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Well, I haven't done anything here in a while.

I guess every once in a while I like to check back on games I want to get or upcoming games I'm interested in. I'm definitely excited for The Last Guardian.

Well, my last post was in 2007 and it is now almost 2010. Yikes! A lot has happened since then. I really haven't been playing as much videogames since I moved away from home since I decided not to bring my PS3 with me for the time being. Things have been tough, great, and fulfilling. Since 2007, I had graduated high school and am now a junior in college. I have been honored to work at a christian camp in south Texas for the past two years and I will be going back for summer 2010. Also, I have picked up an interest in reading and have read many books by Steve Farrar including "Point Man", "Never Surrender" by Jerry Boykin, many works by C.S. Lewis and books including the Circle Trilogy by Ted Dekker among many others.

Overall, things have been going pretty well considering the sum of it all and the results. On a videogame related note, I think I might grab my PS3 for next Fall but I will definitely be playing it during Christmas Break when I get home.

Saw 300. Prepare for Glory!

Man, that movie was awesome. If you can handle some nudity and a lot of graphic violence, 300 is definetly worth seeing. The action scenes were so awesome. I can't tell you about them, you'll have to see them for yourself.

Also, on a side note I just got Casino Royale and Rocky Balboa on DVD.

Plus, I finally saw Silent Hill. Not as great as the game, but interesting ending and how Christoper Gans (the director) portrayed Silent Hill.

Saw Rocky Balboa

It was definetly a great ending to the Rocky movies. Any fan of Rocky should see this. Definetly one of the best movies ever made (I'm a Rocky fan). It ended on a great note.

What I Got For Christmas

Well, it was really cool. I got Madden NFL 07 (unexpected but my brothers will play it), Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2, and Guitar Hero II with Guitar. So now my brothers and I can use 2 guitars now. Plus, we're getting a pool table the morning after Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone has a great Christmas tomorrow. Strangely, this year I will be only celebrating with my immediate family on Christmas day because my Dad is driving this one guy to the Cowboys' game. He does that for every home game. One of his jobs is as a limo driver. I'll most likely update tomorrow, telling you all about what I got for Christmas.

Saw Casino Royale.

It was awesome. The action scenes were some of the best I've ever scenes. One of the Best Bond Movies Ever. I actually think that this is my favorite Bond Movie of all time. Daniel Craig surprisingly delivers a more realistic, enjoyable Bond. I also really like Eva Green (Vesper Lynd in the movie) in the movie too.

I'd recommend this to anyone even marginally interested in seeing Casino Royale. I'm definetly getting this when it comes out on Blu-ray (it's that good that I want to get the most expensive, best quality format out there) when I get a PS3.

I can't wait for the next Bond movie that stars Daniel Craig.

Can't decide.

Well, I haven't posted an entry in a long while. One reason I haven't posted an entry in a while is because I have to blog on a site called Live Journal for College English.

My football team went 4-6 this season, being the best we've ever had in our 3 year history as a varsity football team. I had my last football game a couple weeks ago. It was very emotional and I really don't think that it mattered that we lost because the overall feeling of it being the last game (especially for seniors including me) was greater than the outcome of the game. By the way, during the game, strangely, the power went out with 5:32 seconds in the 4th quarter. The power came back on about 30 minutes later.

Also, I can't decide what I want for Christmas. Also, I'm not sure if the Nintendo Wii will be available, and if available, if I can get it for Christmas. Plus, I'm not sure whether to get DBZ: BT 2 for the PS2 or the Wii. The only 4 games I want to buy for the PS2 is Guitar Hero II, DBZ: BT 2, Tomb Raider: Anniversary, and Freedom Fighters 2 (if it comes out).

Well, that's it for now.

Well, I haven't blogged in a while. Here's an update.

I refer to we I mean the CHS Football team and me.

We have won 2 games so far. We are 2-4 in the season and 1-2 in district. We are playing our cross-town rivals this week, which is the most exciting game of the year and any games that my school has against them in any sport.

I've been getting all A's in my classes except for AP Computer Science 2 (B+), but I'm trying to get it to an A. It's a hard class. It's hard to focus on it when I'm trying to focus on football, especially since I have it the period right after AP CS2.

Also, another reason I haven't blogged in a while is because I've been forced to make entries in as assigned by my college english teacher, which by the way as gotten easier as the semester as gone by.

I've also been trying to watch 24. I finished Season 1 a while back and right now I'm trying to finish Season 2. Meanwhile, I haven't had much time to play videogames because of the livejournal stuff and other homework. Though, I've been keeping highly up-to-date on next-gen console information and videogames news as always.

School started for me on Monday 8/14.

Surprisingly, the classes are easy (even though I still need to take my college english class on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the morning starting at 7am). It's easy for the most part because it's partically all electives (with 3 of them being computer classes) =).

Football also started the same day (we didn't have 2-A-Days this year) and surprisingly I'm doing better than I expected.

Also, in AP Computer Science 2, along with homework, I'm starting to work on a Smash TV rip-off called Chaos TV and when I'm done with that I will start working on an RPG. (all using Java JBuilder).

Thankfully this will be my last year of high school. Wiiiiiii!

Just bought VJ2 and MGS3: Subsistence.

I haven't started playing them yet, but I will soon. I hate it when the guys from GameStop always try to sell me used games. Well, I really like VJ when I rented it and am finally playing the sequel. Also, I already have MGS3: Snake Eater but the extra features in Subsistence are worth it.

The only game that I really want that isn't out yet would have to be Guitar Hero II, and I don't see myself getting a next-gen console anytime soon but hopefully I might get a Nintendo Wii for Christmas.