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oh I thought it was a boycott, not a petitition.

thats disappointing

A boycott would be much more effective. Then the people who started the trend could get a free trip to visit the developers and schmoozed into saying everything was good and we should all buy the game anyway. No wait...thats L4D Two...Sorry I got confused!

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[QUOTE="stoutlad"]Either you are a very poor troll or a very poor judge of quality. HL2 deserves every accolade it got.supadave841

im not a troll i didnt say that this game was horrible, i liked some aspects of it. i just think its overrated. the only reason i kept playing it was to discover why everyone else thought it was so great. i dont think it was as amazing as everyone made it out to be. It got boring very quick. I enjoyed the halo series much more.

HAHA! Valued the Halo series more?! Thats hilarious. For a minute there I almost took you seriously. Now I know to completely ignore your opinion on games in general.

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With DRM/piracy frenzy going on lately, it wouldn't surprise me if it was deliberately postponed. Apparently, sandbagging the PC release ensures that more people buy for the console, and honest paying customers like myself have to suffer for choosing the ultimate gaming platform. I haven't heard any cancellation news, and I sincerely hope it comes out for pc. I noticed one site list the ps3 version in Q1 2009, maybe we'll get it then...who knows? I hate having to speculate!
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10 consecutive kills w/out dying...Rainbow 6 Vegas
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[QUOTE="Guru_G4M3R"]You going on ebay? If yes, I would start a lot lower. Maybe about $250. This will get a bunch of people interested and hopefully alot of bids. Plus, don't sell Oblivion, that game is legendary. Good Luck!!RandellG
Why not sell Obilivon? I have played it maybe twice since I bought it.

 Only twice?  I think maybe you should spend a little more time getting acquainted with the game.  Its one of the most immersive and enjoyable RPGs I can ever remember playing.

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[QUOTE="TrustCo1971"]We cant even get the American 360 to work well here in America...lolDon0van





Speak for yourself...I bought mine on launch day, and I've never had an issue

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The power converter issue is simply a difference in AC (alternating current) here in the States..and DC (direct current) across the pond...They are right, you will need a converter, preferrably one that is surge protected...and you may want to take precautions to keep the converter AND your xbox cool.  As far as NTSC and PAL coding shouldn't have too much trouble ordering games from the US....I'm just curious.....hasn't the 360 been released in europe?  why do you want an american version?
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(Mass Effect will not dissapoint) if it does...I'm going to off myself


 We can do it together. We'll be a couple of emo kids.

LOL !!! It's a plan! Finally someone who understands me! I hope it comes out soon I'm running out of blood!
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