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Goodbye, GameSpot

Hey, everyone! =)

As most of my friends may have noticed already, I'm not visiting GameSpot ultimately since the beginning of this year (2010). The reasons for this are few yet important ones:

  • I'm in love. =) The relationship I always wanted finally happened and I'm using most of my free time to give her all the attention she deserves, exactly in the way she does about me.
  • I have now two jobs. I'm still a computer science teacher and recently I became a digitizer after being approved in the last public contest. So, even though I'm enjoying a lot my new life, time is a bit limited right now.
  • Since the last two years, gaming became more a way to spend my free time than really enjoying the game in its essence. This activity in my life became pointless, because I really miss the old games and the old times, when LAN parties and fun were the most important things when gaming. I didn't fit in the new philosophy about games that are being released ultimately; I mean, all this on-line stuff, with achievements, monthly fee, direct 2 drive installers, multiplayer-only modes, surreal hardware requirements etc. I was quite impressed with the release of Worms Reloaded, because now I can experience something suitably old-school, but remakes aren't as great as new ideas.
  • I'm still in the university and now I have my final project to idealize and create, which must be a software that manipulates information in databases; not to mention all the documentation behind the application, which is extensive and really a demanding work.

I would like to say that I'll miss writting those lengthy reviews, working on videos (which I created especially for GameSpot, since I didn't upload them to any other website), taking screenshots, exploring every piece of my favorite games and posting all that stuff in my profile's blog. It's a hard and inevitable decision I took recently, but people changes, life changes. I'm still gaming, but not like before. It's just a casual activity, not a "serious hobby" like it used to be.

Anyway, if you're curious, I'm playing Worms Reloaded when it's possible. =) Nice game. Well done, Team 17!

My stats:

Profile views: 3090

Friends: 95

Games in collection: 1205

Forum posts: 1009

Comments: 187

Written reviews: 71

Videos uploaded: 154

Images uploaded: 200

Member since Dec 7, 2005.

Final words:

I love the GameSpot community and I'll really miss all of my friends here, especially the following ones: Azghouls, bowlingotter, Cunhao, dn3datomiced, dragonps, geoffuk-123,Guuthulhu, jepsen1977, martianrobot, Meat_Bag, molocoplus, nightharvest, nutcrackr, Sorvos and topsemag55.

If any of you guys from GameSpot want to talk with me, I'll always be reading my e-mail ( Don't worry, this is my only e-mail since 2002 and I'll always use it. If you decide to add me, don't forget to introduce yourself, because, sometimes, I simply don't remember all the names from the Internet. =)

See ya and keep gaming! =)

The King of Dragons review and some updates

Hey, everyone! =)

I finally finished the review for The King of Dragons (1991, Capcom). Things are slow because of my little free time, but I always enjoy contributing with something to GameSpot each month. The game itself isn't any better than Knights of the Round (1992, Capcom), but the fantasy setting is really cool. The possibility to choose from five different heroes increases replayability, especially when playing with friends. The ability to block with the melee characters or to fire at distance with the ranged ones can make some really nice combinations between players. The main problem of The King of Dragons is that the game is quite unfair at some moments. There're bosses ridiculously hard for the ranged characters, as well some very challenging situations for the melee tanks. Nevertheless it is a fun game, and if you can find a way to play it now, I suggest to grab the U.S. release which is much better than the European one.

I uploaded two videos for The King of Dragons too (hardest setting, U.S. version):

1. Killing the two giants;

2. Beating the red dragon (final boss).

For the Euro release, you can watch my old walkthrough (here is the link for the first part, out of 16).


Now, about my updates: I finished Dead Space recently and I liked the game very much, even though it's easy and lacks in replay value. I don't wanna go all that way again because there aren't any random events to make things interesting. Sure that gibbing the monstrosities of the space is fun, but you do that enough during your first trip into the campaign, so there's no reason to do that again (at least from my point of view). Too bad EA isn't going to release the sequel for the PC platform. Console fever, it is. =)

I'm playing Diablo II: LoD again with the Paladin. This time I'm developing a melee tank and I really want it to work because I always suck with this kind of character. My Paladin is better known as the Charger, which uses Charge as his main attack. The skill had a horrible freeze bug that locks your character in certain situations, but this is fixed in the recently released 1.13c update. The Paladin is going well so far. He is level 82 and in the fifth waypoint of "Hell" difficulty. His average damage is above 4.5K, which is enough to kill almost every monster easily. When the game spawns physical immunity undead, I use the Sanctuary aura to beat them with Magic damage. My first weapon is a Martel de Fer with the Honor rune word. I'll upload several videos with my stats, featuring, naturally, some demon slaughtering. By the way, I'm playing single player, so it's hard to do all the boring stuff by yourself (such as finding runes and powerful items).

Also, I'm playing Left 4 Dead 2 again and this time I'll finish the entire campaign with my friends at the hardest level. We already finished the game fully at "Expert" level, but things become more chaotic when playing in the "Realism" mode. Right now we managed to finish the first campaign after 51 (yes, fifty one retries) during 4h and 31min. LoL! =) We got stuck at the rescue level, obviously. Filling up the car's tank without knowing where your buddies are is really hard; it's like a Horror movie from the 80s. =)


Finally, I'm using my old Duke Forever avatar, but with a better quality. The images of my profile are from Left 4 Dead 2 (blog header picture, 432x155 pixels) and Diablo III (banner, 760x140 pixels).

I hope you guys and gals are doing fine! See ya! =)

Some profile updates

Hey, everyone! Happy New Year, too!

So I'm writing my first 2010 blog post to inform you guys/gals the stuff I'm doing ultimately and the updates on my profile. First of all I'm still working as a computer science teacher, and I must say that I'm definitely in love with this job. Every course I start talking about a bit of hardware peripherals, general software concepts and networks; then I go to the fun stuff: MS Windows, Word, PowerPoint, Excel (my favorite) and Internet. I'm also studying a lot some programming languages, such as C# and Visual Basic (and that already explains my unusual absence here in GameSpot), because that's exactly what I want to teach in the courses. At least in Excel we may learn all that stuff about macros and VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), but that isn't enough. =)

Even though I'll not become the richest person in the world, I'm so happy with my job because, in the last year, I've got a very bad experience while working in a big corporation here in my country. I was giving technical support to an ERP system, which was a horrible software that simply didn't work well; meanwhile, all that stress and constant studies made me regret awakening every day to go to work. That's not living; it's a waste of life. Learning things that you don't like and specializing in a software that is bugged and useless for you isn't fun at all. Recently, someone from that corporation discovered that I was working as a teacher, and invited me to work there again training new analysts and customers. My answer was a resounding (yet respectfully) "NO"! I always wanted to work as a teacher and I'm glad that I finally achieved that. Better to follow a path and keep your life constant than trying a lot of tempting things and never accomplish an objective.

Now, about GameSpotting, the most notable changes are my new blog images and avatar. The header picture and the profile's banner are both from Myst V: End of Ages, which is one of the most beautiful games ever released. As for the avatar, the b****s face that replaced Francis is the rider (Ben) from Full Throttle, an old Adventure PC game from the 90s. I also uploaded a new pic for the "About me" session, which is a recent photo of ChristianKiss in person. =) No, the big nose isn't fake like those masks that come with glasses. =)

My next contributions to GS will be:

  • A gameplay video of Penumbra: Requiem (actually, a speedrun of an entire level);
  • 3 screenshots of Penumbra: Black Plague;
  • 3 screenshots of Penumbra: Requiem;
  • 8 screenshots of Left 4 Dead 2 (gory as ****);
  • Reviews on the following titles: Wheel of Time; Fate; The King of Dragons, WWF Wrestlemania, Left 4 Dead 2, Penumbra: Collection and Hexen: Death Kings of the Dark Citadel.

Since I'm going to review Penumbra: Collection, you can bet that I already finished it; that's one cool Adventure/Horror game with some nice puzzles thrown in. Now I'm playing Machinarium, an awesome indie game where you control a robot that must interact with a lot of objects and advance deeper into a huge robot building. It may look cute, but it's one great game especially for old-schoolers that enjoyed those point-and-click Adventures from the 90s.

Recently I got Counter-Strike: Source, which I was hesitant to pick up because I was afraid that no Tactical Shooter could be better than the old Counter-Strike 1.6. Fortunately I was wrong. The Source version is much better and we're enjoying a lot the game in our LAN parties! =)

I hope that all you GameSpotters are doing fine! Keep gaming!

-Update (21/02/10): So I updated my images again and I'm using the old (yet improved) Duke Nukem avatar, and the pics in the blog's header and profile banner are both from S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.

I'm now playing Diablo II: LoD again, particularly because Blizzard announced the 1.13 update. This will give the game a little more breath until Diablo III is released. =)

Toughest bosses encounters

Hey, everyone!

I was taking a look in the games of my collection, looking for the ones I've finished, those I never played more than an hour and also the titles I finished uncountable times already. Naturally, when it comes to First-Person Shooters, the list is quite large in any of those categories. DOOM, for instance, is one game that I simply don't know how many times I finished. But let's face it: the final bosses in DOOM are quite easy, even at the hardest difficulty level. The game itself may be punishing sometimes, but every average gamer will pass the final challenge with no problems at all. The same can't be said about a few other games, though.

Several bosses made me re-load the progress a lot, and a few of them almost made me stop playing the game. It's like when you pass through an entire ocean by swimming, to finally die at the beach. It's so frustrating that I can't simply give up, so I always keep trying during hours and hours until I find a way out. What games am I referring to? I'll list the most relevant ones below (from "hard" to the "almost impossible" one). If you're going to reply to this blog, feel free to post yours too, keeping in mind that final-sequences-without-bosses also count.

#3 -->Blood and Magic (1996, Interplay): This is an ADnD Real-Time Strategy game for the PC, MS-DOS. I finished it in the past year and it was a great challenge during all the campaign maps. But the last level is just unfair; your enemy has much more powerful units than you, and he attacks with total fury all the time. The AI uses a huge number of weak golems to transform them into the toughest monsters of the game through a conveniently positioned magical forge. I had to take a deep breath and carefully study all the pixels of the battlefield, so I could get the best of it. I also used some Artificial Intelligence limitations (to not say "glitches") and cheated the computer a little, so I could resist bravely with my outnumbered army. It was simply epic when I finally did it! If you want to know more about the game, take a look on my review.

#2 -->DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil (2005, Nerve Software and id Software): Some may say that the method used to kill Maledict is scripted; you just need to follow several steps correctly in order to succeed. Well, maybe I did it all wrong, but I tried so many times in so many different ways that I guess it isn't scripted at all. The flying demon of DOOM 3 expansion is definitely hard, at least on "Veteran" difficulty (imagine how it would be on "Nightmare"...). You fully charge up a lot of BFG shots and hit right on the guy's face, but it isn't enough if you don't use the artifact correctly. While trying to kill him, Maledict casts a lot of nasty spells that are almost impossible to dodge, and they deal a serious amount of damage. For more info on this game, you may read my review if you want.

#1 -->Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders (1996, Raven Software): I almost gave up while trying killing D'Sparil, the final boss of the third chapter of this great game. I even took a look at the videos in Youtube, to see if I was doing something wrong. After reading several comments of a particular video (which shows the tough guy being killed easily), it was said that the difficulty level was one level below the hardest one. Well, I was on the hardest setting and I came to a conclusion: Raven Software didn't test the final boss at this difficulty level. The guy simply doesn't die, even if you use all your resources and the extra ones spread around the map. This is because D'Sparil summons a lot of mages and, after taking some damage, he starts to teleport around with a freakin' speed. What I did to beat him? Well, I was using a Win32 port (ZDOOM v2.1.7) to run Heretic better on my Windows XP, but I never used the mouse to aim, because the original game under DOSBox doesn't allow you to do so (actually, it's possible to configure the mouse in the MS-DOS version, but the movement sucks hard). The Win32 port allows you to play the game with keyboard and mouse, just like any modern game; so I reconfigured the command keys and, after hours of useless attempts trying to kill the boss, I finally did it! Naturally, aiming with the mouse along with a Win32 port makes it much easier, which means that it would be virtually impossible (at least for me) to beat the original game under MS-DOS or DOSBox. Gonna try it in a distant future, anyway. =) Here's my review on Heretic, if you're interested in reading about it.

The Exclusion Zone never looked so good

Hey, everybody!

Most of my friends here in GS know that I love First-Person Shooters and, as a secondary favorite genre, slow-paced Adventures. When I like a game, not only I want to explore every bit of it, but also try quality custom content from the on-line communities. I played mods and total conversions for DOOM 3, Jedi Knight: Academy, Half-Life and so, but I never got anything as amazing as S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Complete 2009. This is the best mod I ever played in my life, and not only greatly improves the graphics on S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, but also adds weapons, sounds, special effects (scary night and breathtaking sunrises, for instance) and a lot of gameplay tweaks. It improves the game in a way that definitely makes it flawless. I ain't kidding about that, really.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Complete 2009, when unpacked, adds more than 1GB of custom content that improves the original game to unbelievable levels. I'm playing it again on "Master" difficulty, finishing the game for the third time. My closest friends know well that I love S.T.A.L.K.E.R., so it isn't a big surprise that I gave this one a solid 9.5 out of 10. If the game was released with this amazing and huge mod applied, I would have given it 10 out of 10 without a doubt. The graphics and gameplay are even better than in Clear Sky, which is, even with its problems, an excellent game.

If you added S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat in your "Wish list" but can't wait any longer for its release, you should consider installing Shadow of Chernobyl again and play it with the Complete 2009 mod applied. If you're a newcomer to the series, you should install the mod as well, since it only improves the game without staying far from the original feel. In truth, Complete 2009 even corrects bugs and AI issues that the official patches didn't fix. After beating the game, the mod allows the player to keep wandering in the Zone freely, accomplishing random missions and exploring dangerous areas that he/she avoided before.

Finally, let me give you guys a little update: I'm still playing Penumbra: Black Plague and totally enjoying it. This is a very immersive Adventure game, although it better fits in the Survival Horror genre. I stopped with Torchlight after ten hours of gameplay, since the game was incredibly easy even at the hardest level... and I played with a type of character that I totally sucks playing with in every RPG game (Destroyer, the melee tank of Torchlight). I can't stick with easy games for too long, so I decided to uninstall Torchlight; I'm not sure if I'll play this game again, especially after a horrible crash that made me lose a few hours of progress.

My next activities will be: upload screenshots and videos from Penumbra: Collection and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Complete 2009; review the following titles: HeXen: Death Kings of the Dark Citadel, Wheel of Time, Zombie Shooter, One Must Fall 2097 and Fate.

Keep gaming!

Tagged as well

Hey, everyone!

So, I got tagged by topsemag55, and below are ten random facts about me:


1. I'm a Brazilian gamer since I was four years old;

2. I live in Teresopolis (Rio de Janeiro), a small town surrounded by beautiful mountains;

3. After an unsuccessful relationship, I'm single right now, but I do wish to have kids someday (it will take as much time as possible, trust me);

4. I love to take a ride with my bike during the mornings;

5. Instead of going to a gym, I work out in my own house;

6. I don't drink alcohol and sodas alike;

7. I love to play casual games on the PC, being World of Goo my favorite so far;

8. My favorite movie genre is Horror, followed by Drama/Romance and War;

9. I work as a teacher and study System Development and Analysis;

10. I'll probably migrate to Linux if I'm forced to uninstall Windows XP to use Vista/Seven. =)


I tag geoff-uk123!

Updating profile

So, after combining themes from a few games I like (The Neverhood, Left 4 Dead, Penumbra, Duke Nukem 3D, Myst etc.), I decided to let a creepy blog header's image from the Penumbra series. As for my profile's banner, I edited one of my favorite screenshots from Left 4 Dead, and also maintained a bad*** face as my avatar (can't help it, LoL). Although Clayman isn't bad, I thought the zombie apocalypse-survivor Francis would suit better. =) I like the way my profile is looking now.

About the games I'm playing, I finished Penumbra: Overture quite easily, except to a certain timed action sequence that made me reload the game a lot. I'm now playing Penumbra: Black Plague and it's as good as the first one. So far I recommend the Collection edition.

I played Loki: Heroes of Mythology (2007, Cyanide) and I must say that the game gave me a terrific first impression. If you don't know what this game is about, this is just a rip-off from Titan Quest, although with some nice concepts thrown in. The main menu screen looks amazing and you can feel the great atmosphere this game has to offer right away, even before creating your character. There're four characters and each one starts the game in a different set. Since I played with an Amazon-like Greek fighter, my first moments were in a small town, talking to my trainer Achilles and the goddess Athena. As you can see, unlike Titan Quest, you really meet with deity characters in Loki. After doing the first mission and enjoyed the lengthy killing sessions, along with the great musical score, the game crashed to my desktop after loading the next area. I was using the latest update available already, so there is nothing I could do to fix the bug. I've lost all my progress, so I uninstalled the game. Small bugs are tolerable, but I don't admit crashes. A shame, since I was really enjoying Loki.

Considering I didn't finish Loki, I'm not going to review it. However there're four reviews coming up, which I'm already working on (in this order): Zombie Shooter 2, Zombie Shooter, HeXen: Death Kings of the Dark Citadel and Wheel of Time. Hopefully, during the production of these reviews, I'll finish Penumbra: Collection and review it as well. No videos and screenshots to upload so far.

Keep gaming!

Taking a break of First-Person Shooters

Hi, everyone!

In this year (2009) and in the last one I've spent most of my time with First-Person Shooters, which is a genre I love. I even made a list of my favorite FPS titles and the ones I would try to finish. Thankfully, even with two jobs and constant studies at the university, I was able to finish most of the games I wanted (so much dedication in the weekends... LoL). Considering I'm a bit out of time right now, I'm sticking mostly with my Adventure titles. If you're tracking my profile since the beginning of this year, you may remember my list of the Adventure games I was interested in playing. Now I have the opportunity to play them. =)

What's so cool about this kind of game? It's because it almost ignores the player's skill and put their brains on the test. It's a very different approach on the gaming world, and unfortunately the Adventure genre is dying slowly but surely since the golden days of Lucasarts (Full Throttle, The Dig, Day of the Tentacle etc.). But that doesn't mean you don't have anything to play in this genre anymore. You can bet that you'll spend weeks (why not months?) playing the Penumbra Collection (2009), Broken Sword 4 (2007) and Dreamfall (2006). And, if you're into old-schooling, why not try the Myst series? If you put in your heart that you'll never refer to a walkthrough when stuck, these games may take more than years to finish. Now we're talking about quality in gaming.

What will change for me? Not much: First I'll change my profile's theme, probably with pics from The Neverhood (1996). Secondly, you'll notice that I'll update a bit more often my profile here in GS, with more videos, screenshots and blog posts; I'll also try to visit more the profiles I'm tracking. Finally, I'm going to stick with at least one Adventure game from the list I linked above, and I'll probably start playing the three Penumbra games first. Naturally I'll keep playing a FPS game now and then, especially Left 4 Dead and the sequel later on.

The great advantage of playing Adventure games is that they give the player more time to breath. If you know where and when to stop, you may continue playing the game after one or two weeks of abstinence without any trouble. And, as I said above, it's well spent money because these games can take weeks and even months to beat. You can buy the Myst series for less than $100.00 and keep playing it during a year, although you may spend the same cash on FPSes and beat them in a single week. As I aforementioned, Adventuring is a different approach; I'm not saying it's the best choice for everyone, though. =)

To finish, my reviews posts will be less frequent now, but I'll write at least one per month. On the other hand I'll be uploading more gameplay videos, which I consider a nice way to show the qualities of a game.

Keep gaming!

When luck surpasses strategy in a game

This random blog post isn't quite as random as it sounds. Actually, I have a reason to post about this subject, which is something that bothers me while playing board games or video-games.

Who never had before that feeling, which makes you think like: "I lost this game because I was unlucky!" or "That was a cheap victory, since I got better results on dice rolls than my opponent."? Well, I always feel like that after playing a game that depends on luck, no matter if I won the match or not. I'm not saying that the winner doesn't have his/her pride; but when someone wins due to lucky results, is it really an enjoyable victory?

I guess there isn't a definitive answer for that question. Those who know me know well that I always got an opinion about everything. Naturally, my personal thoughts aren't always as well-based as I would like them to be, so that's why it's important to keep an open mind and hear from others. Right now, I say that games relying heavily on luck-depended situations are disappointing and, sometimes, annoying as ****.

When the "luck factor" is determinant, you may plan ahead the best strategy ever and still lose because you didn't roll a good number or didn't buy the redeeming card. Here go some popular games as examples: Monopoly, Risk, Dungeons and Dragons, Poker (as well most card games) and Backgammon. All of these games have an electronic version for almost any platform.

I used to be a good competitor as a Risk player some years ago. Why I gave up? Because I felt that strategy has little impact if your opponent rolls high numbers every time. And if it happens to you to roll a lot of low numbers, game over. The name of the game speaks for itself. It's like I said before: "The lucky winner" or "The ill-fated loser". And what about Dungeons and Dragons? Well, I came from the second edition release, called "ADnD", which you must build your character based on the values you got by rolling three dices per attribute. The chances you have for crappy numbers are the same for the good values. Your Fighter may be a deity with high Strength, Dexterity and Constitution; but what if the dice results are low? You'll have to beat the entire campaign with that weak dude.

In video-games, you always say something like: "Cheater AI!" or "Buggy game!". Did you never asked yourself why your character in Neverwinter Nights (2002, DnD-based PC game) is always missing the target? In truth, your dice results aren't sufficient for a successful hit, so the game shows your enemy dodging or your hero attacking the air. Wanna lose your hair? Try to play the campaign of Risk II (2000, PC, Hasbro Interactive). Now that's a perfect example of how bad luck can ruin someone's day.

Now if you ask me how I feel after a long and deep Chess match, I would say that I'm exhausted, yet happy. Really, no matter the result. If you win a Chess match it's because you calculated more moves ahead than your opponent did, and also planned better combinations with your pieces than he/she did. The winner in Chess usually stay better focused in the game, giving enough attention to the opponent's moves and trying to maintain him/herself relaxed, even in adverse conditions. Do you need any luck in a game like this? I can give other good examples: Checkers, Chinese Checkers (quite fun), Sudoku, Go, Stratego and some others.

For a game that depends heavily on solving puzzles and logical thinking is considered an abstract game. In its essence, it's a game that can't have any sort of random and fortune situations, which is an extremist approach from my point of view. Stratego does have a bit of luck factor, although not enough to surpass the strategy you planned. Now I'm talking about balancing all this stuff, thus making the game fair.

Would it be fun if you already knew where to find the best items in a RPG game? I mean, most RPG titles for the different gaming platforms randomizes the drops from slain enemies and the content in chests. You may find or not your desired equipment, which is what makes a game fun to play. Naturally, balance is the key: if I can't go through the campaign because I was unlucky to find a good gear, then I consider this a fault which I never forgive. You'll fall in that category of "The ill-fated losers", as aforementioned in this post.

What am I trying to say? That luck is an important ally to make things more interesting in a game; in exaggerated doses, however, it can be quite frustrating. Now that's just my opinion, since I know people that love to play games like Risk, because they know that, at any time, things may become as chaotic as ever. It depends on how lucky somebody is, and this type of player simply enjoys the imminent danger of rolling low dice values and purchasing the wrong card (did you remember "Maverick" - 1994, starring Mel Gibson?). In my opinion, the luck factor can't determine so heavily the results of your actions, because I really don't feel like a real winner or loser due to good or bad fortune.

Games I finished this year

I made myself I promise at the beginning of this year: to finish as many games as possible! =) So, here goes a list of the titles I managed to beat, and I have plans to play a few more ones until the end of this year.

#Street Fighter IV: Quite easy with Sagat. I also did all the challenges and survival matches.

#Diablo (plus Hellfire expansion): Not so difficult with the Mana Shield Sorceror.

#Diablo II (plus Lord of Destruction expansion): Made it with the Druid; hard game.

#Zombie Shooter: Finished it two times, one being at the highest difficulty setting. Not so tough.

#Alien Shooter (plus the official add-ons): The first game is a walk in the park, but the add-ons are for hardcore-only players.

#Plants vs. Zombies: Quite easy for those who messed up with RTSes before.

#Sid Meier's Pirates!: It gets boring after beating all the important pirates, but still is a great game.

#Unreal Tournament 3: It may not appeal too much for long-time fans, but I finished it anyway.

#Prey: Beating this game is like playing a Street Fighter II bonus stage.

#Painkiller: Overdose: The hardest thing about Overdose is to wait for the loading time after each cheap death.

#Necrovision: Balanced and old-school game; I recommend it to everyone.

#Wheel of Time: Not as amazing as Clive Barker's Undying, but great nonetheless.

#Kingpin: Life of Crime: A different way to enjoy one more time the awesome Quake II engine.

#Duke Caribbean: Life's A Beach: There is no real vacation with ugly girls, flying buoys and boring Caribbean places.

#Duke It Out in D.C.: Saving Clinton couldn't be better.

#Duke!Zone II: If you want to hate Duke Nukem 3D, you might want to play this add-on.

#Duke Xtreme: More like a guide of "what bad levels are made of" instead of a real expansion.

#Rise of the Triad: For some reason I felt sad after finishing my long FPS rival. I tried it two times before with no success, but this time it's done. Great game!

#Heretic II: Excellent and immersive Fantasy-Action game.

#S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky: Definitely a must-play for every gamer, especially after the updates.

You see, gaming is an enjoyable yet a serious job. =)