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Video Problems

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Yea, I've had some problems with uploading the latest speedruns, I'll try to get things to work and get 2 new videos on before Thursday!
ps: Practically level 11 now.. :3

A load of Toad!

by on
Catch it, it's this weeks speed run! Super Mario Bros 2!

Review Fever and Video Requests

by on
My Puyo Pop Fever review is up, go check it out!
Plus, since I've been posting some speed runs, I'm starting to run out of my own, So I'd like to ask everyone to request a speed run of a certain game they would like to see, and I will see what I can do!

Race to the finish!

by on
An extra video for ya this week! To players race to finish Super Mario Bros!! Check it out!

It's a Fever!!!

by on
I bought myself Puyo Pop Fever!!! (DS) I've been playing alot out of it recently, expect a review pretty soon!
PS: I corrected my OOT review, now it has the score it deserves.. :)

New Video!

by on
The Tetris NES world Speed record is now up! Go check it out!

Level 10!

by on
Finally! It's time to start uploading some vids!! First off, Donkey Kong World Speed record! go check it out!
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