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good day

having a godd day, going to pizza hut, then cinema,maybe. then a dvd rent from. blockbusters....


Im really tired and im going to bed. Ive got 60 posts and some more friends. I should be nearing popular by tommorow. Im just wondering why i havent got a PC game collector emblem thing. Maybe its because i have other games for other consoles. Well im not sure how it works and its not dsperate so im not gonna worry much. I falling asleep as i write this. Lol.



Zz Zz Zz Zz.........


More games

my brother and i got some more games, i have to add them to the list now. i think i have a good taste with my average gamespot score as 8.6. i dont know why i havent got a good taste emblem. i have a range of consoles which all have good games on them. ah well. not to worry. im nackered. i think im gunna go to bed.

end of Day 9(and 8)(i forgot lol.)


Day 9

I got some more freinds now. hooray! havent posted as much as usual but i will make it up. cya.

Day 7/ 1 whole week!

I have now been here 1 whole wekk. Its not alot but im still here and im finally level 3. Im postin regulary now and starting to get used to the members a bit more.

Still posting!

The forums a e really cool here and i am posting a lot. I am visiting the website regulary and am having a great time.

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