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Headin' on down to that old E3

The equipment is packed, the truck is away, and folks are starting to leave the office on this, the Friday before E3. An odd calm has started to creep in, and I find myself reminiscing a bit about past E's 3. This year is going to be quite a bit different as I'll be spending a lot more time on stage for our live show. Hosting demos up there is positively electric - the games are awesome, folks are stopping in the aisles to look, and the chat room and email are just silly with questions from the viewers. I'm really looking forward to it, and I hope you'll enjoy watching!

Here's a little souvenir from my jaunt down memory lane. This is my first E3 badge, from three years ago. Guess who else was there with me?

E3 2008 Badge

That's GameSpot's own Shaun McInnis hanging out back there, timing it just right to appear like a little homunculus over my shoulder. What a delightful individual. I suggest you check out his E3 video blog for a last round of candid interviews with some of the GS staff. Pretty well done stuff. For a little homunculus.