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How's Everyones Summer Going?

So I've got exactly 3 weeks left before I have to report to college. Classes start on September 2nd for me, but I have to move in on August 30th. For those that don't know yet, I'm going to Stony Brook University and I plan to go into the Biomedical engineering major. But I have a feeling that will change, but only time will tell. I've already gotten my fall schedule, and it's looking fairly decent. Only on Wednesday I've got a 8:30am-2:50pm day with about a hour break somewhere in there and an 8:20am-1:45pm day with a 35 minute break somewhere in there on Tuesday. Otherwise, everyday I get out of classes before 1pm. So I have about 3-4 hours of class stuff and the rest of the day to myself. Weekends I'll probably return home and try to work somewhere since I live less than an hour and half away.

So that's school stuff anyways, my summer is going pretty well in general. I work 25 hours a week with minimum wage, which sounds pretty crappy, but my job is pretty alright. I don't do much work, and I don't do anything that's particularly difficult. My boss and coworkers are all pretty cool and nice people. So they don't mind that I come like half hour late everyday, and take 2 hour lunch breaks almost everyday. I spend a good portion of my time there just reading Yahoo news because almost everything else is blocked. So I live for breaking news. Since my girlfriend works only 20 blocks away from me and gets out of work an hour after I do, I wait for her everyday. I've also got a couple friends that work at Ben and Jerry's two train stops away, which is where I usually meet my gf. There I get free stuff and I chill for an hour and talk or read a newspaper or whatever. Outside my work days, I usually go out once or twice between Friday and Monday since there's no work for me those days. Yesterday I went to the beach and it was pretty fun. I came home past midnight though so I got yelled at by my mom and she's still yelling at me. Which is the only problem this summer, that my mom goes crazy when I come home late, which kinda sucks. She's also against me leaving home to go to college and my relationship...crappy stuff. But all is ohkay for now I guess. As for the rest of the summer, work will be over on the 14th. I get to go to Gracie Mansion, which is the mayors mansion on the 18th which should be fun. Other than that, I don't have any special plans for anything for the remainder of my lovely summer.

Anyways, how's everyones summer going.

4 Years On GameSpot!

I've been here for 4 years. Of course, like every year, I'm late on reporting it...only by 3 days this time. Anyways, it hasn't been a very active year here on GameSpot. Just posting here and there on The Halo Union Board or the OT Board and made a few Blogs here and there, less than 10 in the whole last year.

So yeah, not much to say, I'll probably stick around for a while here, not a major part of my life, but I enjoy spending time here every now and then. Out in the real world, I've been interning at Macy's in their corporate security department. I don't really consider it "interning" though, more like a crappy summer job, in terms of time and pay. Only 25 hours a week at minimum wage ($7.15/hour I think?). But the work itself and the people at the office are nice, so it's not too bad. But that's only three times a week. Sadly, my YMCA membership ended, so not much working out these days, which sucks. I feel my flabs coming back. So with that extra time in my hands, I end up spending it with friends and girlfriend, which is alright, but my girlfriend kind of sucks sometimes. Like today. But friends are always cool.

So other than that, I'm at home playing video games or on the net or doing stuff with my family or doing stuff college related. So yeah, hope everyone is enjoying their summer and I'm happy to be here another year.

10k Posts and Stuff

So I've finally hit 10k posts. Took me nearly 4 years, but I've finally reached it. Majority of my posts were made in The Halo Union. Recently, I've been posting on the OT Board. I don't post nearly as often as I did in the past. The last 1000 posts took me over a year to make. Not a lot going on on these forums anymore, not as fun, not as active, and the moderators ban people left and right. So yeah, it's still fun to kill time.

So I'm kinda bored and I feel like typing up a blog since I haven't done that in a while. Not much happened since my last blog. School is coming to an end. It's going to be a little sad since it's the last weeks of High School, and I won't see many of these kids ever again, but then again, most of my good friends are going to stay in the city for college, while my gf and some good friends are going to the same college with me anyways, so it won't be all that bad.

Since I haven't any real work for school for almost two months now, I've been doing a lot of other stuff. I've played and beaten COD4, then got GTA4, which I've played a lot of and beaten a few days ago. I'll probably go back to playing COD4 and/or Halo3 soon. I don't plan on buying any new video games anytime soon because I am getting low on cash and I STILL don't have a damn job. I will have one in about a month though, but that's a long way away.

I have been hanging out a lot, and recently the temperature has been going up, so I've been spending a lot of time out in the sun. Last few days has been in the upper 70's and 80's and yesterday, today, and tomorrow, it will be in the 90's, which is pretty crazy. I've been playing in the park and I want to go to the beach one of these days, maybe after my finals.

Well, nothing really special has been going on. Although I've got an interesting story from a few days ago when I got trapped in a girls bathroom. Basically, my gf went to take a leak in the schools restroom. It was empty inside, so she was like, come in, come in. So I go in, and just lock myself in a stall. Too much time doesn't pass before some girls come in, and then I'm terrified. I couldn't get out, so I lift my feet on top of the toilet and stood very still so no one would hear/notice me. I was about to piss myself. My gf left the room and these girls were just there talking about random crap. They wouldn't stfu, but finally they shutup and left. But with my great luck, some lady walks in right after them. I thought to myself, that I'd be trapped in the girls restroom all night. Keep in mind, this happened to be during the evening, during some awards ceremony. But thankfully, my gf ran in, told me to get out, and I basically ran out for my life. I was disgusted and scared poopless, but I finally made it out. Afterwards, I thought it was hilarious though.

Well, other than that, nothing much happened. Got my schools year book the other day. It was very nice, I'm still in the process of getting all my friends signitures.This coming week will be the last full week of school. And for those done with school, hope you enjoy your vacation, now I'll stop the blog since I'm getting bored of this.

Enjoy. :)


So I'm going to college afterall! It was actually not a surprise, lol. So I'm enrolling to SUNY Stony Brook University. I've already basically enrolled, but I still gotta do some health forms and actually get assigned a dorm. I know a number of friends that's going there, including my girlfriend :). I'll be dorming with a good friend so that should be fun. I'll be studying either Software Engineering or Bio-medical Engineering, or something else if I change my mind later.

So I'm kinda bored...past month I've been going to school...but I've been missing a lot of classes due to laziness and not really doing much work. Senioritis sure is fun, don't know why people complain. I've been hanging out a lot more and just doing whatever and enjoying myself. I'll be getting GTA4 on release date, I've got it reserved at Circuit City. I also got COD4 like a month ago finally and beat it in about three days...ridiculously short, but amazing. I'm still playing multiplayer, lots of fun. Currently level 35 or 36 or 37 or something. Love the AK47 and the Msomething Light Machine Gun, not that SAW.

Hm...well, today is Friday and first day of Spring break for me. So I hung out. I played handball, I kinda suck but it's fun. Later I ate some cheap Chinatown chinese food. Very filling for my belly and wallet, probably not the safest food to eat though. Went to my chicks house and did stufffff. Then I came home with couple guys on the train and I played some COD4. Now I'm kinda hungry because there's no one at home to feed me and I don't feel like getting up to eat dinner. So I guess I'll get ready to do that...or PM me some food if you're nice enough.

I'm 18

Actually, I turned 18 two days ago, but I'm good at being late. Didn't do as much as I hoped, but it was still pretty alright.I spent the day at home for the most part and ate with cousins at Applebee's that night.

The Friday before, my gf made me some brownies and I spent some time with her. The day before my bday, I spent some more time with my gf a friend and managed to pick out my own present without even knowing it. Which was pretty stupid of me. The day after my bday, I basically spent the whole day with my gf. She got me new shoes, which I actually chose out and she bought me a Halo 3 poster. Very nice of her :)

I got $100 from my family and a nice big birthday cake. So it was fairly decent bday. Last year was less presents, but I was taken to Hooters.

Right now, I'm trying to get a job. Really need one...


So since my last blog, my Christmas vacation was very fun. I did a lot, a lot more than I expected. Last week, first term of senior year was over and I enjoyed another long break from school. This time I was much more relaxed, spent more time at home and with myself.

So my biggest stress in life isn't gonna be much of a stress for a while, which is school because it's second term senior year and no one including myself does work second term. My final grades for first term I ended with a 82.something average, which is pretty crappy, but it'll do. I've started recieving acceptance letters from colleges. I've been accepted to St. John's University and SUNY Stony Brook University. I expect letters from Baruch, Hunter, and Brooklyn in the coming weeks as well...and a rejection letter from NYU. My choices is really between Baruch and Stony Brook though for either a business or an engineering major.

So with all this spare time I have, I'm trying to look for a job and getting my drivers license. My Road Test is scheduled for March 6th. I've applied to a number of stores including Walgreens, Circuit City, Best Buy, and Sears. I've got an interview on 2/5 for Sears. Hopefully I'll get a job because I've been using much more money for the past couple months and my parents don't give me nearly as much money as I use. I blame it on my gf. I'll be turning 18 in a little bit over a month, so can't wait for that.

I've gotten a few games as well including Oblivion, Assassin's Creed, and Need for Speed: Carbon. I've completed AC and NFS:C. I'm still too poor to get COD4 and I need to get money or find a way to steal me a copy of GTA4, Burnout Paradise, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, and other games that I don't have money for. I've also seen a few movies. I saw Juno and Rambo, both of which were alright. Juno I was hoping for more comedy, but the second half of the movie got too romancy and my guy friends thought I was gay since I chose the movie. As for Rambo, the gore was overdone, the action was fine, but there could've been more...So that's what I've been up to for those that care.


EDIT: ...and today I got Guitar Hero 2, Viva Pinata, and Stuntman Ignition...for free ;) :P :D lol.

How Do I Make A Blog Post Again...?

It's been so long since my last blog post that it took me nearly a good minute or so to figure out how to make one. Anyways, I got bored and decided to update on a little bit of stuff since my last blog.

Starting off, the remainder of my summer includes a mixture of, finishing up with my summer job, driving around in Georgia, buying an Xbox 360. Since school started, I've bought Halo 3 and have been playing that most. I've also bought Gears of War from a friend for 25 bucks and later aquired Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty 3, and Project Gotham 3 because they didn't cost me much, if at all.

My Xbox 360 has already been to Texas and came back due to the three red ring of death thingy. I put the blame on a stupid friend that decided to play a little joke. The day after, it stopped working because of his idiot-ness. Anyways, I've got it back now, and I'm currently busy trying to play my way through COD2, COD3, and PGR3 and trying to get some of those Gamer Points.

School is going pretty not great, I won't put my whole report card, but my average is currently a 78, which is pretty crappy. Senioritis has hit me real hard and Organic Chemistry sure isn't helping. School is going to go out for vacation this Friday, can't wait for that. I've got plans with friends and it sounds exciting. As for now, I've got a Calculus and Organic Chemistry test tomorrow, so I think it's a good idea to study a bit and at least attempt to pass them.

Three Years on GameSpot

I'm a little late, but I've been on GameSpot for three years now and feels great

If you care to know what I've been up to, I've been working. The end. Bye.

Wow Wow! How Has Chow Been?!

So I haven't written one of these things in a long time. I was either too busy or too lazy to write one up. Now I'd like to tell you guys about every little detail you might've missed out on in the past 4 or 5 months, since you guys care so much, but I either forgot or don't care to share all that and I'm in a sort of a rush because I have to go to my cousins birthday party in a little bit. I'll just highlight each month for you guys :)

So my last entry was early February, so I'll start with February...

February: I don't thinks anything significant happened so nevermind :)

March: I turned 17, a few friends took me out to Hooters. It just happened to hail that one day that whole winter since I'm so lucky and all. I got a 150 dollar check for going to this 10 week program, for one hour a week. I missed 3 weeks and still got the money. Oh yeahh.

April: Nope, don't remember poops.

May: Took AP's and SAT's. I'll get to that later. I got 110 dollar check for doing bs work. Free money basically.

June: School goes out. I took ACT's, SAT2's, regents, finals, and all that other craps. I'll get to school craps later. Picked up a 150 dollar check for more bs work.

How July's's going alright. Summer could be better. I need to pick up a couple more checks which should total at around 275ish dollars for all bs work as well as more money for an actual job that I actually work at to actually earn my cash. By the end of summer I should become 1100 dollars richer.

So far this summer, I've been working, working out, hanging out, and everything else that we would need to do to survive.

I did get to catch a few movies. I saw Oceans 13 with a friend, I found it very confusing and didn't like it that much. Later I saw Transformers with another friend. The action was great but the ending was sorta corny, but a good movie overall. A couple days ago it was my friends birthday so a few of us went to see Sicko, which was a pretty good documentary that's worth watching, very informative.

I also went Upstate to Lake George with my family. We didn't do much there, some Go-Karting, some Miniature Golfing (which got really boring halfway through), and some shopping.

A couple days ago a few of my friends took another friend out for her birthday to Time Square. We saw Sicko, and ate at Olive Gardens which is really expensive. I blew almost 100 bucks, 60 bucks at Olive Garden. Good food, good service, but too much money involved for people like me.

As for school scores here's the stuffs:


US History: 89
Spanish: 83
Physics: 87
MathB: 93


Critical Reading: 550
Math: 650
Writing: 540
Total: 1740


US History: 610
Math1: 730
Biology: 690


AP Bio: 5
AP US Hisory: 2

Report Card:

English: 90
Spanish3: 90
Physics: 90
Phys. Ed.: 85
US History: 80
PreCalc: 80
AP Bio: 85
Average: 88.something

So as you can see, my regents were fairly well, but I did horrible on Spanish, which people normally ace with 95+. My SAT's sucked, 1740. I plan on taking it at least one more time this October, maybe once more on November if I get time. I need at least a 1950, or 1300 math/reading. My AP was alright too, I got both extremes. I aced Bio which I'm happy about, I save a few thousands depending on the college. As for US History, I don't mind much because I didn't even take the course, I took it on my own since I got a fee waiver. If I wanted I could've taken them all, but that would be a waste. So whatever. My report card pretty average overall. I didn't do good enough in math, but the teacher was hard, so it's all good.

A few days ago my Grandma and Grandpa came to America to visit family. So I've been busy with family recently. Today is my cousins birthday which I have to get to within an hour. I still have to shower and shave...