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Weight Loss Blog: More Improvement! (Week 8)

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Yep, its that time of the week again. Blog time! I weighed in last night and was down 2 pounds from the week before, 173. If i can keep this up, i'll be where i want to be in no time. But i can't give up or use it as an excuse to let up even in the slightest. I gotta keep it up and not go easy on myself. Every workout, i'm doing more to push myself farther. For instance, in my workout immediately following my previous blog, i'd run 5 minutes/walk 5 minutes alternating until I got to 5 miles. And i did 100 crunches. Now in each one, I add a minute to the running interval(its now 7 minutes running/5 minutes walking) and when doing the crunches, instead of just doing them quick, i hold each of them so they will be more effective. This has made a huge difference already. And I'll keep on pushing myself with each workout. As far as my food, that's been going great as well. I've been sticking to it without a problem. although i've been in PA, so its a lot easier to do so. I'll be heading back to NY on Thursday, but i feel confident that i'll be able to stick with it. I've got a plan and i've been able to stick with it thus far. So provided I can stick with it, I should have good news next time. Which will be in 2 weeks since I won't be able to weigh in until then. So don't think I'm skipping my blog next week because its a bad report. :P

Weight Loss Blog: Right Direction, Not Enough (Week 7)

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Well its been 2 weeks since I did my last update, so here we go. I weighed in last night and it put me at 175. Thats 3 pounds less than 2 weeks ago when i last weighed in. While this is now a foot in the right direction, i still need to push myself more if i'm really going to lose what i want. That's just 5 lbs down in 7 weeks. NOT GOOD. While it does account for a week in New York, I can do better. In my last blog, I state that i'll do SOMEthing every day in the form of a miniworkout. And I did. But I'll admit that I used it as an excuse to not have near as many ACTUAL workouts. Thats just unacceptable. So i need to force myself to actually hit up the gym more. Even as I type this, I'm trying to find a way to skip today and put it off until tomorrow. But i won't do that. I'll force myself to go. (Diablo 3 needs to shut up so i'll actually work out today :P ) This is the only way I'll get to where I want to be. As far as the food goes, I've been doing a LOT better than before. I'm actually right about where I want to be. It's probably the majority of why my weight is actually down this time. So if I keep on eating the way I have the last couple weeks, I should see more improvements soon! Here's to hoping I have good news next time around that its going better. :)

Weight Loss Blog: Way Overdue (Week 5)

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Yeah, its been awhile. had been hoping to be back and weigh myself on a Monday again. Which finally happened this week. Sadly i found out that i'm up a pound again, making it 178. I'm hoping its due to me drinking a ton of water the week before, but i'll assume its not as to not make any excuses. I'm going to have to ramp it up. So the plan is now to do at least some exercise every day. NO exeptions. Which is often times tough since i get busy, but that doesn't matter. like i said earlier, no excuses. And i'll have to try harder to find better food when away. Its just so tough to find decent choices since i get sick of salad after a couple days. When i'm in PA, its not a problem. But its far from easy when i'm away. If anyone has any suggestions about healthy things to eat when you're basically on a fast food diet, i'm all ears. One option could be going to a chinese place and just getting rice, and if i do get something with it, make sure it doesn't have sauce. Thats about all i can think of right now. Another thing i should do is greatly limit my beer intake. Which is VERY tough when you can get it for free. lol. But i can at least find some other alcohol that has much fewer calories.Not exactly sure what, though. On the bright side, i can't remember the last time i drank any pop. or soda, for you weird people =P. So whatever i switch to, it can't have any pop in it. Looking it up, it seems that wine is likely my best option. Though i'm not much of a wine drinker... I may start trying that. Anyway, I'm heading back up on Sunday, for 6 days. So hopefully I'll be able to stick with the new plan. In other news, i'm now a hilton honors diamond member, their highest tier. i think that means i officially go away too much... I just wish it was farther away so i could get more miles :( Anyway, this is dragging on so i'll end it with me saying i'll be putting much more effort into the diet, effective immediately.

Weight Loss Blog: The Beginning (Week 1)

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Well, I officially completed the first week. i'd be lying if i said it was easy for me. Was able to make it to the gym twice this week. was hoping for more, but i had commitments that prevented this. Foodwise, i did pretty good, although since I'm eating less than what i'm used to, its very tempting to just keep eating. But i knew this was going to happen, so i kept some healthier foods for snacking. All in all, i'd call it a successful week. Didn't remember to weigh in last night, so i'll do it this evening and edit this (if thats possible) or else just put it in the comments. This coming week, i'll be ramping up my workouts. But i'm leaving for NY on Wednesday, so that'll be the first challenge. I'll just have to find places to eat that are healthier and make better choices. The hotel i'm staying at has a workout room, so i'll be able to continue my workouts fortunately. I'm just not sure what equipment it has. So if all goes well, i can stay on top of this!

EDIT: Weigh in puts me at 177. thats down 3 pounds. not bad for a week. gotta keep it up!

Weight Loss Blog: Prelude (Week 0)

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Why blog about this? I'll begin by giving a backstory. Last year i began a diet. it was around April. I began at 200 pounds. All my life, i had stayed around 140-150. So i decided it was time for a change. I was going to kick the fat. i did well. I didn't do anything too fancy. I changed the way i was eating, looking at calories mostly. No longer eating late. And i started to do a lot of running at work. by around October, i was down to around 160. I was pretty pumped. After that, i found out i was going to spend a lot of time in NY for work. And they'd be covering all my meals. Bad idea. Now i'm not going to blame it on that, but i do feel it was a big part of it. I used it as an excuse to go off the diet. i stopped exercising, and i stopped caring what i ate. I went back to my old habits. And as a result, i realized i had put half of what i had lost back on. I'm now back at 180. So to keep myself responsible, i'm starting this blog. I shall update it weekly. I ask that you read it, and offer some encouragement as i post each week. If i don't update, then pester me. bug me. annoy me. call me a doodoo face. MAKE me update. Cuz it most likely means that i'm falling off again if i'm not saying anything. I'll also keep a link in my sig to keep me accountable.