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The atmosphere is dark and disturbing. Finding that perfect notch of balance between the original and the latest addition. The images are horrifying as they are convenient to explain the precursor environments. A detailed road is lead so fondly in the second part, and so poorly positioned in the initial. One can argue that second edition of Burial at Sea is almost a full fledged game, while the first part is a slightly dull tacked on piece of filler.

Starting with the first part. You arrive in what is as described in the title of this addition. Burial At Sea........ You can sense the dark void approaching, even know the atmosphere at first is so alluringly delicate. You know and have that urge that at any moment something will set the gears in turning. Providing a crucial decimation of it's peaceful utopia, to the downward horrors of social pulverizing cult battlefield. So brightly shown is the elgance of Rapture. That your heart falls for it's existence, and urges to stay in this light of exquisite beauty. Even know the time ticks towards the doom, where it will gain the appropriate setting of the original.

Much of the first part was like a piece of pepperoni to the Pepperoni Pizza. Even taking your time with it's shallow and so lightly filled content. Will resolve a full effect that barely even reaches just over two hours. While some speed-runs have actually accomplished the first part, if you can even call it that, in under 26 minutes!

So while one can say that if you take all time in the world to look at each and every thing in it's entire existence. You can possible slug walk your way to three hours. But even me, who takes my time to look at all the beauty and texture art. Was only able to put in 2 hours and 45 minutes. Now while the combat is quite like the Infinite brethren, and one could say that it is vaguely almost identical. It's not at all. For one, Infinite allows that expansive ability of the open playing field. The environment, enables you to many different playing styles. This was due to the scale that was so broad in infinite. While Rapture is under the water and has a closed claustrophobic feel in comparison. Even larger rooms that have the ability to use the sky hooks rails. Are really minor at best, to the behemoth of the Infinite zones. This is to be excepted though, considering that it is under the water. We can't really expect it to have the grand scale that Infinite allowed. The problem is that it tries to make it possible even when it's clear it doesn't have the room to do it.

I found the first part to have the personality that it didn't know what it was supposed to be. Make sense? No>? Okay.... It's almost like they made the second part first and then understood that they needed to have connections to it... Especially since the norm is like Alice falling down a hole twisted with spaghetti plots intertwined into conundrum of alternate realities.. Upon doing so they created a game that was so scaled down in terms of quality. That they filled it without a proper existence of story, emotion and the lacking thrill of combat..

Now the second part unfolds a completely, yes completely different play style and possibilities. This is what all DLC's should be, or inspire to be. And saying that, I cant tell you that the second part is without out a fuckin doubt the best DLC I have ever played. In some instances, it had me loving it affectionately as I had for the Bioshock Infinite campaign. Gives you chills and anger and just everything I wanted to feel from this horrifying world gone so dark.

While the first puts you in a strong manly form. The second possess a more delicate role of a female. While the first puts you in some sort of brutishness Rambo, fucking kill everything, the second puts you elegance of stealth mechanics. It provides the depth of the characters you wanted in the first. It supplies the urge to fight or flee, and it wants you to care for what it's presenting. Many, many times it made me feel emotions, that I haven't felt from a game........... Ever!!! This is due to the fact of how much of fan I am to the franchise and forever will be. So I may indulge more to the characters than an average player mite witness. But playing in the second part made me take hold of the characters personalities. Made me go about things as if Elizabeth's mind was my own. Her reactions became my reactions.... How she would pursue a victim or an enemy. Burial at Sea part 2 is the finest moments of my Bioshock experience. One scene at the very beginning is without a doubt the most beautiful atmosphere I have ever witnessed in a game ever.... Ever before. Thank you Ken Levine for such a remarkable ride..



Amazing depth and clarity in the second. The characters really breath that first editions scope. An emotional ride I went on, and it's because I knew the characters so well from the first. That is what made me experience a plot so FANTASTIC LIKE THE FIRST. Please go back and play Bioshock and then play the SECOND PART....


The first part lacks almost everything that the second succeeds on. Providing some of my most disliked moments in the Bioshock atmosphere. Much of the time I compared it to Bioshock 2. From the claustrophobic fighting trying to possess the same mobility of the Infinite brethren, to the downright poor conception of emotion.

Bottom Line… Fuck the first part...

Second Part 8 OUT OF 10



Absolutely astonishing beauty in the second part. The beginning will have you questioning on if Avatar the movie was even elegant compared to it. Fog effects, lightening or the simply stunningly gorgeous water effects that Bioshock is known for! All have been improved significantly. Turning everything on ultra on the computer will slow down almost any rig, except some the beefer ones...


It's a Pixar movie you play... If you don't like this type of animation your out of luck.

Bottom Line... The best animation that I have seen, when in full bloom on the settings

10 OUT OF 10



It has very minor reasons to replay it's campaign. The emotion cuts to the heart, rightly so the first time through. And I am sure the second will provide almost similar result. But knowing what becomes or transpires, hurts the repeatability of the walk-through.


Just like any roller coaster derailing abruptly. Their repeatability has problems. Especially when you understand the limitations provided with the storyline..

Bottom Line...

Many FPS have this problem

7 OUT OF 10



While the consistent tune seems to never die in the comparison of part one and two. What is clear is that one provides a different thrill entirely and is most wanted. Hmmm... The second of course. Regards to the first, there are some thrilling firefights. But in a comparison volume, they are very much outweighed by heart thumbing stealth mechanics of the second.


Buggy irritability seems to flow through both. While the first holds more in it's palm. The AI is idiotic in handling many firefights in the first. But the second doesn't suffice overwhelmingly. Both have many works of improvements, especially on reaction to different ways you go about annihilating them

Bottom Line...

While many games have worse AI, for this to have this enormous of a budget and have many considerable AI infractions. Is a fucking sham

7.5 OUT OF 10



Amazing and delicate that touches the heart gentle or makes it throttle it's beats.


None.. It has length, genre and the exceptional delusional tones that seem to just flow well..

Bottom Line...

10 OUT OF 10



If you buy the season pass. The I feel you getting a very decent deal.!


If your buying the first part individually, for fucking $15. Are you kidding me?

Bottom Line...

I would give a 4 for the first on value, and the second I would give a 10.

So what's that make it?

7 OUT OF 10



For the most part it is exceptional well made.


For a small part it was piece of shit. Enemies get stuck, they don't react at all well in their environment. Even using some of the in game mechanics such as noise to propel them to your location. They walk away? Propel noise away from you, they walk towards you. Find someone dead and a moment later they forget. Knocked out foes never wake up. Big daddies have problems, they attack when you least expect them too. But when you walk right past them and do anything, they just sit their!

Bottom Line...

8 OUT OF 10








The Stanley Parable Demonstration Review By NECTS (NEVER SPOILERS)

Just from the Demonstration, this game has immense commentary of care and humor. I say this not with a grain of salt, but actual bricks falling from a truck load of compressed iodine. That you pick this as your next play through. What a gem of eccentric behavior from a narrator.

The demonstration focus's on expressing what you will experience in The Stanley Parable. Though I will note, that I found the demonstration on par with a high volume of laughs, that was shockingly portrayed in a very limited time frame.

Particular parts of the game, such as the button 8. Had me laughing in outrageous rants that I could not contain myself. I believe that my land lord may have heard me. Though the demonstration, like the actual game, is more of a matter of addiction. I found myself going back to find certain commentary I had missed on the walk through before hand.

The gold aura here is this, that having so little amount of time in this world of narration and limited choices, allows you such wanting feelings for the actual thing. They purposely sell their item on this concept, and so this is of course the reasoning for demonstration. That you see the demonstration and this sort of trance to the shopping cart you find yourself buying the complete game.

For this demo I will not being giving it a rating. I feel that it speaks for itself and the algorithm would be useless in this case. I can make a statement that in playing the demo, I instantly bought the game. So if a rating must be put in place of this demo, I dissolve the use of using numerals, and would just persuade the illusion of one of my best introductions to game without rivaling the experience at all.


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Many game try to create a dark environment, to portray the loss of hope. They fill the void with the depressed inhabitants and monsters among them. Yet no game seems to fill the gloom and doom, like Metro 2033.

You start as a young Russian man named Artyom, who seems to be adamant on protecting his friends and family. Yet, even his darkest nightmares cannot prepare him to what the world of Moscow has become. Traveling your way through the darkly lit underground network of Metro stations, is without a doubt heart thumping at times. A lot of encounters have you staring down the barrel of a very hungry ravaging beast, called the Nosalis. In other scenarios Metro 2033 puts you in the midst of war against human counterparts. The depth of game is really survival, limited direction, and very limited ammo. These two additions will account for the game being quite a bit more difficult than other games. On harder difficulties in can be increasingly intense, with just slight mistakes being your demise. Enemies such as the black librarian below, are some of the most difficult enemies I have witnessed in combat. When woken?

Metro stays away from combat on the ground. Only venturing up when it needs to depress you, because it is worse above than below. The atmosphere is simple stunning, this is why I waited to play the game on a high end system. Of course the visuals are still good at mid range, but this game has something to be admired when playing at the ultra setting. Particles can be seen in the air floating ever so softly. When grenades explode the plume of cloud encircles objects, flowing a soft dark cloud around them naturally. Truly breathtaking screen shots, that have never been accomplished with a game so dark and dim. Yet, Metro finds a way for this to be relevant and succeeding.

The time count, is around 10 to 12 hours. If you like to explore and observe the areas, as I do. Then your ballpark is roughly going to be in the 12 hour mark. Side-quests, are a no go on this. The option to do something other than the main story, is non existent here. The story is on a track ride, and it only stops at the stations to refuel the feud and to further darken the tunnel.

This game eludes the impression of another post apocalyptic scenario, but it has uniqueness. It furthers upon that subject. Pushing the boundaries drought of happiness and parallels they must face. Even the air you breath requires you to have a mask, and to replace the filter manually. Bullets , as I said earlier are scarce. It is an utter heart thump when your out, and a Nosalis is breathing down your neck. Your companions are admirable in realism, but their flow of building character is slowed.

The basics come down to the movement of the Nosalis. I felt that in cut-scenes or far away glances, they seemed to move natural as a creature of that size would. Yet, in combat it felt very stiff, in an up and close situation. The Nosalis have no real AI, they charge the situation straight up the middle or from the side. Always coming in one straight line from one individual direction, they will ambush you from multiple view angels. But never straying ,once they are on a head on collision with you. I don't disagree that these morphed moles should act this way, it is just disappointing comparing their intelligence to the humans. In firefights with human enemies, they are sophisticated and well developed reactions. Throwing grenades, talking to each other and killing the hell out of you.

What strikes me so disheartening, is that I wanted to story to have more depth in certain spots. I could be knick picking away, but I felt I wanted more back log and less glitches. Yes, less glitches. For a game to come out in 2010, it should not have had the problems I faced. Certain spots I got stuck, others had no clear direction and just garbled junk to fill sections. I even have a fraps video of an AI, just sitting in a chair while I kill his comrades. After doing away with his fellow soldiers, I came back and shot around him. Shot his helmet light, shot his helmet off, shot the wall. Did an end of the film Scarface impression of Al Pacino.................... Yet nothing, in the end I left a lit grenade underneath his stool and walked away. He just sat their nodding, and flew about 5 feet in the air. It was worth the glitch for a laugh. I met minor glitches other than this one, and this being the only major notable one.


Story- Post apocalyptic story that has depth, just not enough in my opinion. Wanted more and more isn't a bad thing.... 7.5 out of 10

Gameplay- I can't argue my point of the moron Nosalis, with the superb human enemies. Some firefights had me sweating....8.5 out of 10

Graphics- Stellar and superb, with only getting beat out by Crysis. This is the best looking game around and it's brother Metro Last Light......9.5 out of 10

Replay- I think that it will be a long time before I decide to play this game again. I just didn't get enough draw for another time through, and I usually play every first person shooter at least twice.......... 6.5 out 10

Total for the median>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> METRO 2033 GETS A 8 OUT 10


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Why do IP's Die?

Video games have a sensational technical achievement, that developers continually push forward and surpass. Yet, what are among the developments in games , that we have seen a stray from further progression? The one's left obsolete all together. Let's tangle ourselves in the realm of dying IP's or the ones that have passed away

Now for the likes of Pokemon and Mario, their state of play stays in the same consistent directional path as day one. They only flirt with the opposition to differentiate from the original, these differences are usually graphics, almost entirely. With minor tweaks along the circumference of same play style. Yet, what of the games that have died or in reference to the title. Have retired?

Resistance Fall of Man, was a significant leap in graphical power. The forerunner for PS3 launch lineup, with positive scores from Game Informer of a 9.5, and GameSpot a 8.6. While Resistance 2, had similar ratings across the board, though slightly lower should be noted. Yet the IP, fell in complexity in level design when introducing it's third installment. Still the third addition would receive adequate ratings, jumping from 7 to 8 out of 10. So what went wrong with this Franchise, did it just come to an end because the story had to conclude. Or was the basis of it's game play flawed. As movies, as games, sometimes the story plays a large role in reason for the downfall. Such as the Matrix trilogy, that I am sure people are still steaming over. Yet, Resistance did have a well developed story, a catchy tone with addictive to the unknown. With jaw dropping conclusions, such as the end of Resistance 2. So what is the flaw to it's production of further progression. It wasn't the graphics, it wasn't the replay-ability or the story. Never to say, that Resistance was perfect, it had major flaws. Yet, with it's appraise and justification as a unique and darkly thrilling title, what was it's demise?

Timing! Resistance 3 launched in September 6, of 2011. We know how this society runs and timing is everything. Resistance 3 launched in quite possibly the worst time of all 3 of it's installments. Launching 8 days after, Madden NFL 12 and 14 days before Gears of War 3. Not to mention that it launched within the the same month as, Resident Evil 4 HD Sept 20, God of War Origins Collection Sept 13, and Dead Island Sept 6 just to note a few.

The same can be said for the complete other direction. The Last of Us, was an extraordinary game. During it's initial release of June 14th, 2013. No games had the hype or draw to even have a competitive edge over it, within the month of June. An argument can be made and fully justified that Resistance was not on the same level as the Last of Us. Yet, what would have happened>??? If Resistance would have came out in the same month, with the same drought that Last of Us had in it's initial launch. A month in a slump with the central attention being solely focused just on itself. Maybe, Resistance's story would be brighter and less grim. These are questions that cannot be answered, but a highly percent chance that maybe the IP would still have future plans.


Review of Doorways

Not many indie titles can harness the power of smooth and distinct game-play and add story. That being said, neither can Doorways.

The problem starts with the beginning of play, yourself is placed in front of large doors. Get it, "Doorways". So the begging focuses on you trying to unlock the major enormous door, which lets you go to two side doors to unlock the initial door to continue. The jist of it is okay, not really an addictive beginning. But, a freaky following girl tries to get in your way, yes I did not mention scary. Cause to have a scare it would need a greatly wanted improvement on atmospheric realism. Just walking into the girl you will die instantly, so don't walk anywhere near her. This seems to be the case for any other enemy in the entire first two chapters, which is kind of annoying. Cause you have to die several times to understand that just being in the vicinity of an enemy, will be your demise.

This is not to say that for it being an indie game it deserves not to have props, such as nicely tuned graphics. Yet the story suffers as much as the game-play, with taking my time to read each message that was placed along my path. I have came to the conclusion, that I have no idea what the hell is going on. Other than the reasonable assumption that we need to vacate the premise of these tombs.

Doorways, with taking your time at opening the doors , will only last a minimal of 2 to 3 hours. Basically your paying 5 to 6 dollars an hour for a game with in my opinion has no replay-ability. A game that maybe has one jump or two, but nothing that is going to frighten your senses. This pure honesty is considerably my worst buy of recent, and I could eat my words if the following chapters disprove my cons. Yet just the cost of $12, is too much to pay for a game that lasts like the time span of a wink. No direction of story, and just purely a boring horror want a be that needs improvements before the actual completed project.

Doorways gets 5 out of 10



Recent games such as Heavy Rain, and Beyond Two Souls and The Last of Us. Have been able touch the realms of emotion, an almost sacred and unaccomplished form. We are on the very edge of sword at fully immersion, such as the Occulus Rift. Depending on how it pans out, and now we are moving into 4 times the hd, 4k and it's brother that is a light-year away, 8k. All of these innovations are here, if they stay or not is unknown. Yet the real question, is what do you think will be next?

Emotion, as I said earlier. Was something that when I was playing Goldeneye64, I thought would be the future. Yet here we are 16 years later and just on the brink of full emotion. Graphics like insanely charged Crysis 3, show us that photo realism is a paper thin reality away. Fully immersion was a migraine in the 90's, and now we have made the Rift. "Yeah I am just going to call it the rift cause the Occulus or Oc or whatever the hell it is seems to me to be the most annoying add on word to something that should be simply basic and get to the point, but anyway" These expectations of the future, when I was a kid , are here! In some ways are further along the technology tree than I ever thought possible. So what is the next reign of business, what is the next avenue of technology, furthermore.

Is it more indie games, is cloud computing going to be the future. What signifies the interest of the norm as a leveling stone to building the epic pyramid of technology progression?

I want your opinion? Put it down and love it!



So the biggest improvement that this industry needs, is diversity. Not just diversity in the race of males or culture backgrounds, but of the sexes. I feel that if not the biggest back-draw or draw back. " Yeah,I like them both, so back draw it is" to the gaming industry is the momentum of different opinions based on observable difference because of ones sex. Yet the true humor, is that women in this industry don't get enough credit or admiration for their achievements or improvements on this entertainment industry. I sometimes ask myself why there isn't more female reviewers? Keza MacDonald is my favorite, but why can't there be more of female presence of opinion in the reviews!!!! Yet with this worlds intelligently talented women, and fluidly catching content they devise, the only answers is Sexism. This post is not to make a political rage of replies, it's ones opinion and this opinion is mine alone. How can we justify the gaming community if we do not include each point of view, and are left with only white male reviewers. This is not to say that their are no females in the editorial section, but a greatly and deeply difference in volume. For if we just take white females, they have been only slightly portrayed in the reviewers sections. Other races of women seem to almost be non existent. This is not a lecture, or a drama fest, this is a wake up call of improvement. If we want this gaming community to rise to better standing and moral ground of acceptance. Than we need to change this direction that we are on, which seems to be a consistent and overlaying effect polarized in the past. We need to band to together. Just today I was reading Indie11's blog, and she said "My brothers are hardcore avid gamers who made me more frustrated then my drunk self could give me during a drunk game-play. Why? Because they hardly gave me a turn because I was a girl -HARHAR- (this could be spoken up about, but maybe in another post if I care to care)". Well I read that and thought to myself, that it's not solely a women's responsibility to stick up for her gaming love just because she is of a different sex. It's the true men as well, we have so long slumbered in this realm that it is just a "guy thing only". Yet it isn't anymore, women have taken over and improved the Halo series. They have redefined a franchise like Halo and others, ones that were dying and yet they were pulled from the flame as they lit and given a splash of water and shine. So next time your sister or girlfriend, want to play a game with you. Don't ridicule just because of their sex, ridicule because you probably just got your ass kicked!!! Check out Indie11's blog, we need more women like her to write!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> -ODEll


So recently I have become intoxicated within the realm of gaming music. Trying to find the most moving techno or orchestrated symphony, to lavish in relaxation and or just an upbeat move. So what better audience to ask, than the professional gamer and novice. You the people of gaming nation, I select you as my wiki. What is the best gaming music? I want to hear from all people on different kinds of genres. What is your grandma's gaming music, is their even a Candycrush OST>? Particularly ones that I have noted recently, for being exceptionally beautiful is Journey, Skyrim and for some reason Far cry 3 Blood Dragon is just catchy in charismatic like atmosphere. An 80's like twist of hard thumping electric rock with Terminator like beats. I have not found something so uniquely charged of darkness like energy in a very long time. As a complete opposite of techno 80's style, Shadow of Colossus appears to date as my most favorite of tasteful choices of beauty. For I feel it to be the most fluidly orchestrated touching of emotion that gaming music has produced that I have ever heard. So I am on here, to ask you the reader to tell me of the best gaming music that you have ever heard?Throw me a bone of beautiful melody, of structure charismatic beauty in the most perfection-ate symphony you can utterly remember. I love gaming music, and I continue to find the uniqueness and brilliance in its craft that it seems to have a notch over the motion picture. This is not to say that gaming music is superior in anyway to the motion picture's choice of soundtracks. I just find both to have superior edges in each note they signify as a resemblance to the subject on screen. -ODell


On the edge of my seat, a half life trademark was announced! Now the last couple days, like anyone else. LIKE ANYONE!!! Who has been touched by the series. I can't breath, I am literally stunned by this information!!! Rummaging through backgrounds that say half life 3, to boot them up as my screen saver. Nothing can sour my mood, not that I have no food in the house. Or that I am totally broke, and a hobo is living in my bathroom. My mind is totally existent on the fact that Valve has decided to make another Half Life. I am so happy! NOTHING can make this sensation go down!!! It's worst than Viagra! "Whats that"? "What do you mean it was a hoax", "But"! If your thinking at this moment that I let out a roar, like Darth Vadar did in the end of Revenge of the Sith. Then your exactly correct in that assumption. Each day I feel i'm in a depressed state, an unquenchable drought of Half Life, that I literally am in the midst of peer agony. I feel claustrophobic, in denial, I think I bit my finger! Even the birds outside my house don't sing, and all I hear when noon whistle roars is the combine approaching signal. This sort of torture is unlike any psychological pain that I have ever witnessed. And if another game brings me to the brink of this fiasco. I may as well quit video games. "omg", did I just write that shit? Oh it's all good, I can do something else.................. . . .. . . . . .. . .. . . . NO I CANT!!! Okay we just need to calm down about this interruption of mental thinking which is the direct cause of disastrous game paranoia. Which has resulted in the collapse of waiting game assurance, which the assurance is that there can be no assurance for the possibility of game replacement. Which has caused an psychological panic of addiction. Even grown men are running outside their homes, leaving their kids and wives. Running out into the middle of recently cut lawn, holding a crow bar and yelling at their top of their lungs. "Mr. Freeman"!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -ODELL

On My Road To Working At Gamespot

This is the beginning of my beginning. I guess we all have to start fresh. So here it is. My name is Chace, I am a White RAce, yet no matter the color of your face or sexuality case. I'll love like a brother or sister. Games are not what I like or love. It's the reason I think I am on this planet. "beats me"?? Doesn't matter if it's an indie title or a triple whopper blockbuster rockster hot lava monster title. I will play anything to see it's appeal. For I am not a adequate critique artist if I don't muster the knowledge to see what is decent. Even if it is under a pile of rotten dung compost, I will still seek out the pros in all. Thanks, here I come Gamespot -Odell