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Sorry about missing so much, a lot has been happening. My piano teacher has upped my practice time to 40 minutes a day, I've had football practices early in the morning, orchestra has practice charts for the first time in a year, I've got tons of algebra homework, and more stuff. Please don't take offense at my inactivity in any of your unions, I haven't been on much. I'm sorry I haven't been on much, I've had a lot of stuff. I wasted away my Thanksgiving break with my DSi, and haven't had much time anytime else.

Good news is, I beat a few games while I was out. I might have talked about these before, so sorry if there are repeats:

Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy IV

Final Fantasy I

Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

And probably some more that I'm forgetting.

I won't be on much until Christmas, and I won't be on much then. I'm sorry for my long absense, there's been a lot of stuff happening. What ever happens, I hope to be back at most by summer. To leave you with one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite game (altered to fit the situation):

My Friend, the teachers are cruel
There are no dreams, no honour remains.
The homework has left the cIassoom of the teacher.

Even if the blog is barren of promises,
nothing shall forestall my return.
If this website seeks my destruction...
... It goes with Me


I'M BACK!!! w00t.

Hello all. I'm back (kinda). Breif explanation: School starts very soon (next Monday). I signed up for athletics after my coach begged me to for a while, so I won't be able to get on as much because of games and early practice. Therefore, I won't be able to get on as much. I'll still be able to post in some unions, but not all. Sorry if your union gets dropped for a little bit. :(

Also, the thing that my mom saw was somebody cussing. Don't ask who, I won't tell.

ROUND ONE OF NAME THAT TUNE IS UP. Please watch. Leave a comment here or there, please.


IMPORTANT! (please read and comment!)

Okay, I'll make this breif. My mom saw something she didn't want to see on GS, and my dad doesn't want me spending so much time on the computer, so I'm taking a hiatus from GS. I'll still drop in every once in a while, but I might not have any major activity for a while. It might blow over in a week, but it might take a month or two. Please don't demote me in unions, all the usual stuff. I hope you see every one of you again, but it might be a while. Don't give up on me. :D Oh yeah, I've got 1248 comments, so I think I'm in the Top 25, fastesttruck.

I really will miss all of you. I think this'll blow over in a few weeks, so I might be back soon.

Cecil Highwind.

YOU'RE FAT! (in a cute voice)

Yes, that's right. I got Wii Fit. I'm At Risk of Overweight, even though I can bench my weight. Yeah. Pure Bull ****.

I just downloaded Battlefield 1943, so... yeah. Anybody else have it?

Netflix delivered my Walker, Texas Ranger Season 1 Disk 1. W00t. Can't wait to start watching it.

so... yeah. I'm back. Next blog'll probably have my Wii FCs. Wii Fit is making me get on more.

I don't have much to say. Bye. Leave a comment :D



taking a break, (X-Box game development camp, W00t!) I'll stay active in some unions that are about to die, but not much else, bye


Billy Mays+Montage

I uploaded a Billy Mays sig and I'm going to upload a teaser montage tomorrow. Can you guess what it is? It almost made me cry when I played it :cry:, and I never cry, exept in blogs :P Please leave a comment on the Billy Mays sig. Here's a link, and here's the pic:

Billy Mays :(

rate it if you want, but it was my first one and I used Paint, Word, and Photoshop. Photoshop was cludgy and Paint and Word wouldn't let me save the pic :(. I'll get better over time :D

sorry I didn't make board sweeps last night, I was in a couple of conversations and I was too tired :D I've been staying awake on bubbly gum and my iPod.

Ahl be Bach.


just... yeah. This is a blog.

Hi. This is Cecil. I'm really freaking tired. If I don't make sense, blame it on me.

Okay, GS news. By the time you read this, i'll probably have 5K posts. Only like 40 away. I'm also thinking of starting a tourney after I do a top 10 songs with the biggest play count. If you have ideas for the tourney, please tell.

Scotty, beam me up...

I'm not going to be on tomorrow night, gotta get up early.

I beat the part in FFVI that I was stuck on in my previous file. Klefka delivers some smashing lines.

I found an awesome game. This is da link. Don't worry, site is safe. It's called Fancy Pants Adventure 2, and it's an awesome game. It's like a good Sonic game. Dialogue at the beginning is hilarious. I've almost beaten the game. Only the final boss left. He's hard :(.



I've found a Glitch! (this is an AWESOME one)

Hi, it's Cecil. I found a glitch with blog entries. at the top of the screen in the address bar you will see this:

http://www.gamespot.com/users/Cecil_Highwind/... (so on and so forth)

if you modify it to look like this:

http://www.gamespot.com/users/Ghostofluigi/... (so on and so forth)

and you insert your username here /\, this blog entry will appear under your name.


it's really funny and another glitch at GS has.


I'm back!

Hi, it's Cecil. (no, of course it's not me, it's Bob the Builder) I'm back. (duh) I'll make my union rounds once I'm done with this. (well, hurry up)

I've picked up FFV and FFVI (mainly due to the influence of N8A). I'm going to change my sig to have some lines from the game. "It's a bit too tight, but the price was right." :P Both good, if not great games.

And Banjoluigi got FFXIII!!! He said he was going to get me a copy. I'll kill him if he doesn't.

Michael Jackson died. I suspect the conversation went like this whenever he collapsed:

Joe: That guy just had a heart attack! It's Michael Jackson! Bob, go give mouth-to-mouth!

Bob: But Joe, I don't know how!

Joe: Yes you do!

Bob: Not anymore!

Okay, that's all for now. Bye.