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Today I bought a video game. It seems to be a rarer occurrence these days as I literally have no time for new games, let alone games I already own. There's only a few titles I'm fully committed towards for the rest of the year, and the beauty of it all is... I may likely be playing these titles for months even years to come.

We all like lists. Here's another one.

1) Trackmania SQUARED Canyon

Trackmania SQUARED Canyon is actually the game I bought today. I think it's actually called Trackmania 2: Canyon, but I actually prefer calling it my way. Regardless, Trackmania is back for more mania! Yay for that! I am a fan. I'm not a fan of download bars as that's what I'm staring at now. But, you know, that's cool. I'll just play later. Grumble grumble grumble.

Chances of playing this forever and ever: 0.0071%

Chances of playing this until June 2012: 25%

2) Battlefield 3

I may have mentioned this in the past, but the online shooter that officially popped my online shooter cherry? It was Battlefield 2. Man, did I love Battlefield 2. I played that for a long time. Like a lonnnng time. I could keep saying long all day and it wouldn't even do the title justice. Well, here's the sequel, the so-called COD-Killer, which makes me think of a fish slaughtering sociopath. Weird.

Chances of playing this forever and ever: 0.085%

Chances of playing this until June 2012: 65%


3) Torchlight 2

Here's the deal with Torchlight 2. I liked the original. The sequel is more of the same, with an online component. Also, it's only going to be $19.99. So that's pretty cheap, the new features kind of interest me, and oh yeah I forgot, that's really cheap. Trolls.

Chances of playing this forever and ever: 0.0049%

Chances of playing this until June 2012: 25%

4) Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

Derr I'm Nathan Drake, snarky comment snarky comment iron fingers. Seriously, the Uncharted games are some of my favourites. I absolutely loved Among Thieves, so much so that I don't truly believe it can be surpassed. I'm currently on media blackout until it's released on that brilliant November 1st. The trouble with this game is... how long will I be playing it for?

Chances of playing this forever and ever: 0.000012%

Chances of playing this until June 2012: 4%

5) Diablo 3


Chances of playing this forever and ever: 0.5%

Chances of playing this until June 2012: 80%

God I want to play some videogames now.

I love you all

It's been a long road, Gamespot. I'm back for a few minutes to post my musings.

These are my musings.


I got nothing.

Just letting you know, brah

My PS3 is awesome. It plays sweet ass games like Uncharted 2, streams Netflix movies, and now it runs NHL Game Center, giving me a choice of around 40 NHL games a week!

For Playstation Plus members, such as myself, you can download the app for free! Buuut don't think you can just hop to it from there and immediately start booing the Leafs. You have to subscribe for Game Center separately, a subscription that runs for around $20 a month.

I have a subscription anyway, so I'm good. And so far, the service is quite impressive.

Jeez, with so many games and Netflix Instant movies to get to, it's a wonder I ever find time to play a game.

...Oh wait.

If first impressions mean anything...

Then Assassin's Creed 2 is a horrible, terrible, utter disaster of a game.

I rented it today thinking I'll give the series another shot, with the understanding that this title is a massive improvement over the crap-fest that was the original. But so far... this game is trash.

Is there any redeeming qualities to it? The story with Desmond is still a convuluted, annoying mess, and I still can't find the actual setting, this time in Italy, to be interesting or fascinating or whatever word my thesaurus will come up with. The character models are attrociously bad and I just want to gouge my eyes out as I play through this mess.

Garbage. This is garbage. The worst game I've played so far this year.

A slave FOR the EA machine.



I love EA's NHL series. I've owned seven different installments of the series since '94, and I even managed to play the full ten seasons of Dynasty Mode in NHL '06.

I mean, that's a lot of play time over the course of my life.

NHL '10 has been out for a while now, and even though I've owned it since September of last year, I'm only now beginning to sink my teeth into the game. Obviously, for all the awards and accolades NHL '09 received, this is just an extension of that sweet product and I'm not complaining. Overall, it's a pretty great sports title, not without its quirks that will undoubtedly make the hardcore hockey fan (ie: me) cringe in disgust. But still, you can't fault EA for the effort.

Last year, I made a vow to stop wasting my money on essentially the exact same product with updated rosters and slightly altered tweaks for future NHL videogame installments. Of course, the goal is save a little money and maybe even familarize myself with a DIFFERENT game for a change.

But EA has a few tricks up its sleeve in order to convince me towards spending another $60 on their hit sports franchise.

Of course, I'm referring to the addition of CHL hockey teams and player likenesses to future NHL titles. For the casual hockey fan, this may be essentially non-news. I mean, seriously, who cares about those pimply faced Junior players, anyway? But here I am, drooling as I fathom exactly what this means from a gameplay perspective.

NHL '10 has a Be a Pro mode. You create a player, play in an amateur game to build your draft ranking, get drafted by a team, and watch your character progress through the ranks as a lowly rookie just getting by in the minor professional leagues, to living it up as a bonafide NHL superstar. That all sounds well and good, but because EA never had a license for Junior hockey teams before, this is actually an innaccurate representation of the process of working your way to the NHL. Again, this is something only the truly hardcore hockey fan (again, ie: me) will really care about, but let me explain.

By including the CHL to the mix, EA has an opportunity to fix that mistake, or at least partially. The CHL and the AHL hold an agreement that players drafted by an NHL team out of the CHL cannot play for that team's AHL affiliate until the age of 20. However, the NHL and CHL don't hold that same agreement, thus having phenoms such as John Tavares or Matt Duchene, both 18, suiting up this year in the NHL. If Tavares or Duchene were to struggle, their NHL teams could only send them down back to the CHL instead of the AHL, because of their age. It's a confusing procedure, sure, one made more confusing by the fact that there's more Junior Hockey leagues than just the CHL...

"[But] just as there is going to be a CHL component to the video game, there will be a college hockey component as well."

If EA can overcome the obvious pitfalls of bringing other Junior leagues into the fold, look out. That's where the fun comes into play. And by fun, I'm probably referring to obvious programming frustrations which are bound to follow. The CHL and AHL have their own quirks and agreements between each other, but you can be sure the Swedish Elite League (SEL) or Kontinental Hockey League (KHL, formerly Russian Superleague) have their own bizarre set of rules involving players bouncing back and forth. These days, a big risk for real life NHL clubs is drafting Russian born players, because at this point, the KHL is probably the closest in terms of talent and monetary compensation, thus more and more Russian players are unwilling to travel half way across the globe to make a prosperous living in the NHL. Can game programmers even include that level of over-zealousness?

emery filatov

I guess you just have to remember -- it's all just a game. Nothing ever is going to be as accurate as real life, though we can certainly get close. With NHL '11 on the horizon, you'll be able to essentially create a player, be drafted in the Bantam draft by a CHL team as a 16 year old, hone your skills to be drafted as an 18 year old to an NHL club, and then continue to train and progress as a Junior to the AHL and climaxing with a regular NHL roster position. It's pretty spectacular, but until all Junior leagues are included into the mix, it never will be a true representation of progressing through the NHL ranks.

My PSP... it has a purpose again!

Imagine, as you will, an ordinary computer monitor. Such as this:


Pretty typical, right? Right. But what's that behind it?


It's a PSP! (and a sock...)

Yes, my computer monitor is screwed up in such a way that I use my PSP to keep my monitor held up at a viewable angle. It's terrible and due to my own unwillingness and disinterest, I haven't and likely won't ever get around to fixing it. And you thought this was a blog post about Peace Walker or Ghosts of Sparta, didn't ya!? Pfft. Please.

I spent over $500 on a PSP and a few games way back in 2005. Now look at it!

Money well spent.


(at least MLB 06: The Show was good. Like, really good)

Ever written a Game FAQ?

...'cause....... I did.


I'm not sure why I did it. I guess I was clearly bored. I'm tickled reading email after email of sites interested in using the FAQ on their website. It makes me feel like the time I spent at least had a purpose.

Anyway... have you ever written a FAQ?



These are my stats in Torchlight. It says Activity in two weeks, but I've actually only owned it for a week.

Help... me.

Speaking of addiction, Steam holiday sales are absolutely amazing. I have bought:

  • Torchlight ($4.99)
  • Sam and Max Seasons 1 and 2 ($14.99)
  • Lucas Arts Adventure pack ($2.49) -- Loom, The Dig, Indiana Jones
  • Jedi Knight Collection ($9.99) -- Including... Star Wars Dark Forces! Glee!
  • Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory ($4.99)
  • Half Life ($7.49)
  • Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition ($4.99)
  • Indigo Prophecy ($3.39)
  • Plants vs Zombies ($7.49)

That's a lot of games for the cheap. Get Torchlight, it's a Diablo clone and today it's only $5. Go go go.

Too bad my Christmas Holidays end today.

Well, it's time to do a marathon session of Uncharted

Uncharted 2 comes out on Tuesday and I'm really excited. I've already gotten my call from EBGames confirming my preorder, so I'm going to head over there in the early hours of the morning and pick it up! But before I play the sequel, I'm going to beat the original again.

Yeah, I'm excited.


I'm back in school again. Wedensdays, Thursdays, and Saturday mornings. It's been pretty tough so far since I'm doing it in tandem with work. I'm pulling about 60 hour work weeks without even touching any homework, so yeah... stressful.


I think I'm going to move to Portland, OR. I was there a few weeks ago and really enjoyed my stay. It's a really cool town.


That's it.