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ME3 is about to finish then at last i probably can start to play Diablo III. Thanks Allah. ^^

Uncle Koontz!!! (O_o)

"A car can't return the love you give it. But you're lonely enough, maybe the sparkle of the chrome, the luster of the paint, and the purr of the engine can be mistaken for affection."

Dean KOONTZ, Odd Thomas, 2004, page 12.

I've been reading his extraordinary book.

That's all; Knight Online times over...

La la lalala laaa...
After played "1480" hours; i decided to quit Knight Online (KO)... My master studying approached to end and then i need to focus on my thesis instead of KO... In Malaysian KO/Xydonis server, most of best/pro players became orcs; then, before getting lvl 70, trying to pk as a human is meaningless.. No fun, no sense there anymore... I got wonderful friends and saw fantastic bad persons during KO adventure... MMORPGs present a life to us... Cyber or not... Its effecting real life though some levelling and pking maniacs (like me) don't accept it...
That's all! I hope i won't give my sudden decision up later...

My playlist in these days; listening while playing MyKO

1- Katatonia- Righ Into the Bliss
2- Katatonia- Criminals
3- Katatonia- Burn the Remembarance
4- Kataonia- Evidence
5- Jerry Cantrell- Cut You In
6- Jerry Cantrell- Anger Rising
7- Jerry Cantrell- Angel Eyes
8- The Exies- Hey You
9- The Exies- Dear Enemy
10- The Exies- My Goddess
11- Adema- Blow It Away
12- Adema- Barricades In Time
13- Blindside- Eye of the Storm
14- Dorian- Gel Gor Beni
15- Coal Chamber- Something Told Me
16- Imogen Heap- The Walk
17- Papa Roach- Getting Away With Murder
18- The Pixies- Where Is My Mind?
19- Therion- Children of the Damned
20- Silverchair- The Greates View
21- Alice In Chains- Angry Chair
22- Queens of the Stone Age- Go With the Flow
23- Queens of the Stone Age- Everybody Knows That You're Insane
24- Reveille- Look At Me Now
25- Reveille- Killing Me
26- Anathema- Angelica
27- Anathema- Lost Control
28- Anathema- Dont Look Too Far
29- Slipknot- Scream
30- Theory of a Deadman- Make Up Your Mind