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I have no idea where that was from, but it made me lol
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I've never dated inside my race
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Of course not

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Looks like God's testicles.Theokhoth
Funny guy made a funny!
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I like some Dubstep. I like Borgore, amongst some others.
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I go to one of NYU's campus's for engineering and I'd have to say NYU is NOT worth the money, although the business school might be worth it. If you can get in with some decent financial aid, or if money isn't even a problem you should consider the switch. The city is awesome, I've been here all my life. If you're more than 21, you've got more than enough to do.
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I have 2. Use 1 regularly. Been using them for over 2 years now. Haven't paid a penny in fees.
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I'm surprised the Wikileak's dude didn't mysteriously disappear yet.
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[QUOTE="ChowsSN"][QUOTE="konvikt_17"] and parentscarrot-cake

Who should have taught their children that drugs are bad and the reasons why (most parents leave this part out, it seems), making your OWN decisions is important, not doing what everyone else is doing, and why alcohol from a young age is bad as well.

No. Parents and teachers should inform kids about drugs, not make a decision for them which the kids will probably not listen to.

we should just have everyone watch Requiem for a dream and let them decide for themselves:P


That's an awesome movie.

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I agree with everything except for the korean food part. Korean BBQ is amazing.