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Canada! (Not that much games-related)

After almost a year of planning and calculating all the costs I'm going to Canada with my girlfriend. It might not be a big deal for some, especially Aberinkulas who hails from the northern states, but mind you - I'm from Poland, Europe. Some people from America believe that we have tigers over here, and elephants and what not. We do. In zoos :)

So, first (on 21st October) we're off to Frankfurt, Germany where we plan to see the city for about 4-5 hours and then we get the connecting flight to Halifax, NS. We want to stay there for a few days, see the eastern Canada and fly to Toronto. After seeing Toronto for a while we get to our final destination which is Vancouver. We should be there somewhere around 25th-26th October and we'll stay there for about a year :)

We're really excited about this trip.

Oh, I guess it would be much easier to get some games for my GBA. In Poland the only option is the local eBay equivalent (noone uses Polish eBay, they've their opportunity years ago. Plus the site looks like from mid-90s) and since both GBA and Nintendo were never popular in Poland it's really hard to get any good games.

Oh Canada!

Here we come :)

Pippa Passes

Once again I've come across Chrono Trigger in some top 10 list.

I wasn't sure if I've given it a proper score those years ago, do I went to GS's Chrono Trigger page just to make sure.

There it was. A solid 10.

"God's in his Heaven -

All's right with the world!" :)

Play that Ocarina, Green one. Play it loud.

Once again, as promised, Zelda Informer allows everyone to download yet another Zelda soundtrack. This time from the best game evaaaah The Ocarina of Time.

If you want the music (for free!) just follow the Link ;) Pun intended :)


Oh, and in case anybody wondered. No, I'm not associated with Zelda Informer in any way, I'm don't get any benefit for promoting them. Nope. I'm just sharing something that I consider worth sharing.

"It has begun!"

This quote from Shang Tsung refers obviously to me.

I've just finished writing my MA thesis, so now I'm free to finally install Windows again and play some games.

Don't get me wrong, I adore Ubuntu but it's not a gaming platform unfortunatelly.

And since I've recently bought Baldur's Gate II along with Throne of Baal I'm going to play like crazy.

Honestly, I've never played BG2 before.

Then there's Planescape: Torment waiting for me - I'e never finished it - a shame, I know.

Plus, there's a new Puzzle Quest out and I really, really want to check out World of Gooagain and Braid for the first time.

So, there's plenty of things that'll keep me busy for some time :)

I might even write some reviews after I've played those mentioned above.

Twilight Princess Soundtrack!

The people interested in the topic probably already know, but still I wanted to share a great thing.

There is a full Twilight Princess Soundtrack available for free.

Just go to Zelda Informer and download those over 300 MBs of goodness.

Well, that's generally it.

Have a lot of fun listening to it :)