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PS4 really needs more ports and remakes ....oh..and Indies ...Indies for sure .

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@AzatiS said:

Sales makes winners sadly.

That´s a goal post Cows tried to move almost a whole generation ........until this new one started that is .

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@gpuking said:

A lot of PS4 games easily shit on it in graphics actually, for current released multiplat even Thief PS4 looks slightly better.

Too bad Thief sucks.

And it sucks at 16 fps a lot of the time !

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Rage !

You can only play your online bought games offline with your primary PSN account, if you didn´t check the primary option when you first turned on the PS4 you are screwed and can only play your games for 20 minutes off line before drm kicks in .You can still change the account to primary but need to be online and signed in to PSN for that which now doesn´t work .

LOL at that Sony DRM !

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Mindless hack and slash Nightmare creatures on PS1 revisited .

I think Ill pass on this one !

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People craving for a new console after all those years, never has a generation of consoles lasted so long as last gen .

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It fails because it never works as advertised, all you have is half assed unresponsive controls plagued by lag .

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@-Unreal- said:

What performance are you PC players getting?

With a good system about 4 times the peasant performance in a higher resolution, so they said .

Have a turnip !

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Even more silly is that people are actually damage controlling it .

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Lol at Sony, almost a whole generation they tried to keep their sales numbers from the public or hid them in overall Sony family numbers but now they are ahead they even spill the beans early .

July NPD data is coming soon, and Sony has revealed that the PlayStation 4 has come out on top in the US yet again.