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im finished here!

this sucks, percentage take ages to go up, this union idea is all aload of crap, there are to many and you cant post on all of them, ameteur reviews are really anoing and spam pricks are getting on my nerves. so long!


uninons are cool but when you are a member of so many of them its hard to post and do stuff with all of them and balance it out but im still trying


it is still takin ages for me to rank up! ah well its not about the leveks its about the time and things you enjoy here.


havent been on here for a while, i suppose im anoied cause of the slow level grading. i would like to start reviews and am waiting to go to level 6. gunna star posting again now.



its taking ages for me to go up in expeirence, im getting anoined now cause my mate is level 6 and he hasnt been on it as i have. i donrt get it?


I have been on here a week longer than my friend, i have 50 odd more posts than him and he is about 70 percent higher than me and a level 5. This sucks why arnet the admins boosting me up my proper levels, what is he doing to get that high up????????!!!!!!!!!!