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PS3 40GB with no BC is really depressing to me

PS3 40GB with no BC is really depressing to me, I really feel like corporate Sony is trying to get every last dollar they can get. I am very scared that I will wait for a different model ps3 and I get screwed because I want to play my ps2 games that I still and others I mean to still play. I would think about getting a ps3 60GB just so I can get a ps3 with the BC in it. But I wanted the ps3 with the smaller chips so it would be cooler and make less noise. This is very outrageous to me, I may just stick it to the man and barrow my roomates xbox and buy a bunch of older games just to stick it to Sony. I really hope Sony is just trying to make it seem they are listening to customers later and add BC to the 40GB PS3 soon after it comes out. I just hope I can still say I support Sony with the money I spend as a customer.

How does the 80gb ps3 run MGS3 Substance?

I was on the US Playstation website backwards compatible website. I looked on the 80gb one to see if my ps2 game would work and for Metal Gear Solid 3 Substance it said that the game slowed down more than it should. I think I remember reading something too about the cut-scenes not running at the full speed they should..... Do anyone have an 80gb ps3 and please tell me if the game is playable with the slow down. I would also like to know how the cut scenes go. I am really thinking about just buying an 60GB ps3 just to play MGS3;Substance because I really loved that game and I know I am going to get a Ps3 sooner or later. Please reply ASAP! Thank you in advance

My AO game in light of Manhunt2 AO rating fallout

I want to play a game where you are in WWII and you have to fight to stay alive but you have no food so you need to kill Germans and then eat them for stamina. Kind of like MGS3 but of the AO flavor. And then the game twists and the guys starts going through changes and starts looking like a mutant or a vampire. (The last part might be a little over the top but hey) Might as well throw some "girly" magazines in there for good measure. This game would have to super realistic visuals, a future game that would be a generation after Crysis comes out. Full dismemberment of bodies. Well those are my ideas right now, L:8r

Summer Time

I had never beat the game Diablow 2 game all the way by myself, IE not being online and having people rush me all the way I also got Ninja Giden for the xbox my old roommate a college game me. I have also been playing some final fantasy tactics on psp and I am getting rather bored with that game. But I really want to beat it so I never have to come back to that game again because I never completed it. oh ya and today I might get a new phone today because our 2year Cingluar plan needs to get renewed. My g/f is in Greece and I am having alot of differnt emotions now that is gone. With this free time off of college I have been trying to clean up my room IE getting rid of old stuff and giving it away, reading old mags, and going thu' my college stuff. It is getting a lot better but I have been working 9-5 with my dad and I have been needing running after work and then I do not really think about cleaning my room. I was attacked by an opossum and a black bird. I think the animals have it in for me right now

Good times,.. I turned 21 Over the weekend

I really gotten into folding at home to help with doing medical research. But here is my post on another forum. here it is. What system are you running? I'm running a 2 year old gateway P4 at 2.8GHz's 1gig or ram. (Internal Video Card) Trying to save up money for a new computer but I want a PS3 and college isn't free the last time I checked - Are you an Intel or AMD Fan Boy/Girl? Neither really but I can say that I root for the underdog because a monopoly is good for no one. Supporting a named brand doesn't really sit well with me, thats like saying its not from Old Navy its from Guess so I cant wear it. >>>> Not a brand whore here I just changed my team number to 38296 in the console is there anything else I need to do? (I'm using the 5.0.3 Console) I'm from the Chicago-land but gone away to college. I like watching for my teck' love and watching diggnation. I turned 21 last weekend and I got so wasted!!!! I had a priceless conversation with my GF I said something like "GOLD!" out of no where GF responds what about gold? I respond "SHINY" "SHINY GOLD" Too bad I dont remember all this. LOL good times.

Wow, I had a supprising christmas

First of all my mom had been telling me for a couple days before Christmas that she has been looking around for a gift that she had for me and has not been able to find it. My sister in 8th grade was also helping her looking around for it. They never told me anymore so I just guessed that they did not find it. Anyways I get to opening some presents with my family and I had opened about 2 or 3 presents and then I pick this smaller one that kind of felt heavy. It opened it and under the tissue paper aside and found a video iPod and I was super surprised because they never said anything to me about iPods and I returned my old shuffle and got a new one from best buy and it was a new smalled shuffle and it had a clip on. Anyways I show my mom and she go freaking crazy screaming that she found it. It was so funny, too bad someone didn't record it for Americas Funniest home videos. Ya so I got an iPod video the 30 gig one. And I watch alot of podcasts so I know I will enjoy the video part. But I really want to find out how to put my videos on to my Ipod. If anyone has a good website or can just tell me I would owe you one. Thanks in advance, Merry Christmas

Trying to figure where to spend my time and money the best.

I had a great thanksgiving away from the college scene. I had a really good time just laying around playing my psp and playing the GBA advanced wars after someone emailed it to me over my break. I've downloaded a bunch of Final Fantacy games along with a bunch of Zelda and RPG games. I have been a podcast whore and I just watch a bunch of video game podcasts and tech podcasts like I really like but i've been hearing all this news about the ps3 and I wish there was more positive news. I want to say that ps3 is looking good but I would be lieing. I really want one, but if I got one I would need to get a new TV. And everytime I think about getting a ps2 I think about it going obsolete when I evetually get a ps3. I really want a big ass TV that will set me off well enouph for many years. I really cant decide what my budget is and what I am gonna do. I like the theory of comtition of video game consoles but, then again I would rather just own one freaking system that plays everthing I want. I'm still looking at PS3 for my Metal Gear, GTA, GT, and Final Fantacy. Gears looks tasty but I can always play it at in my friends room. I keep thinking about when I get that HD-tv w/ 1080p and ps3 and blow his x360 out of the water, but that looks more and more distant. I really like the cheaper virsion of the ps3 but I got a psp and I really want to play Metal Gear and FF7 again. That linix looks really tasty to me and so does the exchangable HDD. I am gonna stick to my plan of waiting for a price drop of a ps3 and continue to play alot of hours on my psp and friens breaking down ps2. Over thanks giving break I went to best buy and my old shuffle was havnig problems and I had already exchanged it two times before that. I got it echanganged with a redesigned shuffel w/ a 1gig flash. That is twice as big as my old shuffle. I really like it. I also went to game gamestop and picked up a 2gig memory card for my psp for like 43 with tax. I forgot about trying to put whole movies and Iso's on that. I cant wait to have some free time over my winter break. MGS:PO looks really good and I need to go soon to get it pre-ordered so manybe I cant get that stuff for my psp. I think I am also gonna buy burnout legonds a gamestop for 20 or else a mgs Acid game. Later