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Random blog

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Saturday night, and I'm just here getting drunk while listening to folk metal.

Life does have it's moments.

The end of Nevermore... (?)

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I can't imagine many will read this since I never blog.....but anyway.

It's a few days old.......but Jeff Loomis and Van Williams have left the band Nevermore, and as a result they've had to cancel all remaining concerts.......and we were going to see them in June.

I'm a very depressed, teary-eyed panda. *opens a new box of tissues*

Been awhile since I blogged.

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So yeah........I'm just sitting here at the computer at 2:00am, even though I need to get up at 5:45am to go to work.....I know, I'm an idiot. But I can't help it.......weekend all nighters are just too addictive :P But other than that, I need new tyres for my car......a mitsubishi Pajero. & it pretty much goes without saying that bigger tyres = a bigger hole in your around $800 for a new set of "good" that's going to be kinda painful :P & I'm still downloading anime, as always (with a dial-up connection :| ), but our internet has really.......really........reeeeeeeeeally been pissing me off lately. So I'd be lucky to get a single ep within 24 hours. But we've been kinda considering getting a satellite connection (it's our only option).....though the fact that you can't use it when it's overcast has kinda been putting me off......but I suppose I could get more anime in a single day with satellite then I could with our current connection in an entire week.....I dunno... & I must also thank Madman entertainment for getting hold of these death note figures......I just ordered 3 of them earlier tonight (yes, I know I'm buying new tyres for my car.....but just call it an impulse purchase :P ) I Bought L, Light, & Misa........these are going to go nicely on my shelves ^_^ But anyway, I suppose it's about time I went to bed.....I've got to go to sleep & get up in less than 3 & 1/2 hours.......gonna be another tiring day.....but oh well, I'll survive ;)

Internet speed results (dial-up.....oh yay...).

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Take note of the upload speed........go figure :|

Man, I hope our government will get it's act together soon......Australia is miles behind other countries when it comes to internet speeds.....we're stuck with connections that are no faster then few mb/s......& most people have conncetions with only a few hundered kb/s.......which obviously yeah, I'm sick of having crappy internet :cry:

Anyway, that is all.......I just wanted a place to cry :P

It's snowing! :D

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Yep.....something we don't get very often here. & even though it's past 1 in the morning, I just took a quick (careful) drive down our driveway onto the highway.....though since our property is rather hilly, there was a bit of slipping & sliding down the road......but good thing I have a 4WD :D So I got down to the highway & the whole road was covered in snow.....actually, just everything was covered in snow. So yeah, there wasn't a single car in either direciton.....I actually wouldn't be surprised if they stopped traffic from coming through, considering that the snow is still coming down. So natrally, I enjoyed my freedom & had a bit of a walk out into the middle of the road......though it was a rather strange feeling tbh, considering that this is a highway that a lot of semis yeah, that was kinda fun.....heh, I'm such a kid ^_^. But I hope it keeps on snowing until daybreak.....the snow will hopefully get even thicker then & that'll be really......."cool" ;)