlayStation Move Motion Controller, x1 PlayStation Eye, x1 PlayStation Move Starter Disc, x1 PlayStation Move Wrist Strap

PlayStation Move Motion Controller
Amazon price: £35.42 (Individual price)

What it says on the box:
"Combines advanced motion sensors, a dynamic colour-changing sphere, vibration function and easy to use buttons. The PlayStation Move controller gives amazing accuracy, tracking your precise movements from the tiniest twitch to the strongest punch."

The controller's ergonomics is top notch and sits nicely in either hand and feels incredible. Sony's trademark build quality shines as strong as ever, it feels solid and has a nice weighty feel that is evenly balanced. Like the Six Axis & Dual Shock 3 pads the battery quickly charges and lasts an age. Posses the ability to emit a strong vibration in your hand and the sphere on the top controller projects a glorious array of almost luminous colours that looks surreal in your hand. When first shown to my brother he said 'When you hold it upside down it looks like a… [implement woman use to satisfy themselves]'.

With the exception of the Start and Select buttons, located on either the side of the device, are all easily accessible and sit just a few millimetres away from your thumb and give a nice firm response when pressed.

Your index finger sits perfectly on top of the trigger on the rear of the controller and feels great, delivering a strong sense of personal satisfaction every time you press it.

PlayStation Eye
Amazon price: £15.98 (Individual price)

What it says on the box:
"As well as tracking the sphere on the motion controller, the PlayStation Eye camera allows you to enjoy genuine "augmented reality" experiences - see yourself on-screen in rich High Definition environments, interacting with virtual objects and even using your voice with some games via built-in four way microphone system."

The 60hz camera has been available as a stand alone product for a while now and again Sony's build quality is clearly present. Features a clever little multi directional and noise cancelling microphone as well as an adjustable lens to offer a wide angle view. Not quite HD standard but delivers great quality footage but doesn't perform that well in lower lighting

PlayStation Move Starter Disc (PEGI 12)

Contains demo's to: Sports Champions, Start the Party, TV Superstars, The Shoot, Echochrome II, Eye Pet: Move Edition, Beat Sketcher, Tiger Woods: PGA Tour 11, Tumble along with a 'How to set up your PlayStation Move' tutorial. What is the point of having a demo disc where you have to install the games and take up hard drive space before you can play them?

Additional Move accessories:

PlayStation Navigation Controller
Amazon price: £17.99

PlayStation Move Charging Station Amazon price: £17.99
PlayStation Move Gun Attachment Amazon price: £12.99
PlayStation Move Motion & Navigation Controller Silicone Jackets Play price: £7.99 (Pair)

As was the case with the Wii, companies are already making third party accessories to the product that in hopes of making a quick few quid off it's success that just make you think 'Christ. What the F*expletive*…' in a mixture of confusion and sheer disbelief.

Yes, I need padding to protect my knuckles when I'm shadowboxing thin air. I love how a team of two or three people in a warehouse some where in the Midlands thought they knew better than a multi billion pound company with an army full of some of the worlds greatest and best paid engineers thinking that a wrist strap almost identical to the time tested Wii's needed improving on I honestly thought they were a joke when I seen them on Game's website for £12.99

All prices accurate at the time of writing: 19th September 2010

The Competition

Nintendo Wii

Following the lacklustre success of the Nintendo GameCube, which is in my opinion the of the greatest consoles ever made, Nintendo announced their fifth home console the Wii at E3 2005. Their aim was simple, less emphasis in graphical and processing horse power and more on the way games were controlled and introducing new people into the world of gaming in an attempt to bring the console away from the bedroom into the living room. It was a gamble and the first proper attempt to usher in motion based gaming and in November 2006 the console finally hit store shelves and has been a phenomenal success selling over 30 million units in the US alone and has a mammoth game library available as well as the ability to play vintage games from old Nintendo consoles.

Kinect for X-Box 360

Kinect is Microsoft's assault on the motion controlling market. In a nutshell a super high tech PlayStation Eye Toy from the future. Slated for a November 2010 release it comes armed with 3D depth sensors to better track the player and the distance they are from the camera it fully maps all of your bodies movement ,and not just waving hands, with facial and voice recognition that remembers the gamer. The ability to navigate the X-Box Dashboard like Tom Cruise does on the Minority Report and games such as Star Wars Kinect, Kinectimals, Motion Sports Kinect and Forza 4's Kinect features look really exciting.

Click here to read the second part of my article

The Future of the PlayStation 3

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Games Com 2009 in Cologne Sony finally unveiled their worst kept secret. The PS3 Slim.
Kaz Hirai presented it on stage and stated that the new console has all the features that the current model has but is 32% smaller, 36% lighter with 34% less power consumption.

The new console comes with the long awaited price drop too.

The Slim goes on sale on September the 1st and will be priced at $299, £249 and 299 Euros. The new price drop was bought forward to include the current PS3's on sale today.

Sony's conference also had the details of the 3.00 firmware update which looks like a major overhaul to the system.

They finally announce a price drop and offer a mouth watering firmware update, sounds good so far but what about the games? If you've been living on the moon the last two years you will be completely oblivious to the PS3 getting a beating by the 360. Microsoft's console had its exclusives selling a lot better and was winning ports of previously announced PlayStation 3 exclusive titles from 3rd party publishers and developers.

What does Sony have up their sleeves? Quite an amazing line up of games actually. A lot of quality first party titles and all the flagship PlayStation heavy weights are due to hit the console for the first time over the next six months or so.

God of War III
Sony Santa Monica Studio/ Sony Computer Entertainment America
Expected release date: March 2010

How can you not get exited for this title? God of War II was a masterpiece and pushed the PlayStation 2 to its limits and still managed to tell a great story and what a way to end the game!

It's already got the momentum rolling heavily into this title but there was always something that touched the inner child inside you and kept you hooked with its take on Greek mythology as it pits you against some of the strongest characters in Human legend.
Expect more amazing visuals, twists and turns in the story and (of course) plenty of blood and gore on your ascent of Olympus in a war against the Gods that other studios will still be trying to equal for years to come.

The games director is promising this is the closing of the story and you know it's going to be a great ride.

Watch the God of War III trailer here

Gran Turismo 5
Polyphony Digital/ Sony Computer Entertainment Japan
Expected release date: Q4 2009 (Speculated)

Gran Turismo is the PlayStations biggest selling franchise and 5 feels as though it has been in development forever, the fact that 3 Forza's will of been released by the time this hits the shelves speaks volumes.

You can see how fantastic the visuals are on this game despite very little details have yet to see the light of day to the frustration of its fans but the shroud is starting to get lowered. We now have car damage and a confirmed selection of over 1,000 cars with the greatest models seen in gaming. What a remarkable milestone.

Amazing visuals with 16 cars on track on and offline. This game will walk off the shelves.

Watch the Gran Turismo 5 trailer here

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Naughty Dog/ Sony Computer Entertainment America
Expected release date: October 2009

The original Uncharted was a technical showcase that pitched high production values as well as visuals that still surpasses many of its current day rivals.

Behind the fluid game play there was so much life and soul in the game and the characters were believable and it was all their subtle movements and animations that really bought them to life.
Uncharted 2 looks to build upon everything that made the original so great and manages to deliver considerably better graphics and now comes with online competition.

It is looking a strong contender for Game of they Year after clearing up many journalists Best of E3 awards.

Watch the Uncharted 2: Among Thieves trailer here

Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer
Quantic Dream/ Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
Expected release date: Q1/ Q2 2010

Quantic Dream has a great track record with their games is pioneering a very different type of genre here.

It is trying to be the biggest cinematic experience in gaming and adding interactivity to give the player complete control how the story pans out. The vast majority of the work is going into this game is on portraying emotion in the characters faces and movement. Quantic want you to get emotionally attached to them and the story.
A lot of people are confusing this for a Quick Time Event only title but that isn't the case. It combines investigation and interacting with other characters.

It is going to be a dark and beautiful experience.

Watch the Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer trailer here
Watch an alternative trailer here

Zipper Interactive/ Sony Computer Entertainment America
Expected release date: January 2010

Sony is really trying to push peoples perception and the dwarf the industry with this title.

256 players online in first person shooter action at one time. It's not a mindless 128 v 128 player free for all team death match, it is all objective based.
One team defends and the other team launches an attack on their strong hold. The concept is that the combat is based in a circumference around the base that pits smaller groups against each other and the further the team pushes the more compact the squads get until it escalates into a 128 v 128 player fight for supremacy in the centre of the map.

Alot of people are saying this will lag and that the graphics are terrible and I'm not going to start an argument. Just wait and see when this title hits our shelves in the New Year to be proved incorrect.

Watch the MAG trailer here

Demon's Souls
From Software/ Atlus
Expected release date: October 2009

It still baffles me why Sony aren't publishing this in the West when they did in Japan and nurtured this game to fruition.

Demon's Souls is vast RPG which has reputation for being notoriously difficult. The difficulty is not going to be dressed and good for Atlus, there is too many games available today trying to keep new gamers happy and making getting from start to finish with minimum effort expended.
The most unique feature here is the online. As far as I'm aware you can't team with other players and their user created characters but you can talk to their ghosts in the game world and watch how they died in order to learn and plot your assault on the hordes of enemies and enormous bosses.

This game is receiving incredible critical acclaim from the press and the players.

Watch the Demon's Souls trailer here

White Knight Chronicles
Level 5/ Sony Computer Entertainment Japan
Expected release date: Q1 2010

White Knight was actually released in Japan before Christmas last year and was rumoured to not be getting a Western release for a long time but I can say with glee that it is making it's way to our shores.

A blunt and slightly in-accurate way to describe this would be Sony's answer to the Final Fantasy series. You create an avatar and assist the main characters in a huge world on an epic journey. The titles lead acquires the power of an ancient relic and is able to summon this 40 foot something tall warrior to aid him in combat. The combat system feels very close to Final Fantasy's and is full of jaw dropping CGI cut scenes.

The PS3 has come under a lot of criticism for it's lack of RPG's and White Knight Chronicles and Demon's Souls are great compensation for the wait.

Watch the White Knight Chronicles trailer here

Ratchet & Clank Future
Insomniac Games/ Soy Computer Entertainment America
Expected release date: November 2009

Insomniac continues to enjoy it's yearly rotation of Ratchet and Resistance series.

If there was ever a mascot for the PlayStation brand before Sack Boy came along it must of been Ratchet and Clank, they have a real heritage and been a number of games across the PlayStation family.

The unique sharp visuals brimming with colour in huge open worlds littered with enemies and collectables that is the series trademark returns, expect a large selection of weapons and a warm, witty story.

Watch the Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time here

3D Dot Game Heroes
From Software/ Sony Computer Entertainment Japan
Speculated release date: November 2009 (Japan)

From Software's next game after Demon's Souls.

Such a simple concept but the way it mixes the old and new school graphics is inspired and is being labelled a new graphics powerhouse by the critics.

No trailers available as of yet I'm afraid. Look out for this title at TGS in September.

The Last Guardian
Japan Studio/ Sony Computer Entertainment Japan
Expected release date: Q4 2010 (Personal speculation)

After years in the wilderness this game finally seen the light of day but not in the fashion it deserved. A leak just weeks prior to the world unveiling at E3.

How can you not get excited about this game after playing ICO and Shadow of The Colossus? They are games that are living as strong in the heart of industry. Fumito Ueda is an amazing artist and has got a fantastic reputation for creating worlds full of heart and soul and not the run of your mill game archetypes that capitulates the gamer.

You control the boy in a puzzle adventure with the assist of your Kitty Dragon (sorry but that is the most random thing I have ever called this creature and it kind of fits).

Watch the Last Guardian trailer here

Modnation Racers
San Diego Studio/ Sony Computer Entertainment America
Expected release date: Q3/ Q4 2010 (Personal speculation)

Following the success of Little Big Planet, Sony continues invest in its Play, Create, Share genre.

The new outing in the genre allows you to create your own character, your own car and your own circuits in (what looks to be a) incredibly simple and easy creation tool whilst fusing it with Mario Kart type action and power ups.

Watch the Modnation Racers trailer here

MMORPG Exclusives:

MMO's are finally making their way to the PlayStation 3 courtesy of Sony Online Entertainment. Yes I am well aware they are being released on the PC too but the PS3 is the only console you will get to experience them.

DC Universe: Online
Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment/ Sony Online Entertainment
Expected release date: TBA 1020

Create a super-hero and customise them right down to their moves and animation and team up with your favourite DC Comic super heroes or villains.

Watch the DC Universe: Online trailer here

The Agency
Sony Online Entertainment
Expected release date: TBA 2010

Allows you to play in first & person shooter view points that doesn't follow the more turn base/ cool down game play of traditional MMO's (such as WarCraft) in a squad based James Bond like secret agent game.

Watch the Agency trailer here

Free Realms
Sony Online Entertainment
Expected release date Q4 2009/ Q1 2010 (GameSpot)

A online game that doesn't force you to grind mindlessly for hours on end and is more of a title that has you playing in game games against over players. A light hearted MMO for all the family.

Watch the Free Realms trailer here

What makes these three titles a promising spectacle is that Sony Online Entertainment is one the cheapest MMO companies out there and one subscription covers all the games across its range so you won't be left with a huge hole in your pocket and multiple fee's to pay.

3rd Party Exclusives:

I'm well aware of this gens track record with 3rd party exclusives and don't have that much faith in these titles reaming that way but at the time of typing they are only heading to the PlayStation 3.

Final Fantasy XIV (Square-Enix)

Final Fantasy Versus XIII (Square-Enix)

Agent (RockStar North/ RockStar)

L.A. Noire (Bondi Games/ RockStar)

Quantum (Tecmo)

E3: 2010 New predictions:

Some of these titles are already hotly taped to debut next year and some of them are my own theories. I come to my assumptions with most of the big games taking 3 or 4 years to work on their game engines then seem to produce a sequel every two years after.

*Little Big Planet 2
*Killzone 3
*Resistance 3
*MotorStorm 3
*White Knight Chronicles 2 (Already announced in Famitsu)
*Next Sucker Punch title (most likely InFamous 2)
*Next Wipeout title (hopefully a full retail release)
*I'm really hoping that Jaffe's (famous for creating the God of War franchise) next game is a new Twisted Metal

The PlayStation Network is on a real roll at the minute. It was the first console to deliver a movie and television download/ rental service (that finally hits the European PS Store in November) but PlayStation Home is an exiting free 3D social networking application with endless potential and the VidZone service is spectacular. More and more games being played on dedicated servers relieving latency issues and the community growing stronger.
The Network has seen some truly great titles this year only available on the PlayStation. 2010 should build on 2009's success - it has the momentum on it's side.

Sony unveiled a technical demonstration of their new motion sensing controller that is paired with PlayStation Eye in an assault on the Wii. With more refined controllers over the Ninetndo rival, more interactivity and the PlayStations incredible graphics and processing power it all looks very promising and the dev kits have already gone out, expect the first wave of games to be announced in the near future.

See the PS3 Motion Controller demonstration here

It is starting to feel like the PS2 was at this time in its lifespan. Terribly expensive and developers where complaining about how costly it was to develop for and it went on to become the biggest selling console of all time. I'm not going to say the PS3 is going to end up this way but now and with its exclusive line up it has every chance.

Am I the unluckiest person in the history of the PlayStation brand?

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'Go now to Damascus &...' *BEEP**BEEP**BEEP**pzmmmmmmm....*
Playing through a game then I am treated to a dull screen and the silence created by an extractor fan turning off & seeing a red light on my PlayStation flashing away. I turn it back on to be greated by... oh no, not again... surelly I can't be that unlucky can I? Yes... another yellow lightthrowing mea quick wink from thefront of my PlayStation before it goes back into stand-by.

Let me roll the clock back a month. The date is May the 10th & I finally get through my back cataloge of games & finally play Fallout 3 before I could even name my character my PlayStation suddenly shut down. Thinking it was just a self defense for over heating I let it cool down and when I switched it on later on the evening I was greated by a yellow light on the front of the console. Rather alarmed by the situation (which I had never heard of) I googled 'PLAYSTATION 3 YELLOW LIGHT' and found some stories of this problem whilst orrying about the hours of game saves I may of lost (I had just completed the Knights of the Nineon Oblivion & considered that game complete after 150+ hours of play).
Apparantlly it is iddentical to the 360's so-called Red Light of Death where the heat melts the solderings on the motherboard, what was odd however is that this problem is only limited to the 20 & 60gb models wich is part of the reason why they got discontinued. But how did this happen to me? I bought a 40gb PlayStation... then it hit me. I had a HDD problem & had to send it to Sonyt & they sent me a re-conditioned model. The people at Sony have been caught penny pinching - sending me a model with a lesser specification than what I payed for. I gave Sony a phone call & voiced my disgust, I should of took it futher but I just weanted my PS3 back in working order. The Console Wizard team give me excellent customer service & fixed it up for me and delivered it with my beloved game saves in tact.

Back to the present. I've just cleared InFamous & to get me threw the annual summer games drought I decided to play through my catalouge of games chronologiclly. Played through Uncharted to completion over the last couple of daysand had a great time, it is a truely awe-some game and put Assassin's Creed on tonight for a re-play. An hour into it &... YELLOW LIGHT (luckily my repair is still in warranty).

I had one PlayStation, two PlayStation 2's and nowa console that boasts a minus 0.5% (less than 1 in ever 200 PlayStations sold) & I have 3 break downs in a year? Christ. I must be due a lottery win.