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Preordered DA2.

Now all I have to do is sit back and wait...well I'll probably be doing online school work and looking at universities to transfer to but still. I'll have to work extra hard before the release to I have sometime to go through that. Right now Spring Semester isn't looking good for me. I still haven't registered for classes becuase of my shot records not being up to date. Then they lost the COPY of my shot records (they had already lost my record and made another) Then I had to have blood drawn and I had to wait a week. So now the school is closed and I can register online becuase the site is messed up and I cant navigate it. (It keeps giving me lectures not classes)

Boy my life is fun. Ah well guess I'm registering late or whatever.

Good Lord. I don't know how I'm going to wait....DA 2!

I can't believe it! So excited I love the first one. I'm even thinking of trying Mass Effect becuase I love DA:O so much. The graphics look delicious. Oh Bioware. Do you know how much I love you? Cause I love you a lot.

One day I hope to work in a video game company just like yours (if not yours). You've really helped me decide what career I want to do. I really want to make great video games like this. With breathtaking graphics and awesome combat. Not only that but also great story telling. DA is such a great game! *gushes*

But in all seriousness I am greatly looking forward to this game. I would pre-order now but i'm moving soon and I'm not sure I'll have the same address when it comes out.

So I just read...

Aparently SO4 is the very last of its kind. I hope they come out with a project like that. I'm a little disappointed that they won't continue it more. I really like Star Ocean. You don't find many battle systems (in fantasy RPG) like that. Well if I ever own my own gaming company I know what I'm doing.

Wish there was more star ocean or something like it

I'm really running out of videogames to play. I suppose I could work on getting perfect scores but...God it's boring. I wanna go play Halo but that game's torched. And I would buy the new final fantasy if it wasn't so dang expensive. Really people stop taking my money. I also can't wait for Fable 3 to come out. Hopefully it's worth the wait. I guess I'll just do more Oblivion while I'm waiting for prices to go down..

I have to work on Acheivements anyway considering my memory was erased and that was before I had a Gamer Tag. I hate my bad luck. >:/