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Club Nintendo

i just got the totebag prize on club nintendo... Does anybody else have a Club nintendo?? Especially European or japanese? What kind of prizes do you have over there? i've heard they're WAY better than the US, like a golden wii wheel or zelda statue or somethin.... What do you think of cn??

Can Sega get sonic back in good shape?

A lot of people know that sonic has starred in some poor and mediocre games in the last few years, like sonic adventure dx director's cut, sonic riders zero gravity, shadow the hedgehog(Well actually shadow there), and sega superstars tennis. Sega has thrown a lot of junky crap at us these past few years. Do you think sega can get sonic and his friends back in the game, or will they continue falling short?

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Do you think Nintendo is making a good choice making a super mario galaxy 2? Post your answer of either yes or no, and a reason. I think its a good choice because the 1st one was phenomenal and just plain fun and awesome.