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Dragon Ball NL, 1:2

In the second instalment of Dragon Ball new life, Tarble was screaming, and Tabbo could sense a huge power up, Tarble kept on going the vains on his biceps were as big as any powerful being and the frustration in his mind could be seen visually. Tarble hasascendedto a super sayian. Tarble reaching super sayian became extremely cocky and thought he had a chance of beating Tabbo, Tarbles voice changed to something more like Vegeta's voice as well, Tabbo read Tarble's power level but because Goku and the other Z fighters hide there power level, Tabbo thought that he was serious, Tabbo used instant transmission and went to the planet that the Namazoid elder was currently on.

Tabbo saw the other Namazoids being hurt and other attack at the planet he was on he then powered up and attacked the opponents with heavy blasts,Tabbo easily discarded of all the opponents that were on the planet, and he saw that there were only few Namazoids there. The planet Eranu which Tabbo was on was beginning to crack much like what happened to Planet Namek with the appearance of Freeza. Carcha, Tabbo's father was found dead. Tabbo began to power up to such a level which surpassed super sayian 3, Tabbo was a super Namazoid. What the Namazoids don't know is that who they killed isn't the real enemy the head honcho was on New Namek and this was an enemy they have faced before and the Sayians have faced before, why is he back, how did he come back is what this enemy wants the Namazoids to feel.

Meanwhile on Earth Piccolo recovered and only hid his power level to seem dead, and he contacted every other Z fighter to Dende's Lookout to tell them what happened, Vegeta also got out of the hyperbolic time chamber the same way Super Buu did, a short 15 minute period was where Tarble had all the focus because of his super sayian power, and Trunks and Goten asked to spar with him, while the kids and Tarble were sparing, Piccolo told everyone about Tabbo and his power and what his appearance was and to look out for him, Vegeta told Tarble to murder him. Tarble sparing the kids looks up and says it'll be easy brother.

Planet Eranu was just about to erupt until Tabbo unleashed the Androids power which was in creation, and after this he got everyone to hold on to him as he was doing instant transmission into the wastelands on Earth, Tabbo and now the other 17 Namazoids were planning there attack on the Sayians, as they are the first target for domination, and Anrdroid 01 was in there looking identical to Freeza but with the Power of Marjin Buu, as the Elder Namazoid was collecting power from the numerous fights that happened.

In the next chapter:

The battle begins,

Hidden Power.

The return of an old enemy.


Please leave positive and negative comments below that would much be appreciated, thanks.

Dragon Ball NL: 1:1

As I stated in my last blog I would be doing a series on dragon Ball, and I gave a way a small part of the plot

Dragon Ball New Life Saga 1 Part 1:

During the battle against Cell and Gohan, planet Yarweth from another galaxy was rounding up members of there different units to take domination over different planets and make them live there in harmony gain trust and then break it. So the Yarweth people were much like the Sayians in the way they easily discard living beings. The Yarweth people were in a ship and identified Earth because of the large blasts happening from the battle with Cell. Thus was the perfect opportuinity to drop a family of the Yarweth people down to Earth they are called "Namazoids", the namazoids looking just like Humans could fit in easily, and were unidentified because every human was focusing on the Cell games they couldn't notice. The Namazoids power level were as high as Frezza's at the time, because after Freeza gave mercy to there planet because the Namazoids gave Frezza a new ship, Frezza left but not without killing 3/4 of the Namazoids, so the Namazoids grew in power level training to beat Frezza but now they plan to have domination over the world.

Years and years had passed, one Namazoid followed Goku's every move and learned every technique his name was Taboo, Tabbo had a girlfriend named Cretta who was a human. As Tabbo learned the moves of Goku even the instant transmission he was able to save the Namaziods from Marjin Buu and other times evil came to Earth. After the events of Marjin Buu and the Z fighter s had a rest period, a Namazoid elder who conquered another planet informed Tabbo he was strong enough to challenge the Z fighters. Tabbo then saw Tarble come and then he saw the events and the human emotion between all of the Z fighters, Tarble and Vegeta were about to go into the hyperbolic time chamber to train until Tabbo came and stared Vegeta in the eyes, Tarble was astonished and didn't really know what to do or how to re act so he just stood there helpless. Meanwhile the elder who conquered a planet called Eranu contacted Tabbo's father Carcha and told Carcha that an experiment is being made on the planet much like an android as planet Eranu is being under attack, and Erannu had most of the Namazoids living there besides the small few families living on planet Earth.

At the scene of Vegeta, Tarble and Tabbo they were all staring each other, and Tabbo read Vegeta's power level and he flew off with a plan in mind. He waited until they went into the time chamber, however Tarble asked Vegeta how he became a super sayian, and he said because of his goal of beating Kakarot and being the best and Goku's was his best friends death, and Gohan's super sayian 2 transformation the death of the android, Tarble realised he wasn't strong enough to go into the chamber as he has not had any of these emotions before so he stayed left to the room on the left. Vegeta walked into the chamber and then Tabbo flew in and tied up Dende and killed Piccolo and destroyed the door to the chamber, Tarble cracked but kept his emotions in.

In the second part of Dragon Ball New Life:

Will the Z fighters sense Piccolo's death?

What will the elders creation be?

Can Vegeta survive?

And can Tarble transform?

Find out in the next part :P.

I have an idea

Hey game spot users, I want to write a Dragon Ball story and well I wanted to know what you guys thought so far I have that below. What I was going to do with that is have the Namazoids come to Earth and the earthlings don't know it as they look the same but they will soon find out in a world tournament that happens after the events of "Yo son Goku and friends return".

In a time that took place after the Cell saga, but before the events of Marjn Buu, it seemed peace was at Earth. Well it was for the time being, what the living beings of Earth didn't know is what they had in stored. In a planet far away from Earth called the Yarweth, there lived an anchent race who were nearly killed by Freeza called the Namazoids. They had the exact same look as the human race but thecharacteristicswere far different, so they looked to be able to fit in with Humans easily if they knew them. There fighting power was incredible but they knew how to hide there power which made the Z fighters never notice them.

A bit about me

Hey everyone, I am Cell junior, I am a very big Dragon Ball/z fan and after browsing game spot many times, I have finally decided to join. I come from Australia, and started of playing games when I was around the age of 6 playing Pokemon Red and I have been on and off games since, however I always like to go back whenever a dragon ball or pokemon game is released or announced. I own a Nintendo Wii, Ps2, Ds, Game boy Advance and Colour and might buy a xbox later in this year, I am also turning 16 next month, and I also want to add thanks for reading haha, :). Cell Junior out.