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@davidsworld3: I'm just going to put this out there: You've seen literally nothing from the new Silent Hill. As you finish the teaser it says that it doesn't represent the final product.

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One word: Raiden.

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Wild West

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Winter means any of the three months. I'd say they would be releasing it some time before christmas so they could make the most money off the game. It wouldn't make sense business wise to release the game after the time of the year when people spend the most money.

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Joel from The Last of Us, Kai Leng from Mass Effect 3, Sinestro and Nightwing from Injustice, a whole bunch of shit in Darksiders 2, Snow from Final Fantasy 13, and Booker Dewitt from Bioshock Infinite. The one and only Troy Baker! He is pretty much like Steve Blum or John DiMaggio. 

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Thought you were going to have a good thought provoking post about gaming habits and how it can lead to addiction...Then you quoted the bible.