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Lucky me.

I woke up late today. Man that feels good. Contrary to having to be up at 6:30 am everyday, I managed to stay in bed all the way until 6:35 am on a holiday, lucky me. BUT at least I dont have to put the uniform, have breakfast, sit in my car and go wreak some havok at someones house like always. I get to wear some old clothes Ive been wearing on my free time (like uniform), have some breakfast, sit on my emperor´s throne (chair with speakers) and wreack some havok on my house.... lucky me. And it seems like any day free I have (ME3 is waiting for me already), im feeling rotten as usual, kids are fighting over food and my wife is already chasing them around, lucky me. But today is a little special: today I have to finish preparations for the BIG DAY: Tomorrow I get married. As I sit here raising my feet to avoid the bites of my little girl, I do some thinking and realize I feel empty: Im not nervous, I feel like im on a quest: QUEST 3413: Preparation for THE BIG DAY Objectives: - Finish the paper work so they know who are they marrying me with - Get a haircut so they know whos the bride - Pick up some beer for the guests. - Pick up some ingredients for the dinner - Pick up some snacks for eating today - Get the car to carwash so it doesnt look like an abandoned trash anymore. - Play a little Dissidia 012 so I dont lose the 43 days-in-a-row bonus - Get something dead to eat. - Pay cellphone bill (seriously, contract said 300, why it says 790?) - Return home - Play ME3 until I only see blurs of light. - Go to bed. Maybe I lvl up after fullfilling all the points but Im definitly skipping the paying part, who needs a cellphone anyway? And after that, waking up tomorrow to the BIG DAY and do a million stuff before I actually get married. get cake, get food, get dressed, get rings, get married, get home, get drunk... lucky me. Still, its my love's dream to get married by church. And by fulfilling that dream I realize im making her quite happy, and thats enough for me. She's so exited she already put new nails and made me a special breakfast; she loves me above everything else despite all the wrongs Ive done and all the bad times we've shared. She put that school uniform skirt I love so much and is literally flying in a pink cloud all around. She even told me to play a little to relax. And Ill get to marry this woman tomorrow and share the rest of our lifes together, and maybe live happily ever after enjoying ourselves the way we have done it this past 8 years. Thats a very interesting and fun quest, no achievement points required. Lucky me.

What to do in case of a Cyclone

So I got a big one passing around home: http://www.smn.cna.gob.mx/boletin/avisos/pacifico/tray-pac_image002.jpg YAY! for me! more vacations! Except that this time Ill have no power, no water and (OMG) no internet. I guess Ill pick up my books but all this humidity is damaging them so I better find a way to dry them. I could have some fun riding my bike on the rain, but the winds and the running water on the streets would make that very dangerous. Playing yugioh against myself is no longer funny (I always win). Leaks of the house makes very dificult to spend some time exercising (slipery floor). What other options do I have? Table games? theyre not fun when one needs to be sweeping water out of the house every 2 minutes. Oh look! an ant!!! Thats exciting...

Be welcome to Silent Hill

I was sweeping trough all coments of my friends when I read about a game I mostly had forgotten and a cascade of memories returned to me. This blog may also be called "When gamers collide" As you may have imagined Im speaking of Silent Hill. I remember I was in highschool when I first played it, since I had the afternoon turn I could only play at night; wich later becamo my favourite time to play. Still I had chances in the mornings to turn on that PSX and get more SH in my veins before heading to school. Why is it special? Ill tell you: what made my experience more stunning was a sum of very curious facts: 1.- At the time, my mother had just bought the house in a recently developed colony in the outskirts of the town. There was no street lights, no traffic AND no neighbours. Pretty much we were alone there in a house where droping a pin will echo. 2.- The colony was still under construction so during mornings the noise of machinery was quite loud. 3.- I was almost always alone. 4.- Wind used to make a very unusual moaning noises at the time. So, everything added up to put me on the edge of my seat, since during day I couldnt tell if it was enviromental noise or game-sounds and during nights the enviroment sounded more tetrical than the game itself. And there I was, jumping at shadows and playing in a perpetual state of dismay trying to guess if it was the game, the enviroment or my own mind. Curious fact: the construction company marked the daystart, meal time, back-to-work time and day end WITH A MFGD SIREN!!! The result was very funny: even today I get shivers everytime I hear a siren in movies or games; and if I happend to hear it in RL I just reach for nearest weapon... Ten years later... I had a pleasant (?) surprise: working at a packages delivery company at the end of a very long day I stumbled with a town that fullfilled all the requisits to be called Silent Hill. It was absolutely empty, there was no sound at all and a misterious fog was appearing. The hour was that of the magic: when the sun is gone but the darkness hasnt won yet; and there I was with my boss and a friend, my boss looking for a phone, my friend looking for a bathroom and I was freaking out and looking for a way to start again the car that misteriously stalled. While my boss was on the phone, I told my friend about how similar it was to the game. He took a minute to consider, looked around, listened to the silence... and then his face changed color. "darn you are right" he said "open the trunk lets see what weapons we have" And so I did: the classical X wrench and piece of wood. "dude, we have just become the protagonist duo of a game; lets see wich of us gets to die so the other one lives" wer put our game faces, turned on the radio (to know whenever a monster came close) when my boss joined us "whats with the wrench and wood?" he asked with a smile "Dude, car doesnt start, night is falling and well, look around: we are in Silent Hill" He just took a look around, listened to the silence... and the smile faded. "and... well; you know; theres only 2 weapons dude; youll get to defend with your fists" my friend said. The color from my boss face left too. He slowly turned around and gave some tries to the car's ignition, wich of course didnt started. He freaked out "stop joking, its not funny" he said maybe acting maybe serious. "dude, the games are your life, you should know what comes next, so no panic" my friend said. "Yea, the weaponless get slaughtered so the cool guys get to see what are they fighting against" I said, wich my boss didnt found quite funny I must say. And the curtain of the night fell... Wich made me remember why the damned car stalled from time to time and refused to start: gas pump needed some hits since it was old. So I did, and the blasted thing started to everyones relief. It was miraculous how fast they hopped inside faster than you can read this... and we left that gloomy place so fast... than none really noticed we didnt had headlights in the car. Wich made the rest of the 2 hours of trip more dramatic than anything. I can assure, I would probably had a heart attack if a siren would have sounded at that moment...

Having some vacations

Im going to take another forced vacations. Do I deserve them? should I fight to not be temporarily laid down? do I even care??? I think Ill just turn to my good old friend the 360 and her pack of games she has to offer me, and then say "F)(&k it, Ill play until I drop the controller" There will always be something to be done, so I rather enjoy the little time outs I have every now and then. So, whats the plan? Ill just tackle insane mode on Lollipop Chainsaw, then Ill go for the insane mode of Mass Effect series (YES, THE THREE OF THEM, ONE AFTER ANOTHER; MWAHAHAHAHA DONT TRY THIS AT HOME KIDS) and if Im still alive Ill go for nightmare mode of Rise of Nightmares... or maybe the very hard runs of Child of Eden. Ill just save the other 8 games on stand by for another ocasion... if I survive. Wish me luck, and may I find myself in heaven half hour before the devil knows im death...

Yes... run, and hop, and skip!

I just shut down my 360 after healty dose of "Black Eyed Peas: The Experience" What can I say? I felt alive, happy and unimaginably tired after 4 hours of jumping around... Maybe theres no need for hyper-advanced graphics and complicated formulas to have fun this days. Maybe the repetitive and shallow new games are just inferior to true games made for true fun... Maybe im just getting old... but not too much to stop pump'in it....!!!

Real life stuff

Who says real life is boring? Not me, I have a daily ration of "Burnout: Take Down" style driving experience to the office, from there is a "Grand Turismo" (in the off road tracks) part of driving to work zone. Then a mix of some of RTS ("Emperor: Battle for Dune" judging by the desertic ambient) with Action- Puzzle games (healty mini-games Bioshock style, shock included). My house is like the Red Queen castle of AM: Alice (queen included) and dinner time is like playing "Cake Mania" without the tips... nor the money... and definitly without the skates. In overall I handle dangerous machinery; drive long times around dirt, campside and city tracks; manage unstable chemicals and my gamer wife loves to do cosplay. Its not heaven but it cant be too far. Question: Why in the world would I want to play? Answer: Wwhy kill someone only once when you can do it over and over again??? Oh and RL has no save games to reload...

Gamer life

To have a gamer life is harder than it looks; one must be informed of everything that is coming up, one must have the gaming devices in perfect health (or die trying) one must find some time to do anything else (like eating) and if you happend to have a family, you need to balance even more hours away from the games. Its a great responsability to maintain your collection up to date; lot of sacrifices must be made to aquire a new console or a better gaming-pc. But the greatest challange is to split your time between your work, your family, your health and your games (life?) A real pro-gamer knows how to balance all this in order to still have a decent amount of hours of gameplay. After all, who needs to sleep anyway?

Vacations are over

My vacation from work are over. Must say It was quite fun not doing nothing in all day but play over and over again. Still is nice to be back to work, theres a lot of things to buy and lots of bills to pay. Ill try to come every now and then, but it wont be as often as this past week. Have fun gamers, play a ot; score some headshots in my behalf...

House-made Gamer Fest

A good friend of mine just left my house. We had a great time playing versus and co-op games. (Marvel VS Capcom 3, Kinect Star Wars, Soul Calibur IV, Unreal Tournament, Castle Crashers) There are times when one forgets that is not alone in this world, tries to take it all by one-self and not show what they call "weakness". We aint alone, we are social creatures; finding someone to play and sharing your fun is just an awesome way to complement the gamer life. Having said that, its time to solo "Rise of Nightmares". Stay tunned.

Incoming games

Why is it that everything announced just doesnt appeal to me? Seems like gaming industry is focusing on shallow titles, games that only "look good" but in escence are hollow. I mean; old war games were about shooting really bad guys in terrible graphics but in historical situations. Now you are the bad guy killing ppl that is just a little more bad than yourself; everything in HDTV and absolutely high detail (yea, I could see his breakfast) Innovations are just forgoten, and if you cant run-cover-shoot-run then the game is crap? Maybe im just getting old...
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