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Back for a visit

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So I stopped coming as a regular a few years back, and started using Gamefaqs. Yesterday, I decided to go down memory lane and pay this place a visit. I had a ton of good memories, visiting old Unions and forums, and reading my own game reviews. God my grammar was horrible. Anyways, I heard about the major overhaul. Not happy. Unions and downloads are being removed? Those are what made this place unique and special to begin with. Also, I dont know if I might come back as a regular member. We shall see.


I was a regular from 2005-2009ish. I will never forget the good times I had with this site.

Back yet again

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Not that anyone cares, but I'm back on gamespot yet again. I have lost many gamespot friends, shame really.

Simpsons movie! Awesome

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So I jus came home from seeing the simpsons movie. It was awesome! My mom went out so i decided to see the simpsons movie, i wanted to go but loss track of time, so saw the 9:00pm one. it was awesome! Hope they make a sequel! So see it!

Spider Man 3 Awesome!

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I went to see Spiderman 3 on Friday, it was awesome. It's was cool to see the black suit. Also, I cracked up that Stan Lee was in it! Yes, Stan Lee! It was funny! He said something to Peter, I forgot what though lol. It was cool how Venom was in it. But I really thought that could of got a different guy to play him. Eric from That 70's Show played Eddie/Venom. He was too slim, and Eddie is supposed to be a big guy, also, Venom's voice wasn't like well..... Venom, it sounded kinda the same, also, Venom didn't get much screen appearance. But some something tells me he'll be back lol. Anyways, awesome movie! Go see it! Now!


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YES!!! I got my G1 (car) and M1 (motorcycle) licence! I'm so relieved! I went Friday and failed both of them. I went today, and failed. I went and did it again and I passed! My heart was beating like crazy when the guy was tallying up the score, and said that's a pass! Phew! I have a scooter not a motorcycle, so I missed school for that, it was awesome!

Today is my Bday

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Yup, Valentines day is my b day lol, all i can say is i can't wait to get a driver's licence!


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i had one on monday, and it was no fun. lukily i'm recovering

Shining force Gaiden II, The Sword of Hajya

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I have beaten the sword of hajya. this is my fourth shining game i have beaten. this is a really awesome game! after the last battle, it was really sad. i won't spoil it incase any of you wanna play it or still playin.
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