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Revenge of the RROD

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I want to finish getting all the achievements in Fallout 3 & I just downloaded Braid :(


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I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm leaving GS. I'm just tired of the b/s & the overly corporate way things are run here. CNET is retarded & I'm done puttin up with there crap. People keep telling me "if you don't like it you can just leave/go somewhere else" sooooo I am. I'll be chillin as jNerd over @ if anyone needs me.

I might pop back in from time-to-time but I'm through here.

-Later Vader

Are you da B0mb!? UPDATED

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I'm now Officially a member of, if you are too Add Me!

If you aren't I suggest you go sign-up... If you don't know what it is, I'm sorry...

Was it hard to tell yer parents yer a n00b?

UPDATE: I really like GiantBomb... a lot:oops:

Facist GS: I just lost 80% of my lvl

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I asked about a bit torrent site in the OT. I've been here for YEARS & I keep getting introuble. GS is bologna. I sincerely forgot & I even stated that I was using it for legal purposes. That is sooo censorship to the max!


Avatar Update

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I said over a year ago that I wanted to set a "style"of sorts by keeping the left-half of my avatar Iron-Man. It's 14 months since I decided to do that & here are my results 8)

Discuss-O-Rama: GCN Controller (1)

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What do yall think about the GameCube Controller,... I only use WaveBirds (because I'm not a caveman) but the design is the same. Most people consider it the "ugliest" or "kiddyest" controller on the market but I think of it as the best controller of the last generation. I know controller favorites are a heated debate among gamers & I want to know what you guys think. I enjoyed the concave LT & RT, the textured analog stick, the unique C analog, the precision of both analog sticks, & the A/B/X/Y button configuration.

Things that did bother me was the lack of rumble in the WaveBird, the lack of L3 & R3, & the D-Pad was made for Hobbits.

2008 Ub3r Blog

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Firstly I want to have a moment of silence for the HD DVD.




I plan on snagging a $50 HD DVD drive for my 360 & grabbing up as many Discounted HD DVD's as I can b4 they're all gone. Why buy them on Blu Ray for MSRP when I can snag the same thing for half-off.

One thing I am interested in is 7.1 Surround Soun, I want to hook-up a 7.1 system with a 32'' HDTV later next-year :D

I recently caught on to the fact that CraigsList overall pwnz eBay.

I am snagging a Sidekick Lx for $250 for my beautiful g/f BB & a Nokia 5300 for myself.

I'll soon be snaggin either a 180gb or a 250gb external hard drive for my PC soon..., because I need one. :P

Ryan Reynolds is gunna be Deadpool, FREAKIN SW33T! ((second fav/ Marvel hero))

Microsoft has bid on Yahoo ((which Yahoo WILL end up taking)) so basically M$ bought Y@h00!

M$ also just bought Danger ((better known to us Americans as "Sidekick")

M$ is adding XNA games to the Zune which is AWESOME,... iPod better start shakin in yer iBootz!

I think M$ needs to start releasing info on a ZunePhone ASAP, you have Danger Tech, M$ & Yahoo apps, M$ brain-juice... what else do you need to make a CRAZY AWESOME iPHONE KILLER!?!?!?

I really want Vista SP1.

I'm really excited for Lego BatMan, I heard the game design is a bit more vertical then previous Lego games but it looks like it's going to be amazing none-the-less.

Lego Indiana Jones, meh...

My 2gb flashdrive is teh small-sauce so I am lookin into a 4gb or an 8gb 8)

I want to go on record now & say I LOVED CLOVERFIELD!

I need to get a new pair of shoes,... preferably Mono Black Converses...

Oh & Little Gamer (XNA) roxorz soxorz!

-Later Vader

P.S. I'm also getting the GForce 7800 videocard, ' Saitek Pro Gamer Command Unit', & a Logitech G5 Mouser... :P