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Day 6

Im having a great time here, some of my mates have joined so i can talk to them and post together. Nearly at level 3. Hooray! Cya...

Day 4

I havent been on for a while...oops! I wont make a habit of so this is just a one off. Tommorow i hope to be a rank three wish is good and i hope to raise my post count if i have the time.


End of day 4

Day 3

Im only on here for 20 mins or so posting on the forums as much as i can and keeping the spam at a very low level.Lol. I ranked up to level 2. Hooray! Well, thats nothing compared to some of the others here but its a big step to me! Lol. Hope to post more later. C ya..l.for now...


I have completely finished my games collection, etc! Now i can start to post alot more plus im getting broadband this coming week. Had a good day and am sotra settled, i really like it here and am enjoying the site.


End of Day 2........

Day 2

I have started posting on the forums now and my rank is going up. Someone said there rank got reset? I hope it dosent happen to me.

Finished most of game collection!

Ive finally finished most of the game collection, wish list etc, etc and im glad its out of the way. I suppose its quite fun though. Im looking to start posting in the forums tommorow and start to rank up and gain expirience as a gamespot member. As i said im looking forward to my time here. Im hoping to get broadband this month which will be alot of help.


End of Day 1............

Day 1

Its really good here annd i am enjoying visiting the site i hope to become a long and good member of Gamespot. Im gonna join the forums later and start posting. I hope my levels will go up quicker if i gon on the site regulary. C ya.

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