The epic return of- ah who cares...

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Well, I got me a phone and with it I now have access to the internet and such. Its been awhile since I came back here and I'm not sure yet if I'm going to stay active here.

So many games I've played since I was last here, so little time to cover them all. So I'm just going to say Pokemon Black is awesome and I can't wait for Black 2. That's all for now.


I'm back, in black, and with a wii

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I know its a random title, but oh well.

As your may know, I'm back and I hada great Christmas.

I got a red Wii with several games like: Sonic Colors, Sonic and Black Knight, Pokepark Wii. and as for DS games I only got Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs. They are very good. EspeciallySonic Colors and PokePark.

My friend finally got Disgaea 3: Absentince of Justice. We have been looking for that game for the past 2 years and now hes got it. Very awesome game.

I thought that I wasn't going to get anything this year since my family doesn't have a lot of money and stuff. But I was surpised with the Wii. I love my family so much.

But anyway I hope everybody had an awesome Christmas and Hopes for a better year in life... and in gaming.

See ya Later!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Everybody!!

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You maybe asking why I'm saying that now, 10 days before Christmas, but I won't be on after this Friday and until early January so might as well say it now while I have a chance.

I just hope that christmas will be good this year for me and stuff...

Vdex is so addicting... I've on there more than I have here but I'm going to try to come here more often.

but who can blame me... I have a shiny Rayquaza!!

I could never get a shiny Rayquaza on any of the pokemon games so...

But anyway Heres my pokemon.

I kinda need advertisement points anyway.

but back on topic, I hope you all have a good Christmas and stuff.

See Ya!!

well... that was a crappy Thanksgiving

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First off before I start this blog, I have an update on the last blog,I found out I have to wait until after Christmas before I can apply for a job at the GameStop, so go figure...

I'm back from my Thanksgiving break and right now I'm kinda depressed. the reason is that on Thanksgiving, my Mom had the nerve of starting a fight with my Great GrandMother. I understand what happened and tried to stay out of it but I needed to step in between them and tried tostop the agruementbut I ended up being hurt the most out of that fight, and I mean hurt mentally, because of what happened, I went to my friends house to stay a few nights. Soon I had cooled off and went with my friend, hiscousin andhis girlfriend to go Black Friday shopping. That was my first time going black Friday shopping and it was good, even though I was trapped in the Electronic section in a Wal-Mart for an hour. Note to self: avoid the Electronic Section during Black Friday mornings from now on...

But anyway... I kinda had a good Thanksgiving besides what happened with my Mom... heres a picture

Kirby is SO DARN HAPPY :D Pictures, Images and Photos

See Ya Later...

Hoping to get a job soon...

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Yay!! Theres a newly opened Gamestop near my town and I'm going to try to get a job over there from now until... whenever! I guess so wish me luck!

On to other news...

VDex. I've finally got my Trade Pass... I guess thats it:|

Uh... What else is there...

Why do I keep doing "..."a lot?!

I guess I'm just thinking about what to do next...

Ah, forget this! heres a FunnyPicture for everyone...

halolz-dot-com-supersmashbrosbrawl-captainfalcon-portablepawnch.jpg Pictures, Images and Photos

And I guess I'll See Ya Later!!

Many things to say...

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First off, I'm going back to training on my HeartGold game, But this time around I'm notgoing to focus on only offencive pokemonbut now I'm working on my Defences now and some better move sets.

On Wednesday I got to play the demo for Sonic Colors, It was Awesome! It was like playing Sonic Rush but a lot better.

Thanks to Giratina617, I joined a site called VDex Project. I only joined two nights ago and its good, If you don't know what kind of site VDex Project is its aMMORPGPokemon game though they haven't set up the battle system yet, Its still good. Here how I'm doing...

I must suck at blogging if nobody didn't comment on the last two and I'm betting 1 million dollars that no one will for this one either... or I just don't have a lot friends like everybody else. :(

And now for the Funny Pic of the Day or week...

wow80 Pictures, Images and Photos

But then again I do have a girlfriend though. Maybe it because I'm a level 80 Paladin! :P

Okay I'm done until next time... See Ya Later!!

Looking for Unions.

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lately, most of the unions i've joined have going dead and I'm having a difficult time looking for new unions to join, but if anyone has any unions suggestions then comment here.Please don't PM me about union recruitment. Andplease no dead unions orsemi-dead unions unless its something Ican really help out with.I'm looking for the following that relates to these:

Final Fantasy (Any)

Kingdom Hearts

A Very active Pokemon union (with people that will actually battle me)

a Union that has RPGs

and Anime

I'll update this later for any other unions i may want to join.

See YaLater!

Feeling sad...

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As the title says, I'm feeling kinda sad.

Since Saturday night, Mybest friend was having some problems with his family and to make things worst his girlfriend broke up with him and so hes been depressed since then and i tried to help him cheer up but it just made things worst. and now I'm just as depressed as he is. but things have gotten a little better for him and that made me a littlehappy and i hope it gets better for him.

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