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GameSpot Wide

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Hats off to the team at GameSpot around the world who have started pushing the new design and features live. The navigation and design make a whole lot more sense now and it really surfaces the cool content to the top much easier.

How will Kate Ritchie bow out of Home and Away?

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By now everybody knows Kate Ritchie (Sally Fletcher) will be leaving Summer Bay sometime in the near future, but exactly how is under tight wraps. After 20 years in Home and Away, giving Ritchie a start in the Guiness Book of Records for being the longest serving actor on an Australian drama series we're predicting a grand exit for the Gold Logie winner.

But how will she leave? Leave your prediction in this thread .

Do we pay more or less for gaming than the 80's?

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With the Commodore 64 turning 25 this year, and its legacy installed in the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley this week it was a sobering thought that I'm an old gamer. Back then I didn't pay for games (I was 4-5) but interestingly gaming was pretty pricey compared to today's standards. A c64 would go for around $800. $800 in today's cash probably isn't that outragous, but, back in the olden days of the 80's it was, well I don't have time to think of a real conversion...but lots more. It's probably fair to say games are more expensive, but then again many games are comparable to making mega budget films these days...

Anywho, cheers to the C64!

Here is the original Australian ad:

and here is the a tribute to the 64. Ah, the memories...

Aussie mobile game. Winner gets a trip the Aust Open

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The folks over at ZDNet Australia have a new mobile tennis game up and running which you can download for free. Better still, when you submit your results you can compare your results with your everyone else playing online. And the winner? They'll get a free trip to the Australian Open in January. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Building a game...well sort of

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Lately I've been messing around with Facebook and the possibilities available to add your own applications to the platform. As kind of an experiment a few of us behind GameSpot AU have developed a little test or game we call the Broadband Speed Challenge.

The Broadband Speed Challenge lets users test their connection speed, add results to a profile, and compare results to your Facebook friends. The application graphs the results for users to easily see how their connection rates against their friends.

If you're on Facebook check it out and compare your broadband speed to your friends.

How big is Mac gaming?

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Lately(like the last 3 months or so) I've been working much less on GameSpot AU now that it has moved out of the "new" phase and focused on other new stuff @ CNET. One of those I can talk about has recently launched -- AppleSource. It's a "how to" site for Apple users. Currently it's focused on the Mac computer hardware, software, iPods, iPhones, 3rd party products and so forth. You can find it here.

One area that isn't included yet is Mac gaming. There seems to be little content around on Mac specific gaming and to be honest I haven't ever bought a game specifically for my Mac. For me Windows and consoles are where I have my games.

However, over the past few months quite a few games developers have announced their new releases will be available on the Mac platform. I'm not sure if this is because Macs are getting more popular of because it is less programming effort now that new Macs are running on Intel chips. Probably a little from column A and B.

So I guess this is an open question to other GameSpotters out there: How popular is Mac gaming and how good are games(and selection) that run natively on the Mac?

Picture gallery

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I was cleaning up some photos on my camera and found a few from last year's After Hours event put on by in San Francisco.

Check them out

Now, who wants this down this end of the world?


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With all the new shiney toys in the GameSpot AU office to play with I hadn't purchased a next-gen console for home.  Slack I know. Well that all changed last week when I got a brand new Nintendo Wii from my girlfriend.  I secretly think she wanted it...but I degress.

It's already got a workout at a few functions and seems to be a hit with many of my traditionally non-gamer friends. I've hooked it up to the Web, and it's fun to watch some YouTube telly.  Making some Wii-based sites could be a bit of fun as you have to exclude as much keyboard input as possible and have things icon based.  My only complaint is that the Opera Browser it is based on doesn't support the latest standards for plug-ins and scripting support. 

I do need to get more games for it I think...though there is something simple and fun about Wii tennis I love. Nobody will stop me in that game now...

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