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2008 predictions and promises!

-I love pro evo soccer 2008 but KonamireleasedacrappyversionjusttocompetewithFIFA."Yeahwellthey'llgetourgameanywaysbecauseit'sbetterthanFIFA." I haven't bought a soccer game since FIFA 96 on gameboy and playing pro evo with a friend locally is really cool. But Konami I'm not buying your next soccer game whatever it is. I don't even care if it's getting a top score all over the net.

-Infinity Ward...what the hell...give me my goddamn ability to mute players online. For the love of god.


-GTA 4

-SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE?!?!IrememberRESERVINGacopyofthemagazinebackin98whichhadtheMGS1playabledemo. Snake and I have been to hell and back. I'm playing through MG1 and 2 on msx and getting ready to finish the fight. If my hopes are fullfilled, Snake and I will go our separate ways back on shadow moses where we met ten years ago. Damn that's emo..