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My thoughts on Skyrim

I have been a huge Elder Scrolls fan ever since i was given Morrowind by a friend of mine in middle school. He told me that I was a "wierd game where you could be an elf or something and run around." I thought, hey free game who gives a crap if it sucks. I later went home and couldn't tear myself from my room for hours. Playing through morrowind and oblivion for hundereds of hours gave me a million reasons to love them, but also a million reasons to hate them and when I heard that skyrim was coming out, I hoped that a lot of things I didn't like about oblivion were taken care of, fortunatly a ton were, but some weren't.

Let me start off by talking about what I absolutly love about Skyrim. The entire world is extremely large with diverse amounts of terrain and tons of little villages and farms that pop up in random places, I love the fact that dungeons aren't so repetitive as they were in Oblivion, they feel like each one is unique. In Oblivion I believe there was one guy tasked with creating the dungeons so they honestly all looked the same and felt very plain and boring. There are a million and one quests to do and each one is pretty enjoyable. The factions are pretty cool, finally not just "the fighters guild" and "the mages guild" which I always thought was a bit plain in the other games. It kind of felt like there were two main quests in the game, fighting Alduin, and the civil war, so it was nice to have two kind of major quest to do along with the tons and tons of side quests. The dragon shouts are pretty awesome, yet I felt like a lot of them were kind of pointless and I never found an application for some.

Unfortunatly there were some things that I still found that gave me a "Why haven't you done this yet!!!" moment. My biggest grevience is still the lack of diversity with weapons, seriously guys you spent five years on this game and you could only come up with like seven types of weapons!!! Even though I have still sank a large amount of hours into this game, having more epic and awesome weapons waiting for me at the end of large dungeons and after big bosses would have me going for even longer. Look at a game like borderlands, it has hundereds of different weapons, going through some huge area and killing some insanly tough boss was well worth it once he dropped some crazy gun that I've never seen before. In Skyrim though, most heavy bosses at the end of a dungeon won't even have more than like six gold on them, what the **** I hate it when you have a warrior character and deadric weapons and armor are it. Oh yea you can get some kind of cool enchantment on your armor and weapon but it still looks the same and the "charges" on the weapons might be the most annoying thing ever that make most enchantments on weapons pointless anyways. You would think the artist would have been given free reign to just come up with awesome looking weapons that have cool buffs and elemtental attributes that don't suck. I hate when I find a weapon on an enemy I just killed that has some cool name, but it's just a crappy orc sword with some crappy enchantment. seriously bethesda, you did a lot better with you weapons than Oblivion, but hardly so.

Anouther few issues I have with skyrim are for one, the crafting systems could have been a bit more robust, espesially the smithing. You could hardly ever find any veins to mine, forcing you to still buy the ingots, and then you really could only make weapons you could already purchase, save for I guess deadric and dragon scale. Why not create some side quests from armor recipes someone could find where you have to travel to all these random parts of Skyrim to find these specific ingrediants to make some epic looking armor, Instead of being stuck with a character that you really can't even be that proud of how much time you put into him becuase it looks no different than anyone elses Skyrim character? The enchanting and alchemy are better than they were in Oblivion but still aren't anything to be impressed by, with alchemy being the only crafting that more or less allows you to a point to make uniqe potions and poisons.

Riding on a horse is also the most fustrating thing I ever attempted to do in this game. First off, I really never saw them moving that much faster than what my character could run, and the pure fact that you can't do combat while riding them makes you want to blow your head off as you watch the stupid animation of you getting of the damn thing, while some bandit whacks away at your horse, doing real damage to it because the stupid thing can actually die. Honestly you could pretty much kiss it goodbye as soon as a dragon would show up, because the horse would actually try to help you and in the most laughably deppressing way.

Aside from some of these specific things that I still have issues with, Skyrim is an insanly well put together and awesome. I still find it hard to put the controller down once I start playing and I would recomend to anyone to get to the store and buy it now becuase it really is a great game.

Doesn't really have to do with any game but...

This is just something that has been on my mind all day and since I have been a little sick I've had quite a bit of time to ponder about it.

The idea of end of life and everything that has to do with the theory of concience and what it is. Does it still exsist once the body passes? Is death the end of everything? I use to beleive heavily in athiesm and that there wasn't anything at all, reading books such as the "God Delusion" and "The Athiest Manifesto" only strengthened my views. In the past year though a lot of things have happened to me and now I am pretty sure that nobody knows anything and that nothing is certain because what the hell do we know about the nature of the universe or why we exsist when we can't even get a man farther than our own moon, or the fact that we still can't even unite as a race at least enough to leave each other the hell alone. So maybe there is a higher power that set us into motion, or maybe we are just some cosmological mistake, I'm not sure.

When you get to the idea of concisnous and what it means or what it even is, things get more confusing. What the hell is it that makes us self concious, self aware of our own exsistence and of our own ultimate fate? Does it truly just end when our physical body ceases to animate itself anymore or does it go on? I had an idea that possibly the concious is part of nature itself, a force of nature easy to identify put imposible to truly understand and explain, like gravity, it's just there as a part of nature. It wouldn't make sense in my opinion for the concious to instantly cease to exsist once the body passes as nature doesn't work that way. Everything works in a cycle, its constantly in one complex matrix of symbiotic relationships, from the tree's converting CO2 to O2 and living creatures doing the opposite, to something as simple as the water cycle. What with all this evidence of all things natural being in a constant state of use and re-use, why would something as widly complex and insane as conciousness just stop? If that were so what would be the point of even living or doing anything? all that knowledge, feeling, experiences for absolutly nothing? Nature wouldn't create something so pointless when everything else exsist to benifit something else in the larger scope of things.

While I'm on the subject of it, wouldn't it be an insane thing if we were just a more complex part of something organic even larger and unfathomable than us? Would it be so odd to think that? Consider that everything in life is a part of something larger than itself, your body is home to several smaller organs that work on their own to make up yourself. Even smaller than that are the cells witch make up the organs, and inside them are even smaller bits and peices that make them up and smaller and smaller than that and we eventually get to atoms, which still have smaller parts that make them up. After all this why is it so safe to say that we are the largest part of this system when we are a speck on the ground even compared to our own solar system? It's a crazy thing I have just been pondering about all day. Anyways I guess that is it for now, sorry about that!

Wow, a lot of games to go through . . .

*saints row

*saints row 2

*saints row 3

*assasins creed

*assasins creed 2

*Assasins creed Brotherhood

*assasins creed revelations

*Mortal Kombat

*Gears of War 3

*Batman arkham asylum

*Batman arkham city

*Dark Souls

*Fallout 3

*Morrowind GOTY

*Star Wars TFU

*Star Wars TFU 2


*Grand theft Auto IV

*Alan Wake

*Dues Ex: Human Revolution

*Dead Island

*Resident Evil 5

*GoldneEye 007: Reloded


*Crysis 2

*Battlefield: bad company 2

*Rainbow six Vegas

*Rainbow Six Vegas 2

*Tom Clancy's GRAW

*Tom Clancy's GRAW 2

*Devil May Cry collection

*Devil May Cry 4

*metal Gear Solid HD Collection

*Tales of Vesperia

*Dragon Age: origins expansion

*Fable 3

*Halo Wars

*Sonic Generations

*Rayman Origins

This is a list of all the games I still need to beat, I have no idea how to handle all these plus skyrim, at least I can never say that I am bored ;)