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Wow oh my goodness....!

I honestly don't know how often you guys see Serj Tankian these days, but I just got a call from my sister saying she met him at a party. The party was in a loft in L.A., 35 stories up in the building, and was a supposedly "very laid back party." Even so, my sister noted that he had no body guards with him. I just thought that sort of odd, you know, because he's Serj Tankian! lol Oh yeah, and she also said there weren't too many people there anyways, and that he is a bit shorter in person. He also got to complimenting her boyfriend and his work. He works as an online music promoter who works with countless artists and works on promoting their albums or what have you. He's worked with AFI, 30 Seconds to Mars, and a ton of others (I just can't remember!). :D My sister also allegedly was going to bring a Sharpie with her that night and also take a photo with him...but. She didn't want to. Ha, well maybe next time she sees him in L.A...he owes me an autograph. :)

New material coming soon!

Just got my copy of Halo: Reach and my new XBOX 360! Well it's my sister's refurbished one, ha-ha and she has the Halo: Reach Legendary Edition XBOX 360. Can't wait to set it up in my room! It will just be a while until I get my subscription to XBL, but thank god that doesn't stop me from playing lol. I'll try to post some pics of what my sister and her boyfriend got from the Legendary Edition just for kicks and I really need to get going on reviewing some new games too! Also, I really need to finish Resident Evil 5. So long, but so good! rofl

Hope you guys are doin' good!

So other than that, hope you guys have a copy of Reach and are liking it. :) Have a good one!

IF they ever do this, it will be the greatest thing man has ever known...

I am being quite bombastic about this as you know...but it would be awesome! In the near future I'm thinking, I'm hoping, I'M PRAYING TO GOD that Quentin Tarantino will direct a film based upon the great titles, Mafia and Mafia II. Furthermore, he should omfg cast Eli Roth and Omar Doom from Inglorious Basterds (2009) as Vito Scaletta and Joe Barbaro respectively. I'd really prefer Omar Doom to be the main character in it but given the appearance of Vito, Eli Roth (A.K.A. The Bear Jew!) is more of a fit for him. Omar Doom is simply an incredible actor and Eli Roth is hilarious. Oh yes, and they are both devilishly good looking it makes me want to do things. Look, I even made a mathematical equation...Omar Doom> Eli Roth= epic pwnage


All I can say is problem solved and I am now going to continue working on reviews and school. But to be honest, I'm a little lazy right now, noooooooo, so I'll just be here I guess haha. Thanks for your support guys!

I have to slow it down a bit. Sad face.

School's starting so I won't have time to write my reviews I post here and on 1UP and Associated Content. I do have to finish this one I'm on though. It's for XBOX 360 achievements and it's annoying the heck out of me b/c school is also very annoying too! Haha. Anyways, the games I'm pointing out achievements for are Viva Pinata, Borderlands, and [my favorite game after Assassin's Creed!] Left 4 Dead. I'm sure you've all played them at least once or twice or heard of them, so that's sort of why I'm doing these 3. Everyone's familiarized with them, and they're just so genuine and awesome to play. That is all!

Alright I know it's really sad, but...!

I finally got my copy of Four Brothers yesterdaythat stars my 2 favorite actors (respectively) Garrett Hedlund, Mark Wahlberg, Tyrese Gibson and Andre Benjamin! I went down to the Amoeba store in Hollywood and trampled a couple folks to get upstairs where the DVD's are and back down, but that's alright! Haha kidding! I love Garrett Hedlund.

Four Brothers (Andre Benjamin, Garrett Hedlund, Mark Wahlberg, & Tyrese Gibson)

L4D intro

Does anyone know why they don't show the Boomer in the L4D intro? They show the Tank, the Smoker, the Hunter, the Witch and of course the Horde, but not the Boomer? >>