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Spare a thought for us poor antipodeans. Granted we're nowhere near as big as the US gaming market, and perhaps we're a little geographically challenged, but we'd kill for new release titles at US$60. Even though our dollar is quite strong (around the 85c figure) straight conversion would put games at around the AU$70 mark. Most hit here somewhere between AU$99.95 and closer to the AU$119.95 RRP.
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Wow. The game's shaping up really good. What will happen online if there are only guitar players? I have the feeling it's going to be a triumph to find a drum player among a sea of axe wielders.


I don't think that'll be too much of a problem. We had three people in the office try and shotgun drums when Rock Band was first announced. I think the real question is how hard it's going to be to get the tape residue out of your clothes after you stick the mic to your chest, so you can belt out lyrics and drum/shred at once.

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I'm male :)


Then good for you, welcome to Off-Topic Discussion and I hope to see you around alot more. We don't see many Admins or Mods around here except for negative exposure, it would be nice to change that.

I'm a bit of a lurker, but I'm around. I creep out of the shadows every now and then.

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[QUOTE="Chippa7"]12 gauge nipple piercing. I'm considering stretching it to a 6 or an 8.double_decker
Male or female? If male then good for you... if female then that's freaking sexy8)

I'm male :)

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12 gauge nipple piercing. I'm considering stretching it to a 6 or an 8.