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His music was his real crime to the world !

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I found a workaround for such. I type what I want normally, then if I want to quote something, I type the follow on response to it, or at least part of it, then I move the cursor up between the two paragraphs and insert the quote there, that way, I can move the cursor to the end of the follow on sentence to continue the train of thought. I suppose that could be done with inserting an image and adding text after it.

Thanks, that's a good tip although shit should work like it supposed to .

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If I quote a post or just use a quote box once I get in that box to type or edit a message I'm trapped in there and can't get out to type something under it where I suppose to type my own message .

I have this annoying problem on three computers all using Firefox .

Also when I add a picture in a message it's sometimes impossible to type anything under the picture after adding it as it wont allow my cursor to go under there, just above .

Also when I make a post a lot of times it shows up as edited right from the start.

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It's ridiculous for such a big gaming site to omit a separated retro section .

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I'm getting back in SF and the first is in !

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Donpachi on an Aero City arcade machine the way it should be played !

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Tried this topic already but it was redirected to general gaming so now try again .

photo DSCF5877.jpg

My latest is a brand new Mushuhimesama LE for the PS2 with the little figurine included in the box, use to be pretty expensive but the 360 HD release took care of that .

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Just dress 90's style and have your hair cut blockhead Duke Nukem style and all will be well !

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No you can't any more, only the first one I made did work .

I made a new topic and it appeared in general gaming while I posted it to Legacy .

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It's crap, slow , buggy and I miss legacy .