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Old Sack

I've created a new LittleBigPlanet 3D image. You can find it over at

He's got sacko-camo, a sack eye and a he can do close sackboy combat.

More LittleBigPlanet rendering

Today I finished my latest sackboy rendering. LittleBigPlanet meets Indiana jones. I took inspiration from all the different covers and all sorts of google pics of the revolver holster especially. I rigged the guy with a simple setup for easy posing. I've been singing the indy theme for myself all day long and I could go on and on and on. Crazy tunes. I'll probably add a few objects you're likely to see in the game so that the picture isn't completely empty. And I'll fix the font to look the way it's supposed to. And a fullsize teneightypfullHDpbraviasux will be made soon.

Youcanfindthefullscreenversion at

Time to see what the PS3 is REALLY capable of.

I forgot to take my 8g ipod nano out of my pockets before putting the pants in the washer. It was in there for over an hour and in the dryer about an hour. When I rescued it there was some drops of (how do I put this) water inside the display and it's flickering. The battery indicator was down at the 1% mark and the middle click button that takes you forward in the menus doesn't respond. The wheel seems ok. I've now placed it next to my PS3's fan so I can leave it to dry. It'll be interesting to see if the PS3 saves the day.


Note to myself: Idiot. 

Stuck in Twilight Princess

This isn't a difficult game but now I've finally come to a dead end. Sky city. I got the boss key and I can go right to the boss and kill him but I think I have to activate a switch. That switch is located so high up in the roof I can't reach it. I'm sure you all know where it is. Main room in the dungeon. The biggest room. I know that I need to use the hookshot and get up there but I tried everything to reach it and nothing works. A buddy said there IS a way and it's probably very easy so I'll try again. Finished the game.

My undead mage

I recently finished my undead mage in 3d studio max. Very very bad lighting and the quality sucks too I guess. I changed servers and until a couple of days ago I was Dau but now I'm Ypp the undead mage. What you see is the tier 5000000000000000 kraken set as I call it. Couldn't come up with anything better.

Donkey Kong Country on Wii

When you play any platformer you run with whatever button you got for the tip of your tumb and you jump with the middle of your thumb. Right? WRONG!!! My buddy and I loaded up DKC on wii and plugged in a cube controller. To my amazement you have to jump with Y which is normally used to run with...and instead of jumping with A you're forced to jump with X. At least I think that was the button I had to use. The one above the Y button. WHAT THE HECK?!!? What's the deal? They want to force the classic controller on the users. Basteeeerds. I was furious. I still am. You're messing with my life big N! Do you know what you're doing to us? This is like telling me to eat TRASH!!!! See the similarities? It's like having us buy a plane ticket to get on a bus. It's WRONG. What is the world coming to?
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