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I rarely care about collectibles, but I appreciate it when they give you some kind of reward other than 15G.

Infamous did a decent job with the blast shards, where you became more powerful the more you collected. 350 might have been a little excessive though, especially when you have 2 left and no clue where to look.

Also, been playing Sly Collection, and the bottles gives you new moves if you find all of them in any given level.

As long as there is incentive I have no problem, but 100 feathers for a goddamn cape? F-U AssCreed.

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Right after a J....

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Brother Ali - Self Taught

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Seeing as how many wrote spiders, I was just waiting for some sadistic bastard to post a picture... also, I'm afraid of spiders (went real slow going through this topic:P)

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I am only disappointed in the fact that it only features the Terran campaign, and I wish Blizzard would release the full game instead of only one, albeit large, piece. I mean, they've been working on it for over a decade (from what I understand), I could have waited a few more for the full package. I guess Blizzard has been spending too much money on this to sell it at $60.

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The sad part is that it will probably be hugely successful, it's the High School Musical/Hannah Montana phenomenon.

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Dexter, Breaking Bad, Peep Show, South Park, Californication, Weeds, Burn Notice, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Seinfeld, Entourage.

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I once had the Pokemon theme song stuck in my head for 3 days. Pure torture. Click if you dare!

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I'd send the video game industry 25 years into the future, imagine the graphics! Either that or remove Bobby Kotick from this planet, maybe send him to Mars or something.

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There's a lot of myths and misconceptions about the concequences of smoking marihuana, but instead of telling you about them, I'll direct you to this page:

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