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Let's all post in the old Gamecube forum!

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Check it out, GameCube fans. I found these old threads that were apparently never locked, and you're still able to post replies. Let's all start posting there.

I still hate the new Gamespot

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It still sucks, and all the current editors, minus Kevin Van Ord, are crap and should be fired. It's been over 6 months since the change to this shit , and it still blows. Do something already, idiots.

Reposting old Gamespot videos

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Since Gamespot basically deleted all the old classic Gamespot video reviews from the site after that horrid redesign, I thought I'd take the liberty to repost as many as I can, for all new and old members to see how this site used to be. They'll be in the form of embedded YouTube vids in the comments section of each review. I just posted ones for Onimusha Warlords and Soul Reaver 2. I'll work on Halo, Conkers Bad Fur Day, Tony Hawk 3, Metal Gear Solid 2 and Final Fantasy X next, with many more to come. I'll try to keep this blog updated with new uploads. Hopefully, they won't get removed. I think all fans should get to watch these great old reviews. They were longer and more thorough back in the day, than most of the stuff now.

The Gamespot profile walls SUCK!

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It's an ugly mess. You can't respond to comments, and if a buddy writes a forum post, there no link to take you directly there to read it, so what's the point? They've fucked up the community features of this site so bad with that terrible redesign, that a lot of people I communicated with here have left, and may never come back. Who can blame them? I hate what you've done here, GS.

Back when Nintendo was cool...

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Remember when Nintendo was awesome? Here's a little blast from the past that makes me long for the good old days. Be sure to watch the final 6 minutes, when they tell viewers how much money they spent on advertising (in both print and television), ensuring we'd all know about their upcoming releases; something they obviously don't care about anymore. Their current "advertisements" are pathetic.

Just found this little gem

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Probably the best PS3 advertisement I've seen. I never saw this commercial on television. It might have been Europe only. It perfectly embodies the spirit of "play", and how we all like an escape from reality now and then. Nintendo and Microsoft could learn a thing or two from Sony about advertisement.

I got my "new Gamespot" beta invite.

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So,  I gave the beta a whirl on my smart phone, since my laptop is busted.   It isn't all bad.   My biggest gripes are the poor forum layout,  and inability to watch old video reviews.   I still prefer the old,  tenth of a point scoring system used during Gamespots golden era,  but I guess I can deal with the Eurogamer style scoring set up.   Weird how there's no option to switch to a "full site" view when viewing it on a mobile device.  I know they said the new site scales for mobile devices,  but it would still be a nice option.  Im sure it'll get better in time.  Just my two cents.  


Also......less than a month and s half to the PS4 launch!   You guys excited?!

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