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Academics..and more.

To whoever still remembers me,

I'm back in GS after a long time. In this time I completed my high school, and am currently going to an University for higher studies.

Which doesn't entirely make me illiterate. Along with that I've been following my selection of sports and have tried to continue with learning how to play the guitar. That makes up for a lot of time on a daily basis actually.

I seriously do not know whether I'll be able to game for long periods nowadays, with College life taking up a lot of my time.

But if any of you are reading this, and would like to get in touch with me again, feel free. Im always around ;)

Tom Clancy

Guys,let me know what you think of the Tom Clancy games.
Recently got the 1st Ghost Recon and the 2nd Rainbow Six Vegas.
A bit too tractical...?

What verification ?

Whats with all this "Verify your registration" thing ?
I couldn't log in for quite some time due to this.
You guys experienced this ?

Guys and gals....

...........can't say I was gone for a long time(cause it would be a MAJOR undrstatement),but now,I'll EARNESTLY try to be active again...

Details later

Hope you guys are doing well,and tell me more about it :D

Life after exams.

Guys,to be honest,now that the REAL exams are REALLY over,life does seem to be horribly boring.

Nothing to do,i try to spend my time either playing Shadow Of The Colossus,or watching a few movies,or at times going out with my friends.

If you could suggest something that would take up my time,i'll be happy to consider it..

2011 is here !

Atlast !

Happy New Year to all here.Spend this year nicely,enjoy,and game your fingers out !

Signing off......

My choice.

So guys,I finally made my pick.

CoD 3 was out of stock,and Tekken 5 costed 1000 Rupees(about $22) so I couldn't pick them.

Medal Of Honour Frontline was good,but I have seen better.

The shop never had Metal Gear Solid on stock,so I bought The Shadow Of The Colossus.

Its really impressive,so be sure to check it out.


Really need your help guys !

I,on my quest to buy the best games for the PS2,have singled out these titles.I would really appreciate if you could help me pick one.

  • A Metal Gear Solid title(any).I want to explore this game,after hearing about all its hype.
  • Tekken 5.I loved the video review of this game.The fighting looks better than anything I've experiences before.
  • Shadow Of The Colossus.My pick.Scintillating gameplay,great story,awesome visuals.
  • Call OF Duty 3.My pals have been playing the latest CoD games,& too want to engage myself in this WWII shooter-series.
  • Medal Of Honor-Frontline ; A possible substitute for CoD 3 ?

Do let me know what you think.

Cheers :)


Hi guys !

Hope you all are doing great ! Lots of new games out now,eh ?

I recently had the honor of becoming the first customer to buy FIFA 11 in West Bengal,and might even be the first person in India as well ! :)

Its a great game so far......feels good to be back playing soccer,after 2 long years....

I missed out so much,I can't write about them all...but hope you people keep me updated,what say ?

Tell me what you have been up to,I'll surely try to respond.

Exams have been keeping me busy,as I prepare myself to face the REAL challenges in life from now.God,I hope i don't die studying :lol:

Ciao guys,We Are 11 !