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Movin' To IGN

Even though i don't want to, i have now moved to IGN. Reasons? well one main one being i hate gamespot's new .5 rating system, it sucks and i like the old system, ign has the old system. Also recent reviews have been to harsh. So see ya all for now. I'll still be around but not as much.

Man o man i wish they would fix this

Hoorah everybody! my 360 has gone kaput again. For the 3rd time in just over a year. In fact its happened so frequently i am getting 'compensated' in some way from the good old boys down at microsoft, whatever the hell that means. Please, i don't want your apologies, just a reliable machine will do. So looks like i will be fixed to my wii for a few weeks.

Wii60s Booming Success, PS3s Embarrasing Failure

Hey there everybody

Kind of a Breif post, but essentially as always, i just wanna say, the PS3 sucks!. Sadly i live in a PS3 loving nation....but i am pleased to know that its failing, the Wii Beating it 5 to 1, and even the 360 beating it in Japan. Also is it just me, or out of the 3 is the PS3 the only console (if you can call it that) that was not ever out of stock? well it wasnt here in the UK anyway

The Year

How's the year going for you? good?. Well for me its not been too bad so far, some decent titles have been released recently such as Crackdown for the 360, Virtua tennis 3 ofr the 360 and Sonic and the Secret Rings for the wii. But i can't help but feel a little bit anxious for more anticipated titles like Alan Wake, Crysis, Stranglehold and of course the one and only GTA4. Looks like i'll just have to be patient doesn't it?

Welcome to 2007

Well it may be a tad to early to say so, but i can tell this year is going to be a good one. With the 360 running rings around its main competion the (george foreman grill) ps3, and the Wii destined for a decent line up of games, 2007 is gonna be a great year for us all, as well as DX10 for the pc. Now i am not going to lie, i hate the PS3 more than anything, its graphics are not up to scratch (as proved in the gamespot comparison), it stupid little features are tacked on such as the so called 'sixaxis' and those stupid little triggers on the controller. I hate the way its huge and heavy, i hate the way it overheats, i hate the way it has the PSPs menu system, i hate the way its copied things from other consoles...well you get the idea. But lucky enough for me, its doomed. Currently here are the sales figures:
10,528,795 - XBOX 360
4,596,592   - Nintendo Wii
1,436,528   - PS3
I will look forward to 2008 :P