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Velvet Assassin, a disturbing look at WW2 - And I'm going on Vacation !!!!!!!!

Well, another game down. Velvet Assassin a stealth shooter but really move of a steath stabber. It's a lot sneaking around, as you'd guess but I really started to enjoy this title especially these last few weeks. The game mechanics leave much to be desired, but I'm pretty forgiving as long as you let me use my mouse and keyboard. If you are gonna play it, I suggest the hardest setting. It is a really good game, and actually very disturbing subject matter towards the end of the game. A really thought provoking title because of the way they handled the story which is loosly based on Violette Szabo. Szabo turns out was captured after a fierce gun battle, was later tortured and killed, and in this title they somewhat captured the desperation and helplessness of that last battle. Of course it doesn't quite end like that, but a fair and unusual ending - very few game makers choose to end there games quite like this. If you can get past the wonky controls, and you like stealth games - you'll find this a bit of a rare gem.I seem to like it more than most of the Xboxers on here, but I played the PC version. What is to become of Violette? I hope she makes another appearance someday soon.

Also, i'm going on Vacation ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. That sound is me sitting on a beach drinking a beer. :D

But first i'm leaving for Vegas tommorow for my brothers wedding at the Monte Carlo. I'm not big into Vegas, but it should be fun before I turn around and head back west, then north.

So what game should I go on to now that fills this void? I've heard Dead Space is a solid choice, but I still have COD5 to finish and i want to get it done before Modern Warfare 2 comes out. What about Mirror's Edge? Wanted Weapons of Fate? Crystatis? Any opinions on those titles welcome.

Anyway ya'll have a nice couple weeks.

Whats your average...

..time to finish a game? I've had games take years to finish. For example GTA San Andreas I have savegames from 2006-2008, and I still have not finished it. Stalker took darn near a year for me to finish. And here I am nearing the finish of Fallout3. A game I started October 31st 2008. Is it me or do some games just take a very long time to finish?

Never mind the fact that I've got 20+ games on my playlist. I'm sure many of you also have similar lists. A key factor is this: as unbelievable as it may seem...its time.

Not game time, time to get around all the games coming out all the time. I get maybe a couple hours a day to game, with maybe 4 a day on weekends. That's 14 hours. Of course probably 6 of that is Flight Simulator and tweaking. That gives a solid eight hours a week to finish some of these beasts. Some of these games are just so massive in scope (fallout3) that it makes sense with time like that it could take a year to finish. Although I really am enjoying it, it almost is a burden to have to finish. For this reason i'm really starting to like the 10 hour game. Say COD4, that was 6-8 solid hours of fantastic gaming. Or Warhead, that was a perfect length for a game. I'd never be able to play Wow with this kind of time.

So, how much time, on average, do any of you take to finish a long game?

Watch out for Po-Po

Now that furloughs have started here in LA, CHP and HP are out in force and they want to take there maniditory days off out on your wallet. I narrowly escaped one CHP, only to have another "strangely" appeared on the onramp ahead of me. I tucked in behind, so he had nothing, but watch your mirrors people.

The heavy heavy hand of the banhammer.

Just venting here. Recently one of my best officers was banned for unauthorized brother access to his account, who procedded to get the mods inflamed in this board or that. I don't know what happened, but this place is the most censored and moderated places that I've ever been to. Is it really neccesary to do that?

15 Random things about me

1. Favorite game ever is Mafia
2. Speaking of which favorite game Simming (not the lame Sims 2)
3. Favorite movie is The Shining
4. Not a Senior in high school
5. I've lived in California my most of my life
6. I want to be a cowboy
7. I love fudge ice cream
8. I'm not madly in love
9. I like to flight sim
10. I personally believe that sandwiches are delicious so long as the bread is fresh
11. Favorite sport is Football/Motorsports
12. I don't have terrible vision but wear sun glasses often
13. Favorite shows are south park, Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares, Sopranos, Twilight zone
14. I have an aim sn its Chalkmans
15. I like making lists

15 Random things im thinking.

1. Fear 2 is awesome, and i'm screaming like a little girl.

2. A lot of computer Viruses going around right now.

3. Speaking of Viruses, I have had three colds already this year due to child care centers.

4. Facebook is good and bad.

5. Started listening to Andre' Rieu (classical) thats a sign of aging I think.

6. I'm happy about the Max Payne 3 announcement.

7. If your reading this you are probably the only one.

8. I am on a shoe-string budget now thanks the the morons that run this place.

9. Swrd's blog post was my inspiration for this list.

10. Sometimes I hope for the apocolyse to come.

11. I think Buzz Lightyear is a great toy for kids.

12. I think kids today are under greater pressures than I was coming up.

13. I love the desert/Mojave area.

14. Simulations are the greatest gift that god gave man.

15. Watching a lot of Sopranos lately.

Fall is the best season

Its true. When the weather gets cool, leafs change a bit. Gets dark early and dark when I leave in the morning..I just love it. Got halloween around the corner and great game titles waiting to come out as well as a lot of Flight sim addos as well.

Well, I just got a seasons pass to Disneyland and plan on going again (i was at California Adventure just last weekend) on October 30th. The best part is I can go whenever I want as many times as I want FOR FREE!! Anyway its great cause me kids get in free too, so it is cost effective. That Tower of Terror is a pretty awesome ride as well.

Usually my wife and I take my kidsto a large farm and go to a pumpkin patch. Probably this weekend or the one after. Ill post some pics.

Saw Keanu at the Radiohead concert


Yes he was there. It was fantastic show BTW, probably the best i've the seven times i've seen them. They get better with age, and continue to earn their spot as simply the best, and top of the alternative bands to ever hit the stage. They are and always have been my favorite band.

Going on vacation so be good

Ok folkies Is that a word? Folksies?

Anyway, i am going to a popular beach resport community for a a few relaxing days of beers and sunshine - and world class cuisine of course! That sounds like a vacation to me!

Oh there will be plenty of walking around, and shops, and activities. Thinking of taking a byplane flight with a local charter. But i'm gonna see if I can talk the pilot into letting me fly. After all, I have over 1200 landings and 800+ flight FSX that is. :D

Anyway ttyl!

Pleased to meet you. I'm Frankie "The Bat" Niagara

* Life was good. A house on the Jersey side across the river. The smell of freshly cut lawns. The sounds of children playing. A beautiful wife and a baby girl. The American dream come true. But dreams have a nasty habit of going bad when you're not looking.

* Collecting evidence had gotten old a few hundred bullets back. I was already so far past the point-of-no-return I couldn't remember what it had looked like when I had passed it.

*An urban legend come true. You complete the jigsaw puzzle to discover it is a picture of yourself, finishing that same puzzle. A mad, green-eyed killer behind you.

Ahh, when will we get another on of these fantastic tales? Alan Wake is our only hope...How about some news on the Gamespot?