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Your Digital Life with 3DS

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So I've owned a 3ds for awhile but I'm not a big game downloader. Using this blog post I want to list how much memory the retail and Eshop games take up as I dig around the net to find out. Feel free to list what you know in the comments and I'll add it to the list.Should I or you decide to buy the digital version here's a memory usage list

Mario Kart 7: 8,192 blocks

Animal Crossing:New Leaf 8,192 blocks

Harvest Moon:A New Beginning 2,736 blocks

Starfox64 3D 5,120 blocks

Legend of Zelda OoT 4,096

Donkey Kong: 38 blocks

Super Mario 3D Land 4,096 blocks

Mario Tennis Open 4,096 blocks

Castlevania LoSMF 11,653 blocks

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 14,275 blocks

Sonic All Star Racing T (roughly 6,000 blocks or more)

Resident Evil Revelations 25,795 blocks

Adventure Time 580 blocks

Pushmo 144 blocks

Crashmo 169 blocks

HarmoKnight roughly 2000 blocks

Luigi's Mansion 6,745 blocks

New Super Mario Bros 2 2,950 blocks

Scribblenauts Unlimited 3,675 blocks

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon GTF 8,192 blocks

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner-Soul Hacker 14,798 blocks

Fire Emblem Awakening 8,579


Thats all I'm listing comment and let me know what games to add to the list


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To those my friends on this account in a desire for a new username I made a new account you can find me under the name MythicalDrago

Decisions PSP or replacement DS

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I made the unfortunate mistake of buying a used ds it lasted 2 months. Now I'm thinking get a psp to fill the void till the 3ds comes out. What do you guys think the psp games i looked at seem to be what an rpg addict like my self would play.:D


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Can't wait for tommorow. I'm hopin for news on some great rpgs and action/adventure games. What are the odds Namco will be there or Atlus. Maybe there will news of a Tales game coming out stateside. If theres some good news my wii will get a workout. On another thought i may get a dsi xl seeing as i broke my ds a couple years ago. I never got around to replacing it. That burgundy 1 looks awesome.

I'm late to the party but i finally got a wii

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I just recently got a wii. And to make matters luckier the previous owner of this neglected to spend their last 500 wii points b4 trading the system in. So it had 3 virtual console games on it already. Pac Man, Donkey Kong,and some hockey game. From what i can tell from the wii message board this wii was bought last year can you belive some1 would just trade it in. So now I'm gonna start registering friends. I'll leave my wii friend code here for any 1 who wants to register me. Wii number: 1379 5133 4361 0739. If you want can u leave your wii number here or pm it to me.

The Adventurer's Castle

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Now as I was saying :

I want run my own union . It will be about Harvest Moon, the sims, rpg ,and action/adventure games. .If any of you join what series are you interested in? Also if any of you would like to be officers in my union please post whether you want to here. I'll the calling the union The Adventurer's Castle or maybe something else. Lastly tell me what you think of the name for my union and some union names you can think of. I will also need someones who can make good banners.

Twilight Princess is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I've been playing for 2 days and lovin it. So much to see and explore it's way bigger than OoT. The gorons and zoras look amazing . I'd rave on about TW but I might end up spoiling it for those not playing it yet. But let me just tell you, you will not be dissapointed nor will you ever get tired of this game!!!


New system necessary

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I think I'll need a new system to keep from getting bored. I should have gotten a DS when I had the chance.So far the nintendo is finally getting on the ball and making more DS games.:P
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