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Where's the snow?

Here in Norway you'd think there was snow but nooooooo. It was here and now it's all melted away. What the beeeeeep?

To wii or not to wii

I'm writing this because I have nothing else to write about and I'm bored. The European wii launch is soon upon us and I've been wondering if I should buy a wii or not. I know for one sure I'm getting the PS3 but I'm not getting it yet. I didn't buy a lot of games for the cube, I only got it because of wind waker. I can borrow games from friends, but I don't. I just don't play a lot of cube games. I got both of the two Zelda collectors edition discs so I have OOT. My zelda journey begins with Zelda 3. I must have played it ten times through and I still love it. I also played link's awakening a couple of times many years ago. When OOT came out I didn't have the N64. I chose Playstation and went with FF7. My friends had OOT. I remember playing it many years ago on my computer on the UltraHLE emulator with a voodoo 2 graphics card. It worked perfectly but I only made it to the forest temple. Then I just quit. I can't remember why but I guess it was the controls. Playing it with a pc keyboard isn't exactly the best way to go with a N64 game. A few years went by and I tried again. Made it to the forest temple and stopped playing. When I got OOT on the collectors edition disc that came with wind waker I played it again. To the forest temple. What's the deal? I love Zelda! That was 4-5-6 years ago though I can't really remember. About 6 months ago I started AGAIN. This time I played through the ice cavern thing....zora....I made it to the water temple. And I nearly finished that god forsaken place too. About 80% done I just stopped playing. I don't know why. I couldn't stand the thought of trying to finish that damn temple and so I stopped playing. Until a few weeks ago. I started it up and I finished that water filled hell-hole. Yay, happy times. I got out and immediately went to try fishing in the pond. That was fun, I was fishing for about an hour. Then I turned it off again. I can't say I LOVED wind waker but I really liked it a lot. The graphical style didn't bother me one bit. The music was great too. So what is it about OOT that doesn't appeal to me? I like the Zelda games. I thought about this for a bit and I'll try to formulate it so that all earthlings may understand it. I've been blinded by todays graphics. While the game is huge and the feeling of freedom you get when you walk or ride around the world is incredible, it doesn't feel that way to me. NOW. It would probably have felt like that back then when it first came out but with all the insane graphics that are out there today the game just FEELS so outdated to me. While it may have been a great gaming experience for those who played the N64 game, it just feels empty and dull to me. It has all the right Zelda elements there and there's nothing wrong with the game. I AM saying that it's fantastic, I just can't see it. I guess I'm dumb. So my conclusion is very simple. I've decided to drop the wii at least for now since there aren't many games I want on it other than Zelda and take my gamecube on a last journey through the Grand Canyon, Thelma and Louise style. I will hold the gamecube version of Twilight Princess in my right hand and together we will jump right off the cliff and I'm absolutely 5000000000% confident that I will get the gaming experience you guys who played OOT when it came out got. And more.

Pong review

Pong is the game that defined videogames decades ago. When the game was made I wasn't even born and the incredible soundtrack and story still stands strong. One cannot help but think that the gameplay might be a bit outdated. If it wasn't for the fantastic beep-beep soundtrack and the well done voiceacting the game would just be too repetitive. This game does have a variety of game modes such as "one player" and "two players", where the last lets you face a friend on the battlefield. You start off as a young dot in a small village where you and your brothers are helping your mother just getting by day by day. Your father died in the civil war ten years ago and you are now seeking revenge on two large walls who murdered your father. After a few minutes of cinematics you find yourself getting your ass kicked by those very same walls your father faced. It soon turns out that you are just a pawn in a much larger plot and you get to take control of one of the walls that works for the government (who killed your father). I won't delve too much into the story at this point since there are quite a few spoilers up ahead. Let me instead focus a bit on gameplay. When you're starting off as a dot you can't really control anything. You're just watching yourself as a young dot getting smacked back and forth by the walls working for the government. It is only when they reveal themselves as the murderers that you get to control them. Now you're smacking the dot around. The dot is now grown up and has gotten his horse and an epic battle begins. Again there's just too much going on for me to explain at this point so I'll wrap this up with a conclusion: Play pong. I give it a solid 9.9 - The only thing lacking from this gem is online play.