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I play games to escape reality, not have it shoved down my throat. I am perfectly fine with girly looking men as protagonists in my game. I don't need to suspend my disbelief because I'm already used to it, having played these kind of games for 15 years. Please, Square, stop trying to pander to the West. There already is enough pandering.

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Good. More people get to experiencthe Mass Effect universe, even if it is the sequel. Heck, I kinda wish Wii was getting it as well.

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Smackdown Vs RAW 2011

Final Fantasy: Four Heroes of Light

Lucha Libre AAA: Heroes del Ring

DQVI is probably not releasing this year. DQIX was already released. The game will probably be released next year in the Spring.

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Gamestop. I've never had a bad experience with the one I go to. It's all relative to your Gamestop. Not every Gamestop is the devil, like some say.

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I love JRPGs. What exactly has Bethesda innovated over the last few years? Lifeless and wooden characters I couldn't care less about? Terrible animation? Bare bone plots? Horrible primary gameplay mechanics (Oblivion with its awful excuse for swordplay and Fallout 3 with its awful excuse for gunplay)? Unpolished pieces of codes with numerous bugs? Numerous quests that amount to nothing? Open fields that ultimately go nowhere but to the same textured dungeons? All of that describes Bethesda's two current generation efforts in a nutshell, in my opinion anyway. I do like WRPGs, but I love JRPGs as well, and the whole "It's cool to hate on 'em" fad that's going on nowadays is the reason why most Japanese developers shouldn't cater to Western tastes, because it's quite obvious both cultures are interested in different games. Not one aspect of these two subgenres is "right" or "wrong" - they simply cater to different tastes. Linearity =/= bad. Sandbox-esque =/= good. Simplicity =/= bad. A lot of mainstream WRPGs have been significantly dumbed down just as much as mainstream JRPGs have, but I suppose the illusion of "choice" takes precedence over solid game design?

Oh, and the weaboo nonsense? Incredibly overdone. Just because one likes a JRPG does not mean they're a "Weaboo." I suppose anyone who prefers Western games and WRPGs are being Eurocentric, right? Talking up the numerous "innovations" of the West, as it were. Developers from all over the world have innovated this generation - to leave it one sided to the West is a disservice to the East.

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Dynasty Warriors 6. It really is a better game than its predecessors, but since fans have become accustomed to the formula, I suppose it doesn't rate much higher than 2, which is the worst, but the second one is often hailed as one of the better ones because the experience was fresh for its time. If Dynasty Warriors 6, as it is, had been released several years ago, perhaps it would be better received. Dynasty Warriors 4 is the second best, always.

Clive Barker's Jericho. Loved this game. Not many share my enthusiasm, however.

Ninety Nine Nights II. Suffers from familiarity, but I love hacking and slashing mindlessly through thousands of enemies. For me, it's preferable over shooting thousands of enemies mindlessly.

Shadow of Rome. It's never really talked about and people have either forgotten about it or never liked it, but I enjoyed it thoroughly. Maybe it's because I love Roman history, but the gameplay was solid.

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Chrono Cross is my favorite game of all time, so it's my favorite Square game as well. Final Fantasy IX, Legend of Mana, Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King, and Final Fantasy IV are my next favorte Square games.

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~ I Like Turn-Based mechanics

~ I'd rather play my Dynasty or Samurai Warriors over most games GS and IGN, as well as most game sites, salivate over (save for the ones I'm actually interested in)

~ I'd prefer if Dragon Quest stay the way it is. F*** wasting time appealing to Western tastes.

~ I love JRPGs more than I do most genres

~ Final Fantasy XII is one of my favorite Final Fantasy games

~ I prefer hacking and slashing with swords and spears than shooting enemies with guns

~ I like Final Fantasy XIII

~ Onimusha > Ninja Gaiden, Devil May Cry, and God of War

~ Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Nobunaga's Ambition are great Strategy games despite 'em being so similar to one another each game

~ As far as old school Final Fantasies go, FFIV is better than FFVI IMO

~ Call of Duty bores me

~ The WRPG Vs. JRPG debacle is idiotic. They both appeal to different gamers. Stop the b****** and stop being self-righteous, elitist pricks when saying which one YOU think is better

~ Most PC games do not interest me. The ones that do are Strategy (like Civilization or RTS games) or MMOs. That's about it, and some RPGs like The Witcher

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Dynasty or Samurai Warriors? Romance of the Three Kingdoms? Nobunaga's Ambition? Basically, I'm a KOEI fanatic. Also, Alundra. Great game hardly anyone talks about.

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I enjoy it. I like hacking and slashing thousands of enemies with blood splashing against the screen. Then again, I like the Dynasty Warriors series and Kingdom Under Fire, so I'm accustomed to these games. Don't really care what the reviews say.