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ChakatBlackstar Blog

Internet fun

I've been bored since it's summer, and I don't have a job. So to keep busy I have started my own Livejournal account, and joined various other sites. One of the more interesting ones are Bitefight. I'm a werewolf, and although the vampires have an advantage in numbers, and everything else, I always prefered more animal-like alter-egos. Vampires are more human-like.

I passed

I got the final grades for the year, and I passed! I'm officially a senior! Now as long as I don't fail more then a semester class period I'll have enough credits to graduate. Well, no use worrying about it during the summer.

It's finally over!

The school year is finally over! I finished my exams and now no more school for three months. But now I wonder about getting a job. It'll take away from the time I spend in the pool, playing video games, and working in the various unions I'm part of.

Almost over!

My school year is almost over! Only one full week left, followed by two days of exams (which feels like a week). Then I will be able to dedicat more of my time to the Wolf O'Donnell union and the various stories I'm writing. Maybe I'll actually get one of the stories done. Well wish me luck during exams.