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Wiped the blog; started clean.

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Let's face it, the last blog post I made was about 5 years ago, so I figured I'd start fresh.

To anyone who's actually still following me and possibly had a heart attack from seeing an update from me, please consider following these people who need your love. And don't just stop there, but encourage your network to support them, too. (Twitter: @DapperSwine) - An indie game developer with a big heart that needs a lot more support.

Jeff Ball (Twitter: @jeffedwardball) Awesome video game music composer. (Twitter: @DistractionGaming) A first impressions style review site run by a very kind fellow. (Twitter: @LoudBear) A team that has gone quiet, but might be able to be raised from the dead if it had some tender loving care.

There's more to the indie gaming world than millionaires like Notch. Give some of the little guys a chance!

That's all for now. Have fun.