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I haven't gotten any error messages, but my 360 wont read any disks. I've tried to clean them by blowing at them etc, but nothing works. This goes for all games. Sometimes it'll register that the disc is in and start up, but it won't let me make any selections (eg. on Modern Warfare 2, I can't choose multiplayer (haven't tried any other options). In other cases, it wont even register that there's a disk in. Now, I installed Assassin's Creed 2 and MW 2 to the hard disk, and now I can play them as long as the 360 recognizes that there's a CD in, which might take a few tries of popping it in and out. I can't keep doing this. Has this happened to anyone else? Is there an easy way for me to fix it? Gizmyle

I too had this problem waaaaay back when R6: Vegas came out. I don't know if you are getting the white screen saying something along the lines of "put this disk in an xbox 360" in several languages or not but my xbox had trouble recognizing disks. Unfortunately it only got worse, my friend. Started with the dvd tray, then went to E74, and shortly after... RRoD.

I don't know yourmanufacture datebut if you bought it around 2006-2007, the culprit could be the DVD drive. M$ used three different brands in the early days of the 360 and it seems the Samsung drive was the most problematic. It was a $130 fix back then since the warranty didn't cover it but i just waited for the RRoD and it was under warranty.

I can't think of any quick fixes other than opening up the console, flashing the firmware on a new DVD drive and going from there, but if its under warranty (three years RRoD and E74) then just hang on to it untill catastrophe. In the future tho, installing games to the HDD is a great way to cut down the chances of having this happen again and generally improving the life of your 360.

Hope this helps.

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As for the shotgun, it was probably the blue rose's charge shot
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Looks like the screen freeze is a harbinger of the RROD. It froze at the dash today and after i turned it back on i got three frashing red lights. this will be the second time this year already that i'll have to send the damn thing in for service. booo!
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Lost Odyssey
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I doubt any of these 4 games will actually be on shelves in 08 but i'd say Fallout 3, Borderlands, and Dead Space. Duke Nuem Forever would be a fourth but i still think its a hoax.
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-You only need 20 deadra hearts _OR_ 20 vamp dust, NOT both.

-the drain magika spell should be on a scroll in the chest near the dude you talk to before going into the room with the pillar (sorry for the vague-ness. Been a while since i did that mission)

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Put jensen and seth in the back row with kaim in the front. Link jensen's white magic to either kaim or seth and his black magic lvl1 to whomever you didn't link white magic. Use flare to beat the beast bird thing into submission and do your best to use kaim and seth for healing jensen. having a fire ring on kaim as a backup isn't a bad idea but you should be fine. hope the info helps.
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Finished the part they demo'd at tgs 07 last night. Ran into some freezing problems today with the 'box so i haven't progressed any further. As for the game itself, its quite good. i've only played a couple jrpg's (ffvii, blue dragon demo) so i'm no athourity on the genre but overall i'd give LO two thumbs up so far. Good story and although mass effect spoiled me with very little reading to further character dev and story, i don't mind reading lines and lines of text for the dialogue and dream sequences. Combat is smooth and the load times aren't nearly as long as what was stated in the reviews, nor have i had any frame rate issues. My only gripe is with the packaging. They stacked 3 DVD's on top of eachother in a single DVD case with the 4th DVD in a loose sleve "secured" on top of the game manual. Pretty lazy. Other than that i would say i'm satisfied so far...

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Ran into the same problem today. The console worked fine last night when i was playing lost odyssey and i turned it on and after i loaded my last save freeze. I unooked everything, same result. tried som COD4 on live and about 3 mins into a headquarters match freeze. Even tried a game of undertow to see if it was the DVD player itself. about a min in and freeze. Haven't gotten an error message and i haven't tried clearing the cache yet. i'll try that after i get off work tonight.
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