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New setup

Hey all,

So i'm producing video content now for PCWorld, Macworld, and TechHive as well as producing Hack and Slash still ( Also will be launching a new podcast in the near future. Come visit or hit me up on

Screen Tear will always be thought of as a great ride and I still show old episodes over on my YouTube page. The fans of the show were some of the most helpful and supportive viewers i've had the pleasure of talking with.


Carlos Rodela

Hack and Slash Pilot Now Online!

The pilot for Hack and Slash is finally up!

Check it out here - and please Like, Tweet, and Share!! Much appreciated.

Leave comments on what you'd like to see in the show, and tweet me your video game glitch/bug videos if you have any.

Screen Tear is now Hack and Slash

writing the script for our pilot episode that will replace Screen Tear. It will incorporate Stuck In The Walls segments as well.

if you'd like to know more check out my site for more info and my youtube page sometime next week for the pilot.

a kickstarter will also be going up shortly to help fund the first full season (season 2 .. if you count the first season of Screen Tear).


E3 on the floor reporting

Monday i'll be on the E3 show floor - walking it and casing the joint to prep for my upcoming 3 DAY reporting session.

I'll tweet from there and feel free to tweet me (as of monday) to tell me games you'd like me to go look at and

report on.

Screen Tear coming back in a new form?

Hey all,

So i'm thinking about starting the show back up but with another name (Gamespot is focusing on other in-house shows right now and my show recently got cut for a season 2). I am also kicking around some names for the show and going back to a few we had before it became Screen Tear. Stay tuned over at for more info on a second season and a new name. Cheers!

Carlos @onawa

Screen Tear is over. Was a fun ride while it lasted.

In case you hadn't heard we didn't get picked up for a second season of Screen Tear. It's not because pepole didn't support it - cause yall did.

ESPECIALLY the GS users - thanks for all your support!

Follow me over on twitter (@onawa) or Facebook (Carlos Rodela) for updates on what i'll be doing in May (new web series), and look for me on Gamespot coming early June

as i'll be covering E3 for them (running around interviewing people with my wild manic stylings).


*check out -and subscribe to- my YouTube channel as some really cool stuff will be happening on there. Comedy, Games, and Tech bizness

Season 2 news

Hey all,

So still working on how we want to continue/evolve Screen Tear so sit tight - no new show this week - but should have news on that front very soon. The current goal is to get the show back in action for May. In the meantime you all can follow my weird videos and Vlog's over at and hit me up on twitter @onawa. We'll be listening to feedback as we build the concepts and plan for season 2.



New episode today - and end of season 1

So the last episode of this season goes up today (and 4pm PST) - and spoiler/warning .. its all boobs.

Well there's breast physics thrown in too.

I thought why not just talk about the elephant in the room .. er .. does that analogy work here? You know .. just address this constant fascination with video game boobs. Also go on an EPIC tangent for a minute that is ridic.

Not sure if season 2 is happening yet with Screen Tear, but i'll keep you all updated on it over on my twitter (or here) @onawa.