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Goodbye controller? :(

Ever since the days of mario, the joystick and controller have been a gamer's best friend. Countless hours have been spent smashing on the crowning gaming achievement. It has helped gamers to jump and move and climb walls and shoot weapons of mass destruction. And now...that may all soon end. With the release of "Kinect" for the Xbox 360, you are now the controller. You can be a part of pretty much anything from playing with virtual pets to playing a Star Wars game. Hell, you can even tell you xbox to turn off now (so I've heard).

So, what does this mean for the future of a gamer's best friend? Well, it may not happen for another couple decades, but give it time and soon our little handheld wonders will be fresh out of our living rooms. Call me nostalgic, but I'd rather have my little buddy then have it be replaced by a couple doo-hickeys and cheap tricks.

Now I know YOU DON'T HAVE TO use Kinect, but like I said, eventually there will no longer be any controllers. It makes this gamer sad to see his little friend be replaced with motion-sensing capabilities.

Goodbye controller? Soon :(

Hey guys....

Alright so here's post 75 with an update of all the things your friendly neighborhood cheatdealer has been doing.

I just beat fallout and all the DLC like a week ago and let me say that it is an amazing game! (Ill write a review soon!) I also am borrowing COD4 and COD:WaW. COD4 has great story, great online, and ome kick ass weapons. COD: WaW on the other hand has only one awesome kick ass feature: "Nazi Zombies." But that is my opinion. (Debate if you will.)

I also need a new banner if anyone can help out with that.

I also have a face book (Jeffrey Rodriguez, i have like a cartoonish pic of me) and a youtube account (Madgod93/SUBSCRIBE!) in case you guys want to know what the real cheatdealer is like.

So 25 more to go until the big 100 post celebration (your all invited).



Well theres alot to say.....

As some of you may know, I haven't been on for a very long time. During my "Hiatus" Alot has happened, I turned 14, got xbox live again (StormedRook is my Gamertag), celebrated thanksgiving christmas the new year, I bought Left 4 Dead and Two Worlds, I moved to a new house and I am getting straight A's in school. Alot has happened and even more has changed.

I am looking forward to hearing from you all so message me sometime or we could play on XBL-whatever is good for you.

So post 73 is coming to a close with a happy gaming!

Yours Truly


Arghhh... school

I only have 9 days til school starts again and im bummed. My summer went by too fast but I enjoyed most of it. Im almost finished with the guides i mentioned in the previous post and I will post them soon. Also.......idk. Someone talk to me.

Post 70 brings good news and reviews.

So I am back from my trip to RI last night and I wanted to give you guys a heads up again. THE BOOK OF GREATNESS VOLUME IV comes out in a week or maybe even less so make sure to get your name sketched in it. I am only 30 away from my 100 post goal. I am looking for a new banner for both my profile and my union and if anyone can help with that please message me. I will also be posting a giant load of new reviews for games on the xbox 360, the xbox, and the wii so keep an eye out for them. I also will be renweing my xbox live subscription so look for StormedRook to be back in action within the next few months or so. Also PM me sometime just to talk and if you haven't already, please join my union.

Your's Truly~~Cheat

Another post, another good day!

Ok guys, just some info on today. Im going to Rhode Island and I wont be back until tonight so leave some stuff for me. Also, THE BOOK OF GREATNESS VOLUME IV will be coming out soon so be sure to look for it and I will be writing more reviews later on.

And one more thing. In this post tell me how your day went. I would love to hear.

Your's Truly~~Cheat

oh wow.... its been a while

hey guys

ass you all probably know, i have been away for almost a year.

Well, im back

I have to read evrybody's messages

dont worry il get to all 256 of them

i have alot of catching up to do

if u can help in any way please do

and talke to me, some "welcomeback Cheat" banners would be nice

ill also have some reviews up later today maybe